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Daily Update: Day 19 - Sunday 31st May 2015 Highlights

31 May, 2015 - 3:16 PM by Josy
Big Brother 2015 - Daily Update: Day 19

Shown Tonight, Sunday 31st May at 10pm on Channel 5.

Pictures from this show will appear here -

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show include:

· The House are waking up with their new Housemates. Simon and Marc are in the kitchen and Simon comments “I think you have annoyed a lot of people!” Marc replies, “I don’t give a ****** they are all arse licking.”

· Joel and Nick are in the bath Nick says “Marc is Marc I have met Marcs in real life I don’t want to give him the attention he wants.”

· Marc is talking to Simon in the kitchen, “they are all a pack of bitches, moaning and crying I am here to ****** **** up.”

· Nick talks to Danny in the bathroom, “Marc being in here is like someone coming over to your house and s***ting all over it”

· Sam comes to the Diary Room “we are all big characters, I have bought madness but fun, Harry has bought sex to the house, then we have Showbiz which is great, then we have Marc which is a new level of shut the front door.”

· Joel and Danny and Nick are still talking in the bathroom, Nick comments “he has a hard on for drama” Joel replies “he is trying to be alpha male.”

· The new Housemates are with Eileen in the kitchen discussing Jade’s walk Simon comments “it is like a constipated chicken.”

· Jade and Cristian are discussing Marc she comments “he is an a**e hole, he is irrelevant to me. Cristian replies “he seems like a d**k head but we just need to get on with it.”

· Chloe comes to the Diary Room. It feels like there are more of them than us. I am missing Harriet especially”, Chloe starts to cry. “We are so similar and had such a good time together, she would be going ape **** at the new people.”

· Harry comes out into the garden in a thong bikini. Chloe comments “ you are so ballsy”

· Simon is talking to Big Brother about first impressions changing. “I saw Danny and I liked him, but he looks very irritated about things, I have tried to tell him to move on, he has had another guy come into the house and it has probably knocked his confidence.”

· Big Brother sets a task and asks Joel to interview the new Housemates to get their manifestos on entering the House. Simon says he is “opinionated, loyal and will entertain”. Simon went on to admit to not having a game plan. He thinks the house is too caring and happy and that is not Big Brother.

· Harry delivered her manifesto “I am a bit kinky a bit loud and a bit flirty, my manifesto for the house is “tits” I will be slightly controversial.” “Out of respect for certain people I wouldn’t have sex in the house but I would have a fumble.” Nick asks who she would have a fumble with she replies “Sam”

· Joel goes on to ask Harry, “If you could evict one person in the house who would it be and why?” Sam answers, “I feel Simon doesn’t need this show for success he will do well in life. Simon doesn’t often think other people should be able to speak” Simon agreed and said that he did need to listen more.

· Joel asks Marc what his manifesto is, “I am going to make the house lively, it will be refreshing to see someone being honest”. He said Jade and Jack were acting. Jack asks why he considers him acting and loses his temper, “you are purposefully trying to wind us up and you are loving it why are you being a *******ing twat mate?” Marc goes on to tell Jade she isn’t a model and has a boyfriend, “I think you are a snake”. Joel asks Jade are you a model? She replied “yes and I don’t have a boyfriend.”

· Simon was voted the winner by the Housemates

· Nick, Sam, Danny and Jack are in the smoking area discussing Marc. Nick says “I like him, his view on women is not ok, the fact is he isn’t going anywhere we need to kill him with kindness”

· Simon comes to the Diary Room and starts crying. “I am glad I won, but it is tough, I feel emotional, I don’t know why as I feel I was tough and honest. I can’t be Mr Showbiz all the time. I am just feeling a bit sensitive and emotional today”

· As a treat for doing so well in the task the Housemates were rewarded with a drinks and nibbles. Sam mentioned she has sung for the queen. Harry comments that she was homeless when she is a teenager and she went on to get herself a job and new house. The Housemates all clap

· Danny comes to talk to Jack in the bedroom who is crying. Danny comforts him “it is hard mate, even I have broken down, we are surrounded by people who we don’t want to be. Jack replies, “It was just hard to see them go.” Danny comments “I haven’t stopped thinking about it I miss them like hell.”

· Marc is drunk in the living room and exposes himself to the group

· Eileen and Joel are in the bath. Jade is in the bedroom filling Simon in on Marc. “not everyone is in agreement that he is a nice guy.”

· Jade comes into the Diary Room and starts to cry. “I want to go home and I can’t do this. It is too much”.

· Sam and Nick are in the garden talking about Marc, Nick comments “he is very contagious. we like you all. Apart from Jade and Marc, that isn’t working.”

· Marc is talking to Chloe “I am out next week and I know this” Chloe replies “I am not daft, I don’t follow the crowd I am not stupid”

· Cristian and Joel put Marc to bed for being so drunk

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Big Brother 2015 - Daily Update: Day 19

Shown Tonight, Saturday 30th May at 9pm on Channel 5.

Pictures from this show will appear here -

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show include:

· The House are waking up with their new Housemates. Simon and Marc are in the kitchen and Simon comments.....
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