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Daily Update - Day 43

24 Jun, 2015 - 7:24 PM by Josy
This week, ‘Tag nominations’ have resulted in CRISTIAN, HARRY, SAM, SIMON, JACK, JOEL, DANNY and NICK facing the public vote for EVICTION this Friday.

In tonight’s episode, following an argument with Helen, Brian scales the house walls for a great escape and LEAVES the Big Brother. (Please note Helen has received a formal warning from Big Brother and Marc is about to be spoken to also.)

Also, on tonight’s Big Brother’s Bit On The Side at 11pm on Channel 5 guests include; comedian, David Morgan, Celebrity Love Island star, Paul Danan and former Celebrity Big Brother contestant, Tina Malone on the panel. Plus comedian, Matt Richardson presents Big Buzz and “Judge” Rylan hears the defence for each of the Legends from their former Housemates. Pete Bennett defends Nikki, Gerry Stergiopoulos defends Brian, Ash Harrison defends Helen and Eileen defends Marc.
Brian will be appearing on tonight’s show.

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show include:

· It’s the morning after the rebellion. Nikki spent the night in Big Brother’s spare room. Big Brother gathers the rest of the Housemates on the sofa to punish them for their behaviour last night. Big Brother tells the Housemates there are severe consequences for rule breaking and instructs them to clean the house and return it to its original state.

· Marc and Helen are drinking tea and talking about Nikki. Helen says, “She had a panic attack.” Jack complains to Danny that they are not contributing to the cleaning.

· Nikki returns to the house. Initially, no one responds. Eventually, Brian and Simon welcome her.

· Helen is in the Diary Room talking about Nikki. “She’s so full of ****. (Nikki) You know we were breaking a rule and you know we’d be punished for it. You wanted to get out of it.”

· Nick and Nikki are at the kitchen table. Nikki is digging to trying and to find out if Helen has been saying things about her. Nick says, “She was just saying you were doing it for the press.” Nikki is annoyed saying, “I can’t wait to get away from her.”

· Helen is in the bedroom talking about Nikki. Helen says, “I can’t be arsed how she milks stuff. She thinks she’s better than everyone else in this house. She’s miserable as sin. She’s got a face like a melted wellie.”

· Nikki and Brian are in kitchen talking about Helen. Nikki says, “I don’t trust Simon. I know she doesn’t like me so he’s just running in between the pair of us. I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him. I’m not a hard bitch that can put up with things.” Brian says, “She’s the ice maiden. That ain’t some normal bird with a big mouth. She’s evil.”

· Helen and Marc are in the kitchen talking about Brian and Nikki. Marc says, “They haven’t done anything all this week.” Helen responds, “They’re here for the money. Ungrateful bastards.”

· Nikki is in the Diary Room. “I can’t seem to get my personality back. I’ve heard what Helen was saying last night when I was in distress. That just proves exactly what she’s in here for. She’s such a horrible, nasty human being. She seems to have so much power and status in this house. She’s been resenting my existence in this house since we moved in here. She doesn’t want me in here. She doesn’t like it that most of the housemates like me.”

· Simon has made Helen a cup of tea. She insults his efforts and says, “Always wants a violin, doesn’t he?”

· Jack is in the Diary Room talking about Helen and Marc. “They’re very hypocritical. Complete idiots. Simon is so far up their arse it’s embarrassing to watch. He’s a forty six year old man, he’s fake as ******. I find him so frustrating. The constant reassurance, that’s just a pain in the arse.”

· Nikki and Jack are talking about Helen. Nikki says, “At least I know what I’m up against.” Jack responds, “At the end of the day, you’re gone on Friday. You never have to speak to her again.” Nikki says, “I’m not going to let her ruin my last few days. She’s horrid. She doesn’t like Brian because everyone loves him. She hates me being here. Thank god Brian’s here.”

· Brian and Nick are talking about Marc. Brian says, “I leave him alone…I’m just staying away from him. You’ve got one person trying to antagonise you. I get on with everyone else.” Nick says, “We’ll miss you loads.”

· Big Brother has gathered the Housemates on the sofa to play a game of “Who’s most likely to…” The Housemates will each read a card and then have to finish the statement with their opinion. Sam reads the first card, “The Housemate most likely to be evicted this week is … Cristian.” She gives her reasons, “He’s upped his game this week. He was really irritating for a short time.” The Housemates that agree with this statement are asked to stand. Marc, Joel and Helen stand up. Joel says, “I really hated the Cristian (after nominations)”. Jack reads the next card saying, “The Housemate most likely to put themselves before others is … Nikki”. Helen and Marc stand in agreement. Nikki says sarcastically, “That’s a surprise.” Helen reasons, “In tasks she can be a bit useless and selfish.” Marc says, “This week I think you and Brian are only here for the money.” Danny says, “I think all three of them are here for the money.” Helen says, “That’s so unfair. I really do want to be here. I’m a genuine person.” Brian says to Helen, “When I’m in your company, around the pair of you, my energy gets so subtracted. I cannot be myself around you. You tag team people. You work in cahoots.” Helen says, “Everyone in this house knows where they stand with me.” Brian starts to respond but Helen says, “You’re gonna lose it again aren’t you. Look at the aggression in your face.” The Housemates try to calm the situation. Marc says, “Let’s forget about it and get back to the game.”

· The game continues. Nick says, “The Housemate most likely to marry for money is… Helen.” Everyone cheers. Brian, Jack and Nikki stand up. Nikki says, “After hearing the comments last night, the first thing that was on Helen’s mind was that I was trying to get a headline. Her thought process is just to get headlines.” Brian says, “This woman has no principles, morals or self- respect so that’s why I think she’d marry for money.” Helen says, “Straight jackets in the store room. Psycho.” An argument ensues and the housemates try to calm Brian down. Helen repeatedly says, “It’s a game. Brian, keep playing into my hands.” Helen continues to shout insults at Brian.

· Some of the Housemates are in the living area talking about Helen. Marc says, “Some things she says, I’m like Helen calm down.” Brian says, “That was deflammatory, what she said about me.” Marc responds, “I said to her to stop. That was bad.” Brian says, “The pair of you have been antagonising me.” Marc responds, “The only problem I have is that you lied twice about me!” It escalates to an argument. Brian goes to the Diary Room.

· In the Diary Room, Brian says, “I feel like I’m being ganged up on. I don’t want to cry. I’ve tried to keep away from there. I shouldn’t have come back here. This is really hard. I feel like I’m living in hell. I’m defeated. I’m getting a barrage of abuse.”

· Nikki is talking to Chloe about Helen and Marc. Nikki says, “When we go this week, he’s going to be in a lot of trouble because everyone here is going to hate him.” Chloe says, “He’s been a lot nicer to me…” Nikki interrupts, “Yeah because he’s starting to worry. He needs people to be on his side. How they’ve treated Brian this week has just been… He’s a complete and utter pig.”

· Marc is talking to Danny. Danny says to Helen and Marc, “You all bring everyone into arguments.”

· Nikki is comforting Brian. Brian says, “I just feel degraded.” Nikki says, “She’s jealous of you because you’re so loved and you’re such a good person. You’ve kept your dignity, Brian. She’s shown herself in her true colours for the vile piece of **** that she is. He’s just as low down as she is.” Brian says, “She’s got the morals of an alley cat.”

· Some of the Housemates are in the garden. Nick goes to talk to Brian. Nick says, “[Marc and Helen] put people completely out of context.” Sam says, “It was out of line. Don’t give her what she wants. You just stood up for what you think’s right.”

· The Housemates leave the garden. Brian is alone in the sky room looking over the top to the outside world. Nick goes up as Brian is climbing over the top. Nick tries to stop him but Brian is already gone. The other housemates run up. Helen says, “It’s attention!”

· Nick comforting Nikki. Nick says, “He probably just needed to get out. I’ll look after you now.”

· Danny is talking to Helen about her argument with Brian. Helen says, “I wish I’d chosen to say things better sometimes. I think it’s a good thing to be honest.” Helen says, “I don’t think before I speak. I do things wrong. I said it to provoke a reaction.” Danny asks, “Do you think it’s wise to say those things?” Helen says, “I don’t want [Brian] around me. He makes my skin crawl.”

· Nikki is in the Diary Room. “I just need to know that Brian’s ok. Tell him that I love him so much and I’m here for him. Me and Nick love him so much. I know he’s strong. It would break my heart that those evil bullies drove him out of this house. I feel weak here without Brian. I hope I can muster up the strength to get though the next two days. I didn’t want to let them ruin this for me. I feel now I’m going to act strong when if I don’t feel strong. I know more than anything Helen wants me to go. I don’t want to give her the satisfaction of leaving. I want to stay her to the last minute to try to get under her skin.”

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This week, ‘Tag nominations’ have resulted in CRISTIAN, HARRY, SAM, SIMON, JACK, JOEL, DANNY and NICK facing the public vote for EVICTION this Friday.

In tonight’s episode, following an argument with Helen, Brian scales the house walls for a great escape and LEAVES the Big Brother. (Please note Helen has received.....
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