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Daily Update: Day 49 Tuesday 30th June Highlights preview: John Mc, BB8 Charley enter

30 Jun, 2015 - 3:07 PM by James
Shown tonight, Tuesday 30th June at 10pm on Channel 5.

More pictures from this show are HERE

Tonight: John McCririck and Charley Uchea enter the house as guests for the Big Brother Hotel task. John tells Marc and Jack a few home truths. Marc’s involvement with Brian’s departure is debated.

Big Brother's Bit on the Side Preview:

On tonight’s Big Brother’s Bit On The Side at 11pm on Channel 5, guests include: former Celebrity Big Brother Housemate, Anne Diamond, “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here” contestant, Nicola McLean, former BB Housemate, Luke Marsden. PLUS John McCririck and Charley Uchea will be giving the lowdown on their Hotel Big Brother experience and Denise Robertson will be talking about unrequited love.

Key highlights and quotes from yesterday's highlights shown during tonight’s show include:

· Joel is in the Diary Room. “I think the two weakest [Housemates] are Jack and Sam. Jack thought that I could’ve actually nominated him. I’ve never nominated Jack. Jack wants to stay.”

· Danny and Aisleyne are talking about who they think will be evicted. Aisleyne says, “Maybe Jack. I don’t get why people don’t like him?” Danny says, “He was coming across as really moody.” They discuss Jack’s sensitive reaction to being nominated.

Danny says, “I personally think he needs to win the show.” Danny tells Aisleyne about Jack’s reaction to Sam the day before which he thinks was over the top.

· For this week’s shopping task the house has been transformed into Hotel Big Brother. The Housemates are split into guests and employees. Aisleyne must pick three Housemates to join her as VIP guests and chooses Danny, Chloe and Joel. To pass the tasks, employees must maintain high standards and cater to the guests’ every needs.

· Jack is on concierge duty and must manage the other employees. Aisleyne requests prosecco on tap. Chloe requests a donner kebab and curry sauce. The guests are shown to the bedroom. Chloe exclaims, “Oh my god, I’m in Dubai. “ Marc plays a prank where Aisleyne and Danny are told they must sleep in the same bed.

· Charley enters the house. Aisleyne is excited. Jack introduces her to employees.

· Marc, Nick and Joel are chatting in the sky room. Marc says, “Aisleyne has really started to p*ss me off. She’s intoxicated already.”

· Aisleyne falls off a chair and knocks over a table. Charley asks for her bag. Aisleyne says to Jack, “Get her ******g bag immediately. We don’t need an explanation of where it is we just need the bag.” Charley follows Jack into the bedroom and apologises for Aisleyne’s manner.

· Marc is talking to Sam. Marc says, “[Charley’s] my type. [Aisleyne’s] whole personality’s as fake as her tits. It’s just showing me she’s an idiot.”

· Charley and Aisleyne are talking about the boys in the house. They discuss Danny. Aisleyne says that they’re just friends. Charley tells Aisleyne she saw the argument with Marc and says, “He’s got a face… he looks so aggravated.”

Aisleyne comments, “He’s just doing it to annoy you.” Charley says that although Cristian is good looking, he doesn’t have a personality.

· Hotel staff are waiting for another arrival. John McCririck’s arrival is announced. Jack is excited. Aisleyne runs to hug him. Chloe introduces herself and Jack introduces John to the staff. John announces, “I am sweating profusely and I want to get in that pool.” John tells Joel, Danny and Nick that they’ve being doing well on the series.

· Charley catches Marc looking at her and asks why. He tells her, “You only fall in love once.” He tells Danny how attractive he finds her.

· Marc is talking to John in the bedroom and tries to find out about the perception of him on the outside. John says, “Helen is so revolting and you sided with her. What she did to Brian was so nasty. Saying those words to anyone…awful. I’m disappointed that he walked but he was driven to it. You played a fair bit in it. You sided with Helen.”

· Marc tells Sam, “[John] says you’re hated outside. If everyone’s out there, I can’t defend myself. He attacked me and tried to use his popularity against me.”

· John is giving Marc some advice. John says, “You don’t need to swear because you’re so intelligent.” Charley says, “I think he’s entertaining to be honest.” John says, “You don’t need to do it. You are bright. You’re a nasty piece of work but you’re bright.” Marc says, “I’m trying hard.” Marc looks unimpressed.

· Jack asks John about his popularity on the outside. John tells him it’s not good and says, “You weren’t the Jack you were to start with.” John encourages Jack to get back to that Jack.

· Some of the staff are on a break in their quarters. Marc is talking about Brian saying, “Brian has ruined my time in here.” Cristian says that Helen and Marc antagonised him. Marc asks for examples. Marc gets annoyed as the other staff Housemates agree that Marc annoyed Brian but cannot give examples of specific behaviour.

· Marc is in the Diary Room. “I can’t take this ****. I did nothing to him. They’re all saying you antagonised him. Give me one ******g example!”

· John and Harry are discussing Marc. John says, “You stand up to him. He’s a nasty piece of work but he’s so intelligent. He’s acting a part.”

· Marc is talking to Charley. He says, “You’re gorgeous and you’ve got a head on your shoulders.” Charley responds, “Don’t play too much to the cameras. I like your personality. You’re fun. You feel a bit lost (because Helen’s gone).” She advises Marc not to take the other Housemates too seriously. Marc says, “I need someone like you. I like people taking me light heartedly. Charley says, “You’re letting it spoil you. You were quite fun loving now you’re being a drip.”

· Marc and John are chatting in the smoking area. John tells him he disapproves of Marc siding with Helen. Marc gets frustrated. John says, “You’re picking on everyone,” and uses Aisleyne as an example. Marc says they had an argument. John says, “You watch Helen Wood, you watch you but you are acting. I can’t stand wind up merchants.” Marc says, “I’d never hurt someone’s feelings.”

· Harry is in the Diary Room. “[The Housemates] are all using this phrase that Marc and Helen chased Brian over a wall… Brian left of his own accord.” Harry says she will not side with the others because she thinks it is wrong.

· Marc tells Aisleyne about the conversation with John. Aisleyne says she tried to apologise to Marc. Marc says Aisleyne focussed on the Brian situation when she had not seen anything first hand. Marc asks her if she would stick up for a friend knowing they were wrong.

Aisleyne is annoyed and says Marc stuck up for Helen when her behaviour was awful. The argument escalates. Danny calls her away.

· Charley asks Harry and Nick what is going on with them. Harry says Nick has changed his behaviour towards her since the beginning. She says that he was really keen but now “mugs her off.”

Nick is surprised saying, “You feel like I have disdain towards you?” Harry says his behaviour changed when Nikki came into the house. Nick says she’s being unfair. Harry says, “I’m not going to go in on you Nick because you can’t handle my mouth. I continuously look like I victimise you.” Nick says, “You are taking this way too seriously.” Charley says, “Everyone’s taking this way too seriously. You two sort your **** out.”

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Shown tonight, Tuesday 30th June at 10pm on Channel 5.

Pictures from this show will appear HERE

Tonight: John McCririck and Charley Uchea enter the house as guests for the Big Brother Hotel task. John tells Marc and Jack a few home truths. Marc’s involvement with Brian’s departure is debated.

Big Brother's Bit.....
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PLUS John McCririck and Charley Uchea will be giving the lowdown on their Hotel Big Brother experience
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