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Daily Update: Day 61 Sunday 12th July Highlights Preview [Housemate wins some money]

12 Jul, 2015 - 2:01 PM by James
Shown tonight, Sunday 12th July at 9:00 PM on Channel 5.

Pictures from this show (Day 61) are HERE

Tonight [Spoiler]: Jack gets a spray tan in exchange for an increase in the prize fund. Joel set pizza-eating challenge. Housemates dance a conga to add £5,700 to the prize fund. Housemates have to press a button in a 60-second countdown to win money for themselves. Jack presses the button and is awarded £23,900, which he must keep handcuffed to himself for the rest of his time in the house.

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show include:

• The Housemates are woken up to the song ‘Money’ by The Flying Lizards and are told by Big Brother that they would have the opportunity to add to the winner’s prize fund by taking part in a series of tasks. After the announcement Danny double checks with the other Housemates how to spell ‘canoe’.

• Chloe comes to the Diary Room to talk to Big Brother, “I feel good, I am sad to see the back of Sam and Harry. I am gobsmacked at my reaction last night and that I am still here. I am buzzing.”

• Jack is called to the Diary Room and is told he will be offered the chance to accrue some further cash, by receiving a fake tan. All he has to do to win the money is remain in the tanning booth for as long as Big Brother tells him to. Jack replies, “I don’t like tanning, I don’t see the point in it, I don’t want to be orange. Obviously I am going to be now though.” Jack is then taken into the task room and given five rounds of spray tan. He is then told by Big Brother he has earned £1,600 for the prize fund but cannot wash the tan off for six hours. Jack replies, “Look at me! I look like an Oompa Lumpa!”

• Jack returns to the House and tries to escape to the bathroom unnoticed. Danny sees him and exclaims, “Jacks had a spray tan!” all the Housemates run to Jack and are hysterical at the results, Nick comments, “That’s hazel!”

• Joel is called to the Diary Room for the next part of the task and is offered £4,300. All he has to do to win this sum of money is eat all of the pizza provided by Big Brother. Joel replies, “I will give it a go.” Upon eating the first pizza Joel comments, “Cheese and tomato pizza is the perfect dish, and it is healthy, cheese has milk so it is good for your bones and tomato puree is one of your five a day.”

Joel struggles to finish the first pizza and is sick. After he finishes the first pizza a doorbell rings and a second one is delivered to him, “No, that is not fair and I am not doing that.” Big Brother reminds him to win the money he has to eat the pizza. Joel declares that he can’t eat anymore and returns to the House to tell them he has failed.

• Big Brother calls the Housemates to the sofa and tells them in order to win more money; all of the Housemates must dance to the conga for as long as Big brother is playing the classic party track. The Housemates successfully pass the task and added £5,700 to the prize fund.

• Jack is in the kitchen counting down the time until he can wash off his tan. He then runs to the bathroom to find it has been locked, “*******ing B****rds.”

• Big Brother calls Danny to the Diary Room for his tasks and the Housemates are gathered on the sofa to watch. Big Brother then asks him to spell ‘canoe’ in order to win £8,700. After some time deliberating Danny correctly spells the word and wins the money.

• For the next part of the task Housemates must guess which way they think the public answered to a series of questions which the public have answered. All of the Housemates, apart from the Housemate the question is regarding have to write down their answer on whiteboards provided. One of the questions asked was does Joel use his intelligence to manipulate the Housemates, they correctly answered that the public thought ‘Yes’. The Housemates also guessed that the public thought Joel was a game player and that Jack should have taken the car. The Housemates accrue a total of £7700 for their correct answers.

• The Housemates are on the sofa discussing the online poll and think the reason the public think he is manipulating is because they have thought it before. The all agreed that they didn’t think Joel was there for the money.

• For the final part of the cash back task the Housemates are each stood in front of a podium with a button and are facing a Perspex box which contains the £23,900 they have won throughout the day. On a plasma on the wall is a one minute countdown. Housemates are told they have a decision to make.

They have earned a sum of money, which is now in the cash box. But when the clock starts, they have 60 seconds to push their button. If they do so, they steal the money from the prize fund and keep it for themselves. They are then guaranteed to walk away with this money, whenever they leave the house, but they do not jeopardise their place in the house. The first Housemate to press the button will receive the money, and must wear it handcuffed to them for the rest of their time in the house.

• Jack presses the button before Cristian and is awarded the £23,900 in the briefcase which he attaches to himself.

• On returning to the House Jack apologises and says that the money would change his life. Nick hugs him and says “Don’t regret it and enjoy it.” Jack says, “In my head I am ecstatic but I am trying to be respectful.” Chloe says, “You did have a go at me for taking £5,000 but I did see 23 and think that has got to be for Jack as it is your lucky number.” Jack tells them that he will take them on holiday to which they all reply, “No one is angry.” Jack says, “This is the most money I have ever had and will ever have in my life and will go to good and amazing things.”

• Jack is in the Diary Room and says; “The things I will be able to do with this are unbelievable. Joel might be a bit peeved as he thinks the prize fund is for the winner so taking out of it is wrong but it is literally life changing for me.”

• Cristian admits to the Housemates that he had a figure in mind and that was the figure he would press that for.

• Jack and Nick are in the smoking area and Nick tells Jack that he has done an amazing thing and that everyone understands. Jack replies, “I don’t want to ***k anything up tonight and I don’t want this to phase me. It gives me freedom, to get nice things in my wardrobe, to sort my friends and family out with nice things, the prize fund is still very high for someone to win.”

• Joel is talking to Big Brother and says; “I don’t begrudge Jack taking the money and I know it will change his life but for me that money belongs to the winner and that is why I didn’t push the buzzer. I think it is right that the money returns to the prize fund.

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Shown tonight, Sunday 12th July at 9:00 PM on Channel 5.
Pictures from this show (Day 61) are HERE

Tonight [Spoiler]: Jack gets a spray tan in exchange for an increase in the prize fund. Joel set pizza-eating challenge. Housemates dance a conga to add £5,700 to the prize fund. Housemates have.....
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