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Daily Update: Day 21 - Tuesday 2nd June 2015 Highlights

2 Jun, 2015 - 7:03 PM by Josy
Big Brother 2015 - Daily Update: Day 21

Shown Tonight, Tuesday 2nd June at 10pm on Channel 5.

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s Big Brother:

*** PLEASE NOTE NOMINATION REVEAL: Simon and Sam give their final two nominations – Joel and Jack. Jack chooses to use his last immunity card to save himself so EILEEN AND JOEL face eviction this week ***

• It’s Eileen’s birthday today so all the housemates wish her happy birthday.

• Jack is annoyed because Marc is having a really long shower and using up all the hot water.

• Simon and Sam are talking privately about who they should choose to nominate. Some of the housemates are speculating about who has been nominating them this week.

• Chloe and Jack rant about Marc but discuss how much they like Harry’s straight-talking manner.

• Joel, Nick and Harry are on the sofa and Harry is stroking Nick’s hair.

• Marc asks Sam why she nominated Eileen. She says, “it wasn’t my decision…I picked Jade first.” They talk about Jack. Marc says, “he makes out he’s a saint. No-one’s a *****ing saint.”

• Jade tells Nick she thinks Harry is flirting with her.

• Sam is in the Diary Room nominating Jack “being tactical. Jack’s got his immunity card so he can use that.” She also nominates him because he mentioned something about issues with gambling. On whether to nominate Joel she says “I can’t do it to my wee Cardiff Welshy.” Big Brother informs Sam that this will not be her last nomination and will have to think of more names to nominate.

• Sam tells Simon about her chat with Marc about nominations. “Marc was really pissed off with us for nominating Eileen. I told him why I nominated Jack.” Simon tells her that it was important for Jack to be nominated so he can “have a bit of responsibility.”

• Eileen talks to some of the other housemates about Simon, “I don’t mind him. He is what he is. I don’t like H much…she has so much piercings in her mouth…I don’t think she’s classy enough.”

• Most of the housemates are in the bedroom talking about Marc. He is listening. Marc asks Sam, “apparently you’re going to report me for being ‘handy’. Apparently you don’t like it?” Sam brushes the comments off.

• Marc goes into the bedroom to tell them “I’m not going anywhere…I’d like to inform you that the walls are very thin” in the house. Chloe tells him “we don’t care.”

• Cristian and Marc are talking about the meaning of the word ‘insecurity.” Danny joins the discussion and explains that he is insecure about his body so wouldn’t walk around with his top off.

• Simon and Sam give their 3rd nomination – Joel. Sam says, “I just love Joel so much but with regard to dynamics and synergy…I love him to bits but I want him to enjoy himself more.” Simon adds, “he doesn’t drink but he doesn’t contribute much to the evening either. He’s not contributing anything to this experience.”

• Big Brother gathers the housemates on the sofas to tell them that two housemates were responsible for this week’s nominations and reveals they were Simon and Sam. A TV screen starts playing their nominations out to the housemates. Simon can be seen nominating Eileen – “she has lived half her life…give other people the opportunities.” He mentions that one of the reasons for nominating Joel is because “he walks around in his dressing gown,” and Sam can be seen nominating Jack because of his issues with gambling. Jack is furious, “I told you something personal and you nominated me for it.” He turns to Simon and on nominating Eileen, he says, “you’re a *****ing snake nominating Eileen behind her back.” The housemates ask him how he could nominate his best friend in the house, to which he responds, “how can I be Eileen’s best friend. I’ve only known her for three days.”

• Despite claiming he’ll use his immunity pass to save Eileen, Jack reveals that he will keep it for himself so he’s not evicted this week.

• Twenty minutes after the nominations were revealed, Eileen tells Chloe and Marc, “I’m so angry. That snake in the grass!”

• On the nominations, Joel says, “I don’t regret anything I’ve done. “

• Sam is crying to Jack and apologises for using the reason revealed on screen for nominating him. She claims Simon told her to do it and admits, “I’m going to struggle in here.” Jack confronts Simon for telling Sam to nominate him and also for being two-faced about Eileen, “how can you be so lovey dovey to someone,” and then nominate them! Eileen joins the conversation, “you’re two-faced, bitchy…”

• Simon has a proposition for the housemates, “guys, would you like me to leave? I wouldn’t mind leaving. Believe me, I’ve got a lot more going on outside than in here.” He tells Eileen, “I regret what I’ve done.” He cries but she sees them as “crocodile tears.”

• Simon goes into the Diary Room and says, “the reason I want to leave is because it’s the honourable thing to do…I’ve been called a snake and a bitch.” He joins the housemates who are all talking about him and says, “I’m not looking for the sympathy vote. I *****ed up with Eileen. I regret it. I feel I should leave. I’m not a bitch and a snake.” He cries as the other housemates smile to each other. Chloe says, “sorry Simon” and then laughs. Simon adds, “I am not a snake and I am not a bitch.”

• As a birthday treat, the boys perform a surprise striptease for Eileen, with Cristian, Danny and Marc dressed in various uniforms. They lift her up and after they take their tops off, they rub oil all over themselves.

• While Nick and Harry are getting close in the kitchen, Joel and Cristian are in the bath together talking about Harry. Cristian says “she’s actually a really nice person.” Joel adds, “I regret regret judging her when she first came in.”

• Later, while all the housemates are on the sofa, Harry gives Nick a special dance. She takes her top off and teases him.

• Simon talks to Nick about the nomination disagreement with the other housemates and tells him “I will not be called a snake. I was genuinely ready to leave.”

• Joel and Eileen discuss the upcoming eviction, “if I’m the one to go, I hope there’s a twist…remember, in the game of chess it’s not the king who wins, it’s the queen.”

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Big Brother 2015 - Daily Update: Day 21

Shown Tonight, Tuesday 2nd June at 10pm on Channel 5.

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s Big Brother:

*** PLEASE NOTE NOMINATION REVEAL: Simon and Sam give their final two nominations – Joel and Jack. Jack chooses to use his last immunity card to save.....
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so EILEEN AND JOEL face eviction this week ***
YAAS a head to head
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