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Daily Update: Day 42, Tuesday 23rd June Highlights preview

23 Jun, 2015 - 2:03 PM by Josy
Shown Tonight, Tuesday 23rd June at 10pm on Channel 5.

In tonight’s show, JOEL nominates DANNY and DANNY nominates NICK. ‘Tag nominations’ this week have resulted in CRISTIAN, HARRY, SAM, SIMON, JACK, JOEL, DANNY and NICK facing the public vote for EVICTION this Friday.
Nick and Harry continue to disagree after their fall out last night. Joel must sabotage Sam’s secret task. The Housemates rebel and have a food fight but Nikki is caught in the middle and gets hurt.

Also, on tonight’s Big Brother’s Bit On The Side at 11pm on Channel 5 guests include; I’m a Celebrity: Get me Out of Here star Vicki Michelle, comedian Matt Richardson and Big Brother 10 winner, Josie Gibson. Plus Dr Pam Spurr analyses the alpha males in the house and agony aunt, Denise Richardson talks about affairs of the heart.

Highlights Preview [Spoilers]:

· Housemates are waking up. There’s tension in the air following Nick and Harry’s disagreement.

· Marc is in the Diary Room talking about Harry. He does not approve of her behaviour the night before. “On our birthday we get a free pass. You just forgive all our sins.” Marc goes on to describe the different levels of a clingy girlfriend and thinks Harry is at the top of the scale. “My advice to Nick - put on your best running shoes and sprint like Linford Christie.”

· Harry, Marc and Nick are in the kitchen. Harry is slamming cups around on the kitchen surface. She leaves. Nick and Marc are discussing her behaviour. Nick says that he thinks it was over the top. Marc agrees and tells Nick that this is the kind of behaviour he talked about before.

· Time freezes. Joel is released and told to make his nomination. Joel goes to Danny and says, “Danny can be quite indecisive and as a house, I don’t know if that is beneficial to all of us. I think it’s helpful, for clarity, to know where a person stands.” Danny now also faces eviction and time unfreezes.

· Marc runs in excited. Joel explains to Danny, “If there’s an argument or a discussion, I’d rather know someone’s opinion. If you have a view you should state it.” Danny responds, “I think I do that more than anyone.” Joel says, “[There were] three people left to nominate,” as an added explanation. Danny responds, “I know. I do disagree.”

· Joel is in the bedroom with Helen telling her what his reasons were for nominating Danny. He says, “I said I believe that Danny can be indecisive. It affects me personally and when I ask for Danny’s opinion, I’m not certain I’d get Danny’s honest opinion.” Helen responds, “I think that’s his game plan. That’s playing it safe.”

· Brian is in the Diary Room. “I’m annoyed at myself for getting highly strung. [Helen] makes me feel so self- conscious. She’s like a dementor. She sucks all my energy. It’s Joel as well. He’s fallen into Team Evil. Now he’s hanging round with them, he’s like a mad man.”

· Nick and Harry are in the smoking area. Nick is trying to make peace. Harry says, “Better I know where your loyalties lie now rather than later.” Nick says, “Harry, it’s impossible to speak to you. I’m trying to speak to you about it and you’re having a go at me. You’re getting upset. I’m getting upset.” Nikki and Marc approach laughing and then realise Nick and Harry are having a disagreement, so swerve in the other direction. Harry gets annoyed that they were laughing and walks off.

· Joel is in the Diary Room. Big Brother explains to him that he will be given a secret task of sabotaging Sam’s secret mission. Later today, Sam will be set a secret mission to give motivational speeches about this week’s eviction and get three Housemates to give her a hug. The real secret task depends on Joel and the other three most recently nominated Housemates. Jack, Danny, Joel and Simon must behave as if Sam’s speeches are making them feel worse. They must resist hugging her.

· Sam is in the Diary Room and being given her secret mission. She’s excited. Sam goes to Jack first. Jack responds, “You’ve made my head go mad!” and walks away. She then goes to Simon. Simon responds, “Are you patronising me?” and will not hug her. She goes to Danny in the bedroom. When she asks for a hug he says, “I’m too stressed out and I think you’re out of order.” On trying Joel, he responds, “I don’t want you to patronise me with that motivational crap.” Sam looks upset and confused.

· Big Brother gathers the Housemates to tell them about the task. When Big Brother tells them about the real task Sam says, “I was nearly crying!” By ensuring that Sam failed her secret mission, Housemates have passed task. All nominated Housemates are rewarded with a picnic in the garden.

· Time freezes and Danny must now nominate. Danny tries to find Nick. When Danny finds him he says, “I wish to nominate Nick. Tough decision. I think as a mate, you should listen to my advice… I think your relationship with Harry’s getting serious too quick especially in a small environment and petty arguments are coming out. It affects me personally because I don’t like seeing Harry upset. I don’t like seeing you upset. Both of you should have a good time together and see what happens on the outside.”

· The Housemates are lying around and some of them are sleeping. An alarm goes off in order to wake them up and Housemates are told to collect all duvets, cushions and pillows and put them in the storage room. Nikki is annoyed saying, “It’s boring… this punishment business.”

· It’s been twenty minutes since Big Brother confiscated all pillows. The Housemates cover their faces with blankets in an attempt to rebel against Big Brother. They chant.

· When the store room is reopened, the Housemates jump on the pile of cushions and start throwing cushions at one another. It quickly escalates into a food fight. Nikki is hit in the face with a plastic bottle. Everyone is laughing except Nikki who is crying.

· Nikki runs to the Diary Room screaming and crying. Brian, Cristian and Simon try to join her but Nikki shouts at them to leave. She lets Brian return. Nikki shouts, “I wanna go home. They threw things at my nose and they landed on my head. I was just really frightened. I know it started as a joke but it started getting out of control. I thought I was going to die. It was so scary.”

· Joel and Nick look at the aftermath in the storage room. Nick says, “It’s a disaster.” Cristian says, “That was amazing.” All the Housemates except Nikki are talking about the food fight being fun. Joel and Jack try to salvage some food to save it from being confiscated.

· Nikki and Brian are still in the Diary Room. Nikki has started to calm down. She says, “Everything was going on my head and I couldn’t breathe.” Brian says, “It was distressing to see you in that state. I knew something was going to happen. They’re not very nice people.”

· Nick and Harry are in the bath. Some of the Housemates are in the swimming pool. Big Brother tells them the garden is out of bounds. Helen, Marc, Cristian, Danny and Chloe remain in the pool. Simon jumps in.

· Nikki is bedding down alone in Big Brother’s spare room. Most of the Housemates are in the bedroom and are all still excitable. They are chanting and singing. Brian decides to sleep alone on the floor in the living area. Brian says, “This is an asylum.”

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Shown Tonight, Tuesday 23rd June at 10pm on Channel 5.

In tonight’s show, JOEL nominates DANNY and DANNY nominates NICK. ‘Tag nominations’ this week have resulted in CRISTIAN, HARRY, SAM, SIMON, JACK, JOEL, DANNY and NICK facing the public vote for EVICTION this Friday.
Nick and Harry continue to disagree after their.....
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