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Daily Update: Day 28 - Tuesday 9th June 2015 (10pm) Highlights

9 Jun, 2015 - 4:16 PM by Josy
Big Brother 2015 - Daily Update: Day 28

Shown Tonight, Tuesday 9th June 2015 at 10pm on Channel 5

Pictures from this show will appear here -

In tonight’s show, Sam and Marc discuss their relationship. Today’s task brings out a different side of Harry which concerns Nick and scares Marc. Tensions continue to rise between Harry and Marc.

Also, on tonight’s Big Brother’s Bit On The Side (11.00pm on Channel 5) guests include comedian Matt Richardson and evicted housemates, Amy and Sally. Plus, journalist Sharon Marshall will be hosting The Bottsies – Bit On The Side’s own award ceremony.

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show include:

· Marc is in the Diary Room talking about last night. “I’ve just realised what I was doing. I’m so embarrassed!” He continues, “Alcohol fuelled idiot. There’s no feelings in it at all. I don’t feel it like that.” He says that he thinks Sam feels the same and explains that there were no fireworks.

· Sam and Marc are in the kitchen. Sam says, “You were so annoying last night. Marc replies, “At least I was entertaining.” Marc tells Sam that he heard the others speculating about a handjob. They both dismiss this with Sam commenting, “I don’t care because I know what happened.”

· Some of the housemates are in garden discussing Sam and Marc. Cristian says, “I don’t think they did anything. I think they were just dry humping.” Harry comments, “It shut Marc up for the longest. If he’s got Sam’s fanny in his mouth, that’s fine by me.”

· Sam’s in the Diary Room talking about Marc. She comments that the other housemates are asking about them. “We did have a kiss on the couch.” “We are just friends. I think that it was inevitable.” She describes Marc’s different personality and explains there are five different personas. She adds, “He’s a very passionate person. I think it’s quite hot when you’ve got someone his level of intellect talking about changing the world.”

· Jade and Nick talk about Simon, Nick says, “He’s a bit upset. I feel sorry for him.” Jade adds, “I support him, I know you do.”

· Simon is upset in the Diary Room saying, “I just feel very left out. I need a little bit of time, care and affection. I don’t have anyone I can cuddle or be with. I miss my partner. I feel so low. I’ve got people round me but it’s not the same.”

· Jack and Danny are in the sky room watching Cristian and Jade. Jack comments, “They’re very flirty.” Danny expresses his hatred of one of Sam’s expressions. Jack jokes, “People are oblivious to our knowledge.”

· Jade was set a secret mission earlier in the day. In the Diary Room, she was given five questions, and she had to choose one of her fellow housemates as the answer to each question. These answers determined which housemates would join her at a picnic in the garden. The housemates in question are then tasked with guessing which of them falls under each category. Marc, Cristian, Simon, Nick and Harry have joined Jade at the picnic. The remaining housemates are watching them from the house. Sam comments about Simon, “I wanna punch him in the face a little bit.”

· There are some tense moments as the picnicking housemates try to resolve the task. Marc tries to involve Harry. She sits silently shrugging when she talks to him and ask Nick, “Can you take that bottle away from me?” The first question, “Which housemate are you most attracted too?” Jade has answered Cristian. They guess correctly. Question two, “Which housemate do you think is most attracted to you?” Jade has answered Nick. They guess correctly. Joel observes, “There’s a little bit of jealousy between Harry and Jade.” Question three, “Who do you think bitches about people the most?” Jade has answered Simon. The housemates guess correctly. Simon responds, “I wouldn’t call it bitching. I think I was naive to the process.” Inside the house the other housemates jeer and tut. Jack comments, “He probably hasn’t bitched in two days so he’s cool.” Question four, “Which housemate do you think is the most offensive?” Jade has answered Marc. The housemates have guessed correctly. Question five, “Which housemate do you think uses others for their own gain?” Jade has answered Harry. The housemates guess correctly. Harry doesn’t react but sits in silence. Marc comments, “You’re trying to play the victim.”

· The housemates are on the sofa. Marc says, “She made out like I was picking on her. I tried to involve her. Play the game, Harry! Anything goes on with that girl, she tries to put it on me.” Nick comments, “She was being a little bit petty during the whole [previous ‘gifts task’] thing.” Chloe comments, “I don’t want her to feel segregated.” Marc responds, “She tries to manipulate the situation and make it look like I’m bullying her.” The housemates shout over to her but she ignores them and goes to the bedroom.

· Nick is talking to Harry in bed. Nick is trying to persuade her to confide in him. “I know Marc’s annoying. You can trust me. You need to let things out. You need to be a bit more cooperative.” Harry denies anything is wrong.

· In the sky room, Marc is talking to Danny and Jack about the difference between Irish and English humour. Nick joins them and the discussion moves onto Harry. Nick comments, “I think she’s quite an angry person. I’m worried she might snap.” He adds, “I seem to be able to calm her down. I think it’s just now a vendetta.”

· Simon tells Sam, “I think I’m paranoid. I’m very low in confidence at the moment.”

· Nick is discussing the public’s perception of his behaviour saying, “I’m very anxious about how I’m being perceived,” as he thinks the viewing public sees him as a lothario. Nick compares his situation with Harry to his friendship with Jade commenting, “I’m getting stressed with the situation and she’s annoying me. I do feel a bit dirty and a bit sleazy.”

· Some of the housemates are playing truth. Marc asks Nick, who he would choose to be evicted and Nick responds, “Harry…I think she’s vulnerable in here. I think she’s struggling.” Joel asks Cristian the same question. Cristian responds, “I’d say Simon, Based on last weeks’ antics.”

· Sam, Simon and Harry are in bedroom. Simon says, “Whatever happens, I’ve learned a lot about myself and I’ll take it with me. You do feel very alienated in here.”

· The housemates won the task so to celebrate they are dancing to music Big Brother is playing into the house. Marc choreographs a dance routine in garden with Jack, Danny and Cristian. Jack splits his trousers.

· In the bathroom Joel tells Chloe, “Harry has gone into her shell a little bit.”

· Nick and Harry are in bed. Nick says, “Tomorrow you’re going to be nicer to everyone. I know you had a headache but it wasn’t bad enough to keep you away from everyone else. “

· It’s almost show time for Marc and the other boys. Harry is in the bath. Nick tries to convince her to participate, although it is clear she does not want to come. She puts on a towel and goes to the living area. Once the boys have finished dancing, Harry goes back to the bath alone.

· Joel is in Diary Room talking about Marc and Harry: “I think in some way they both bring it on themselves. It’s a personality clash. Harry is very prepared to challenge. I don’t know how and why they’re like that together.”

· Sam and Marc are in bed talking about last night. They both agree that they are better just as friends although the kiss on the couch was good. Marc adds, “I felt like Slimer from Ghostbusters. It wasn’t for us.”

· Harry and Nick are alone in the kitchen. Nick is telling her that the group is concerned about her. Harry responds, I’m not allowed to voice my own opinion because it’s the mark show.”

· Meanwhile in the bedroom, Marc says, “I’m worried in the next week. I’ll blow up at her [Harry]. I think she’s going to hit me.” Danny comments, “I think she’s capable.”

· Harry tells Nick, “I don’t want to be in a room with Marc.” Nick responds, “He’s scared of you.” Harry replies, “He should be.”

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Big Brother 2015 - Daily Update: Day 28

Shown Tonight, Tuesday 9th June 2015 at 10pm on Channel 5

Pictures from this show will appear here -

In tonight’s show, Sam and Marc discuss their relationship. Today’s task brings out a different side of Harry which concerns Nick and scares Marc. Tensions continue.....
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Published on: 9 Jun, 2015 - 4:16 PM Comment with Quote
Comment posted by: Pete.
I'm getting Makosi and Anthony flashbacks
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Comment posted by: Pete.
Oh the showmance is over
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Comment posted by: rusticgal
Oh dear Harry's now going for the sympathy vote....
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