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Daily Update: Day 45, Friday 26th June Highlights preview [shown before eviction]

26 Jun, 2015 - 6:54 PM by James
Shown Tonight, Friday 26th June at 9pm on Channel 5.

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TONIGHT: The public will decide whether Cristian, Harry, Sam, Simon, Jack, Joel, Danny or Nick will be Evicted following ‘Tag Nominations’ earlier this week.

Also, the time has come for legends, Nikki and Helen to leave the Big Brother House. What revelations will they divulge during their interview with Emma Willis?

Big Brother's Bit on the Side Preview:

On tonight’s Big Brother’s Bit On The Side at 10.30pm on Channel 5, guests include; “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here” winner, Christopher Biggins, “Bear Grylls: Mission Survive” winner, Vogue Williams, recently evicted Housemate, Jade.

Plus interviews with the evictee and the two Legends, Helen and Nikki.

Key highlights and quotes from yesterday's highlights shown during tonight’s show include:

· Nick is hugging Nikki whilst talking about Helen. Nick says, “When you were arguing, you looked so cute. You looked like you were arguing with your mum last night.” Nick explains that Marc instructed all the other Housemates not to get involved. Nikki says, “I was shaking.”

· Aisleyne is in garden talking to Danny. She says, “You’re better looking in real life.” Danny looks happy. They talk about where to meet future partners.

· Helen is in the Diary Room. She says, “I think she’s [Aisleyne] pretty aware that I’m not arsed at all about her presence. How she talks just scrapes on me.

She talks like she’s a gangster. She tries to sound like she’s from ‘So Solid Crew’ or something. It’s embarrassing. Them two girls are my worst nightmare. The further we stay apart the better.”

· Danny and Chloe are talking about Aisleyne. Both of them say Aisleyne is nice. Danny says, “She’s another one that I judged [but]...she’s asked me a lot of questions. She’s been nice to me.”

· Nikki, Aisleyne and Nick are in the sky room. Aisleyne says, “When you come in the house, it just feels like this is home.” Nikki says, “That’s the thing, I’ve been made to feel so unwelcome here in a place that I truly love. Why is [Helen] staring?”

Aisleyne responds, “Because when you see your idol, you stare. If we saw Beyonce, we’d stare. If I say Rhianna, I’d stare. Or it’s an intimidation thing.” Aisleyne comments, “Danny and Marc are both really fit.” Nikki says, “They’re both fighting over you.”

· Harry, Nick and Danny are talking about the eviction. Nick says, “I’ve had the most amazing time, if I do go. If I do stay the nominations next week will be so hard.” Harry comments, “It depends who goes because, for me, there’s three people who I would nominate.”

· Nikki is in the garden talking to Simon, Jack and Sam. Simon asks her for her eviction prediction. Nikki says, “I think possibly you two are maybe in danger (Simon and Jack) just because you’ve been hanging out with poison.”

Simon says, “Just because I’ve talked to Helen, I’ve not ignored you.” Jack comments, “Could be guilty by association, Simon.” Simon responds, “When I get out here, I’ll argue my case because that’s ridiculous. I’ve been true to myself.”

· Some of the housemates are in the bedroom discussing Aisleyne’s love life. Aisleyne says, “I’m celibate.” Danny and Cristian question this. Cristian asks, “You mean you’ve never had sex in your life.” Aisleyne responds, “I’m a reborn celibate. I’m not gonna waste my time with someone that’s not right anymore.”

· Simon is annoyed with Jack’s earlier comments. Simon tells Helen, Joel and Marc that Jack said he may be evicted for spending too much time with them. Simon says, “Why should someone tell me who I should start spending time with?” Helen says, “(In her series) I ended up just flying solo.”

· Big Brother is playing some music to celebrate some of the Housemates’ last night. Simon says to Helen, “Enjoy your last night. I’ve loved meeting you.” The other Housemates hug Aisleyne and Nikki. Helen looks bemused.

· Jack is in the Diary Room. “I am very nervous for tomorrow night. I’m kind of looking forward to the rush of it. I’m having to mentally prepare myself that I’m going to have to walk out the door but I really want to stay. I passionately want to win. I’m going to try and be me.”

· Chloe asks Helen if she’s going to watch the past shows to see how she’s been portrayed. Helen responds, “I know how I’ve been portrayed. I’m a bully.” They talk about Brian. Helen says, “I’m not apologising for it.”

· Nikki and Aisleyne are talking about Helen. Aisleyne says, “Don’t you feel like everyone’s scared of her?” Aisleyne asks Nikki who her favourite is.

Nikki answers Nick. Aisleyne comments, “Harry. I don’t trust her. She’s so far up Satan’s arse.” Nikki says, “That idiot thinks she’s queen bee because she won last year. She’s detested by the nation.”

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Shown Tonight, Friday 26th June at 9pm on Channel 5.
More pictures are HERE

TONIGHT: The public will decide whether Cristian, Harry, Sam, Simon, Jack, Joel, Danny or Nick will be Evicted following ‘Tag Nominations’ earlier this week.

Also, the time has come for legends, Nikki and Helen to leave the Big.....
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