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Daily Update: Day 24: Fri 5th Jun 2015 Show: Highlights + Joel v Eileen Live Eviction

5 Jun, 2015 - 4:38 PM by James
Big Brother 2015 - Daily Update: Day 24

Shown Tonight, Friday 5th June at 9pm on Channel 5.

In tonight’s live show, the housemates will discover who the public has been voting to evict since Wednesday. The two housemates facing the eighth eviction of the series are Joel and Eileen.

Also, tonight’s programme will feature highlights from the past 24 hours in the house during either Joel or Eileen’s last full day in the house. There is tension remaining after most of the housemates confronted Simon yesterday and emotions are running high with the upcoming eviction.

On tonight’s Big Brother’s Bit on The Side (TX: 11.00pm, Channel 5) guests include actor and Celebrity Love Island contestant, Paul Danan, Birds of a Feather actress, Lesley Joseph and journalist and broadcaster, Dan Wootton

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show include:

· Eileen and Simon are talking about eviction. Simon tells her, “I will really miss you. I mean it. I’ll miss Joel as well.”

· Chloe is in Diary Room talking about Marc and Simon. In reference to Marc she says, “Yesterday he was a bit of a knob. He kept making fat comments. I try to suck up to him so he’s not nasty to me and he can pick on somebody else!” When talking about Simon she says that she will be friendly and pleasant to him but, “I will never ever trust that man again.”

· Danny is uncomfortable with Harry walking around naked. He talks to Harry about it. She says that she never wears clothes at home but if she’s making people uncomfortable she will try to wear a vest.

· Simon and Sam are in Diary Room. Big Brother gives them a task. They are to be party planners for a farewell party in honour of either Joel or Eileen’s imminent departure. Sam and Simon are to work together to provide the entertainment.

· Eileen is in the bedroom commenting on Sam’s contribution to the house. She says, “She eats for England.” She adds, “She’s too busy to wash up?!” Eileen comments that with the old housemates, everyone contributed and no one had to be asked but it’s different with the new housemates.

· Marc is in the Diary Room talking about Simon, “I’m a bit worried about Simon. I’m feeling for him. There’s nothing I can do because he’s bringing it on himself. He’s very insecure. He tries to hide it. I know he’s not a bad guy. He tries too hard. It’s blowing up in his face. “

· Simon is in the bedroom talking to Danny about the house. He’s commenting that his outside life is good and he doesn’t need to be there. He says, “I’ve got some 20 year old calling me a reject and a flop who can’t even speak properly. How dare she talk to me like that.” Chloe walks into the bedroom and hears her name being mentioned. She asks if they’re talking about her. Simon says, “You shouldn’t speak to people like that.” Chloe is annoyed that Simon has revisited yesterday’s argument. He says, “I don’t like you.” Chloe gets upset because Simon seems to have suddenly made this decision. As he repeats this, Chloe becomes upset as she feels she’s made an effort. Jade comes in and tells him that if the house is that bad then he should just leave.

· Joel approaches Simon about what was said to Chloe. Simon is defensive saying that he does not want to discuss it with Joel. Joel defends Chloe. Simon says he was upset about yesterday. Joel says, “You crave attention. You crave airtime.” Simon replies, “See you tomorrow night. I’ll see you on the catwalk.”

· Simon goes to the Diary Room and tells Big Brother that he wants to leave. “I’m emotionally wrecked. I’ve done what I wanted to do. I want to go.”

· Marc and Danny have joined Simon in the Diary Room. Simon is still focussed on Chloe calling him a flop. The boys try to persuade Simon that it was something said in the heat of the moment and that he should let it go. “I’m past caring about it all.” Big Brother tells Simon to try to have a one to one with Chloe.

· Some of the housemates are talking about Simon and that he is continually behaving in an upsetting way.

· Simon approaches Chloe in the bedroom alongside Danny and Marc. “I agree that how I dealt with it was wrong. I was upset and I vented. I want to like you.” Chloe responds, “There’s no way I’d try to alienate you. I want you to have the best time. We’re going to have this to share forever for the rest of our lives. I’ve never had an argument here until you came in.” Chloe says that she has never been disliked. Simon says, “I don’t want to pick on a younger girl.” Chloe and Simon decide to put the argument behind them.

· Simon wants to talk to the whole house. “I’m emotionally at rock bottom. I felt that I’ve made mistakes here but I’ve tried to rectify them. I feel very lonely. I’m trying to move forward and trying to put things right. I’m struggling.” Joel says, “I think this is an attention seeking task.” He says that the housemates have given him a number of chances but, “When it’s the third time, you have to really question whether you can trust that person.” Jack agrees with Joel. “I want to try to be a good housemate.”

· Sam and Simon are planning their performance.

· Jade, Harry and Eileen are talking about Simon. Eileen says, “Let’s make his life easy and see. That’s the moralistic thing we should do. I don’t think he’s quite right at the moment.”

· Cristian, Mark and Joel are in the sky room discussing Simon. Marc, “I’m avoiding him now.” Joel says, “If he says anything tomorrow about going, I’m going to fly off the handle. I think it’s patronising to gather us all in the garden.” Cristian comments, “He just needs to get on with it.”

· It’s time for Eileen and Joel’s farewell party. Simon and Sam are putting on a performance. Simon is dressed in drag as Miss Crystal Canary. Sam has written a song for the party. They call Eileen and Joel onstage to make speeches. Eileen says, “I made some very good friends here. And I’m honoured to be here with you for the experience.” Joel says, “It’s been an amazing experience for me. It’s something that I have treasured and which I would like to continue.” Simon leads the housemates in a dance to the music man.

· Sam is talking to Nick about Danny. “Danny is lush… but I’ve got to be loyal to my husband. I’m so glad I found him.”

· The housemates are playing a game of question time. Cristian asks, “Which girl in the house do you fancy the most?” Danny answers Jade. Chloe asks, “Would you have sex in the house?” Simon says yes. Harry asks, “True or false? I’ve never flicked my bean in this house.” She laughs and says it’s true. Chloe asks Mark who he would sleep with in the house. He replies Sam. Chloe asks the same question to Sam – she doesn’t say Marc and dodges the question.

· Eileen and Jade are talking about the eviction. Jade says, “You never know what will happen.”

· Joel is thinking about the eviction. “I feel cheated. I didn’t think I deserved it. I think I will go tomorrow.”

· Marc is having an early night. “I’m drunk and I’m going to make a dick of myself so I’m going to bed. Maybe Danny will give you a cuddle.” Sam gets into bed with me and cuddles him. Marc asks Sam if she prefers Danny. Marc says that something will happen between them outside the house.

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Big Brother 2015 - Daily Update: Day 24

Shown Tonight, Friday 5th June at 9pm on Channel 5.

In tonight’s live show, the housemates will discover who the public has been voting to evict since Wednesday. The two housemates facing the eighth eviction of the series are Joel and Eileen.

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Comment posted by: reece(:
Simon goes to the Diary Room and tells Big Brother that he wants to leave. “I’m emotionally wrecked. I’ve done what I wanted to do. I want to go.”
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Comment posted by: Pete.
Bye Simon
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Comment posted by: Maria26
Sam is such a player....
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