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Daily Update: Day 26 - Sunday 3rd July 9pm Highlights Recap

3 Jul, 2016 - 11:08 PM by James
Daily Update: Day 26
Shown: Tonight, Sunday 3rd July 9pm on Channel 5

On tonight’s show: Hughie tells Andy that he thinks he’s a liar, Jackson reveals he wants to marry Georgina and Chelsea & Lateysha argue over pancakes

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show:

• Jackson is talking about Georgina in the diary room; “It’s really hard, the reality hits you. We just held each other down. It was the bedtime moments for me and George, it felt I had the real George. She was more open with her feelings. In a perfect world, I’d come out of the house and she’d be there and I’d have a ring on me and I would say ‘sweetheart will you marry me?’ I don’t want anyone else.”

• In the kitchen, Emma explains to Evelyn that Charlie is feeling sensitive towards her wearing Jason’s new shirt

• Charlie is in the diary room; “He got her a brand new shirt to wear! It was like he was trying to wind me up on purpose. I used to wear his shirts when we were together.”

• In the garden, Andy explains to Hughie that he would like to think that he wasn’t voted out as the public can see he’s ‘a nice guy’. Hughie believes he has stirred stories in the house

• Evelyn is in the diary room; “I can come alive now Georgina has gone. I can have fun more! I don’t have to worry about what Georgina thinks. We really didn’t get along.”

• Hughie speaks to Andy again; “You are a liar and a story carrier!” Andy replies, “If that makes you feel better to tell me again.” Ryan tells Hughie ‘enough’

• Andy is at the dining table Hughie approaches him again. Andy tells him he doesn’t want to talk; Hughie reiterates that he thinks he’s a liar and a story carrier. Andy replies; “I don’t want to keep hearing this. You don’t have to tell me again.”

• In the bathroom, Jackson and Evelyn are taking showers at the same time

• Andy is talking to Big Brother in the diary room, “I have Hughie telling me I’m a liar and a storyteller! The fun never ends. When I try to justify myself I’m ignored. It’s infuriating and exhausting. I’m not going to sit back and let people say things about me that aren’t true.” He then talks about Georgina; “Its nice not to have a constant whine in the background. The person who deserves you Jacko, is the person who loves you for you. Georgina wants him to be someone else, that’s not love. I’d be surprised there’s not a part of him that’s relieved she’s gone.”

• In the bedroom, Jackson and Evelyn are play fighting

• In the bedroom, Jayne is giving Andy some advice; “If that was me, I wouldn’t have involved myself. It could be perceived you sticking you nose in.” Andy replies; “I’ll bear that in mind for the future, and if I hear anything I’ll just leave it.”

• Emma is telling Charlie that she misses her boyfriend and that she misses sex

• Sam is the diary room, “Things are starting to irritate me. People can be so noisy. Ryan and Hughie are big attention seekers.”

• Jackson and Andy are talking in the smoking area. Andy reveals, “I’m being honest, I don’t think Georgina is absolutely perfect for you but that is none of my business.” Jackson responds; “We compliment each other.”

• Music is being played into the pod, the uninvited housemates are dancing in the garden

• Hughie is talking about Andy in the diary room; “I think he feels he’s misunderstood, and that could be the truth.”

• Andy hugs Jayne, and tells her that he’s taken what she said to him on board

• In the bathroom, Charlie reveals to Lateysha and Ryan, that she and Jason slept together just a couple of weeks before Big Brother. “We didn’t know we were coming in here. We spent the night together!”

• Some of the housemates are making pancakes. Chelsea looks on and comments; “What they cooking again? They are meant to be thin…”

• In the bedroom, Andy and Sam are talking about their sexuality. Andy reveals, “I do remember feeling unpopular when I was 9 or 10, I tried to be different so I could have friends.” Sam adds; “I don’t judge people, but what I do think is sometimes people think just because they are gay they have to act a certain way, because those people expect them to be. In certain situations they feel they have to act more stereotypically gay. Each to their own. I think you should be true to yourself and be real.” Andy replies; “People say to me that I don’t seem gay…”

• In the bedroom, Chelsea comments that ‘the pancakes were too thick’. Lateysha replies, “Who cares? They’re only pancakes!” Chelsea responds, “They are supposed to be thin.” The pair starts to argue about the way the pancakes were made. Jason comments; “It doesn’t matter, it’s only pancakes.” Chelsea leaves the bedroom

• In the garden, Chelsea is still talking about the pancakes, he reveals he didn’t actually get one

• Lateysha is talking about Chelsea in the diary room; “This is how pathetic the house is getting! He thinks that because I don’t have no GCSEs, he thinks I’m dumb and I’m not. He’s not pulling wool over my eyes!”

• Hughie and Ryan start play fighting in the bedroom, the pair then takes their play fight into the living area. Hughie squirts mayonnaise over Ryan. Some housemates laugh at the duo

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Daily Update: Day 26
Shown: Tonight, Sunday 3rd July 9pm on Channel 5

On tonight’s show: Hughie tells Andy that he thinks he’s a liar, Jackson reveals he wants to marry Georgina and Chelsea & Lateysha argue over pancakes

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show:

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