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Cheryl Fergison is a British actress most notable for playing Heather Trott in the long running BBC soap opera EastEnders.

Heather was originally only meant to be a guest character but her contract was extended to six months after the character proved popular.

Cheryl initially thought Heather was quite childlike and was pleased that the show had the courage to employ a bigger woman.

Most of Heather's storylines have involved comedy, her earliest and most memorable was when she entered her friends Hazel and Minty into a wedding competition. When Hazel left Minty, Heather pretended to be Hazel so that they could stay in the competition and win the prize money.

In more recent times, her plots have included darker stories such as single mother hood and being scalded by failed relationships.

The character is known for wearing headbands, usually with a matching handbag, and liking singer George Michael.

She also says she was extremely pleased when she found out George Michael loved her character and was a fan.

Since appearing on EastEnders, Cheryl has made a variety of television appearances on shows such as GMTV, The Paul O'Grady Show, This Morning and Loose Women.

Her stage credits include Measure For Measure, for the Royal Shakespeare Company
Cheryl is also known for playing Joanna Harding, the "Big Fat Lezza" in Little Britain, opposite David Walliams.

In 2009, Cheryl revealed that she is diabetic and clinically obese.

Cheryl divorced her first husband, Jamshed Saddiqi in 2008, the couple have a son Alex Javed Saddiqi.


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