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Big Brother 16: Daily Update: Day 37, Thursday 18th June (10pm) Highlights featuring ex-housemates |

Big Brother Summer 2015 - BB16: Timebomb - The Housemates


Daily Update: Day 37, Thursday 18th June (10pm) Highlights featuring ex-housemates

18 Jun, 2015 - 4:56 PM by James
Shown Tonight, Thursday 18th June at 10pm on Channel 5.

Pictures from this show are HERE.

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Highlights Preview [Spoilers]:

In tonight’s show, Marc, Brian, Helen and Nikki nominate Jade for eviction as part of their latest Time Warp task. The Housemates up for eviction this week are Chloe, Harry, Cristian and Jade.

The shopping task brings in Joel’s mum, Rylan and the Speakmans and a number of former Big Brother Housemates. Big Brother 5 Housemate, Victor tells Marc, Danny and Jack a few home truths. Cristian warns Brian away from Jade. Jade is angry with the reasons for her nominations.

Big Brother's Bit on the Side Preview:

On tonight’s “Bit on the Side” at 11pm on Channel 5 guests include; Eastenders star, Joe Swash, model, Glenda Gibson and ex BB housemate, Eileen. Plus, we have Anna Williamson’s analysis on Pysch on the Sofa and Blast-From-The-Past BB1 winner, Craig Phillips.

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show include:

· Last night, Brian and Jade shared a bed. This morning, they wake up holding hands. Some of the housemates are speculating what happened between them.

· Nikki is in the kitchen with Jade making sure that Jade is not annoyed about all the housemates giggling last night. Jade says it was fine but does make the point that, “it was disrespectful.”

· Marc is in the Diary Room talking about Jade. “I don’t want to say stuff about people when it’s not true but my own speculation is… she is the ultimate bed hopper. Maybe she got in [Brian’s bed] for the wrong reasons. Is that a tactic to save herself for nominations? Marc says that Brian really likes her and he hopes the feeling is mutual.

· Brian is talking to Helen in the bedroom. He says, “I came over to clear the air.” Helen responds, “You’ve got me completely wrong. I’m not heartless. I do deal with things easier than some people. I think you completely over react. You seem like you have a really bad temper.” Brian apologies. They hug and make up.

· For this week’s shopping task, Big Brother has installed the Time Warp Time Machine which has the power to control space and time. Whenever housemate hear the Time Warp machine activate, they must freeze and remain frozen regardless of what happens around them.

· In the bedroom, Joel asks Helen, Who would be your nightmare person for them to send in?” Helen responds, “Aisleyne Horgan. I hate her.”

· For the first part of the task, Joel’s mum arrives. Joel winces. Joel’s mum goes up beside him and says, “Don’t move, Joel. Don’t react. We’re loving you at home.” She announces a pregnancy in the family. She goes on to say, “Your slut drop was fantastic! Keep it going, keep it real. You’re being true to yourself and true to the housemates. I love you. I’m proud of you.” She then goes over to Marc, kisses his cheek and says, “Thanks for looking after my boy.” She leaves. All the Housemates run over to hug Joel.

· Cristian is in the Diary Room talking about Jade. “I can’t look at Jade in the same way. I find it weird that she goes from one man to the next. I think she’s trying to gain from it.”

· Nick and Jade in Sky Room talking about Brian and Harry. Nick is asking Jade about what happened under the covers. Jade confirms a kiss and says nothing else. She refuses to answer any more of Nick’s questions. Nick tells Jade that Harry bites his lip. Jade comments, “When a girl bites your lip it means she wants to go there.”

· The Time Warp machine is activated for the second part of the task. The Housemates freeze. Rylan opens the Diary Room door and enters the house with psychotherapist couple, The Speakmans. They analyse some of the Housemates starting with Cristian. Eva Speakman says, “I’m a little bit disappointed. I want to see a performance. We don’t want to see that guy that’s sat on the fence because he thinks he’s better than everyone else. Get involved! We want to see it” They move on to Chloe. Nik Speakman says, “She puts everyone else on a pedestal.” Eva responds, “What she doesn’t see is that she’s got her own uniqueness. She’s just so lovely. That’s what makes her so special.”

Next is Jack. Eva says, “We all fell in love with the Jack that came in the house because he was fun loving. Instead of the positive, he’s focussing on what’s going wrong.” Then they tackle Jade. Eva says, “I think when Jade came in, I don’t think that was the real Jade. I don’t believe [she’s polyamorous] I think she wanted something to give her significance. She’s become quite bland. Take centre stage!” They leave the house. Chloe says, “God that was so nice.”

· Jade is in the Diary Room. “We’re very institutionalised. We make connections very fast. I have someone on the outside but I’m very attracted to Brian and I can’t help that. It’s a sticky situation. I don’t want it look like its fake because it’s not.”

· The Time Warp Machine activates. The Housemates freeze. Pete Bennett enters the house and jumps on Nikki, hugging her. Nikki is excited and giggling but trying desperately not to move. Pete says, “This is where we first kissed. Let’s reminisce right now.” He puts lipstick on and kisses her cheek. He tries to distract her and is visually excited to be there. He says, “See you on the outside baby!” He shouts, “LEGEND!” at Brian as he leaves. The Time Warp Machine is deactivated. Marc says, “I wanna get to know him! He’s deadly.” Brian goes to the toilet and has a cry. When Nikki comes to find him she asks if he’s been crying. Brian jokes,” I’m a man. I don’t cry. What you talking about woman?”

· Marc is on the sofa with Sam and Cristian telling them what he thinks of them. The Time Warp Machine goes off and the Housemates freeze. The Diary Room door opens and Craig Phillips, winner of Big Brother One, appears and says, “Housemates, we’re home!” He dances into the house followed by a stream of ex Big Brother Housemates including Jack and Joe, Marc and Matthew, Dexter, Glynn, Rachel Rice, Grace, Ben Duncan, Stu Hosking, Darnell, Kathreya, Alex Sibley, Mario Mugan, Jon Tickle, Victor, Bex Shiner, Caroline, Lisa Appleton and Charley Uchea.

They set off party poppers and streamers. Glynn goes up to Joel and says, “You’re doing Wales very proud.” Victor goes up to Danny and says, “You’re right. These lot are targeting you. Just wait it out for the week and pick ‘em off mate. Easily done.”

Victor then goes up to Marc and says, “You were doing really well till you paired off with what’s-her-name. Just go back to how you normally work. You could win this.” Some of the former Housemates are telling Brian how much they love him. Alex Sibley says, “This guy’s a hero.” Brian is crying and finding it difficult to stay composed. Victor says to Jack, “Stand up to them. Nikki’s winding you up because she doesn’t like you. Stick with your mate over there [Cristian]. He needs backing up sometimes.”

Glynn says to Marc, “Have you never heard of trousers? Craig calls time on the party and everyone starts to leave. He says, “Thanks you very much for a wonderful party guys. I’m just sorry you weren’t invited!” They leave. Time Warp Machine deactivates and all the Housemates scream and cheer. Jade says, “That was *******g amazing!”

· Jack says to Marc, “[Victor] said don’t trust Nikki. Stick with Danny, Cristian and the boys.” Marc says, “He said stay away from Helen.”

· Marc is in the Diary Room. “I’ve ruined everything. As far as I know, I’ve ruined my reputation on the outside. A few people spoke to me. They told me to be nice. Maybe I’m not a nice person. It’s really knocked me. I really feel I’ve taken a blow. I don’t know what way to think about it. I didn’t want to be a wanker. I thought I was being entertaining.” Marc gets upset. “You know I’m not a bad person.”

· Cristian advises Brian, “Be careful with the whole Jade situation. It seems suspicious. She kind of goes on to the hot topic of the week. I think the biggest game player in here is her. It seems to me like she’s just using you.”

· All the Housemates are having dinner together. Time freezes. Big Brother asks the Time Warp Housemates to discuss the fourth and final nominations. Marc takes a step back telling the others to decide. Helen and Nikki propose Jade. Brian and Marc disagree. Nikki says, “My concern is that Jade has gone from bloke to bloke. I don’t want anyone to hurt you, Brian. I’m feeling a bit defensive.” Brian proposes Sam. Nikki says of Sam, “She never ever bitches about anyone. She takes things on the chin when people criticise her.”

They take a vote. Jade is nominated. Jade responds, “I’ve never kissed anyone in this house and I do really like Brian.” Helen tells her that other housemate have suggested this. Cristian speaks up and names guys. Jade’s surprised and annoyed. Danny responds, “I feel like you’ve gone from guy to guy. To the popular person” Nick defends her saying Brian is the only one that she’s expressed an attraction to that was more than friendship.

Cristian says that Jade’s been flirting with him. Jade gets annoyed with Cristian. Cristian responds, “We’re saying there are different intentions on what people do.” Jade leaves the table saying, “**** all of youse.”

· Joel asks Cristian about his change in behaviour. Cristian responds, “In that outside world I prefer to take a polite approach. At this point, I’ve got nothing to lose. I’m going Friday and there are things I want to get off my chest.”

· Jade is angry at Cristian. She says if she stays, “Female version of Marc will come out.” Helen says, “I don’t like the boohoo voice but the fiestyness will take you a long way.”

· Chloe and Marc are talking about the eviction. Marc says, “I do think out of all the people you’re the strongest on to be safe. I think you’re a great person.”

· Brian and Nikki are talking about Jade. Nikki says, “I watched her spend the entire afternoon flirting with Nick and that’s why you were crying. I know you Brian. She completely ignored you this afternoon and that’s not on.”

· Cristian’s in the Diary Room talking about Jade. “ I just don’t like how arrogant she comes across. You’re not god. You’re not Beyonce. Why are you throwing yourself at him?”

· Brian and Jade are in bed together. Brian says, “If you go on Friday, it’ll be on my conscience.” Jade responds, “People in this house don’t like me.” They pull the covers over their heads and there are kissing noises.

Comment posted by: Calderyon
Published on: 18 Jun, 2015 - 3:46 PM Comment with Quote
Comment posted by: Rob!
Helen accusing somebody else of having a bad temper

Harry bites Nick's lips when they kiss. The best type of kiss
Published on: 18 Jun, 2015 - 3:57 PM Comment with Quote
Comment posted by: bbfan1991
Sounds like BB want Jade out this week.
Published on: 18 Jun, 2015 - 4:17 PM Comment with Quote
Comment posted by: TiBB Frontpage Article
James has posted a new TiBB frontpage article.

Shown Tonight, Thursday 18th June at 10pm on Channel 5.

Pictures from this show are HERE.

Watch the episode after it airs on Channel 5's Demand 5 service -

Highlights Preview [Spoilers]:

In tonight’s show, Marc, Brian, Helen and Nikki nominate Jade for eviction as part of their latest Time Warp task. The.....
Excerpt of article quoted above. Read full article here -
Published on: 18 Jun, 2015 - 4:56 PM Comment with Quote

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