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Day 19

Housemates wake up.

Flashback of yesterday shows Speidi refusing to take part in the task, which resulted in Claire not getting her letter from home and the other housemates refusing their letters, apart from Speidi who read their letter.

Tricia and Claire talk in the bedroom about Speidi. Tricia says she’s going to forget and get over it. Ryan and Razor talk about Speidi. Ryan says he was speaking to them the other day and he gets them now, this show is their job. Speidi are in the diary room. They say they have no compassion for any of their housemates.

Ryan and Razor are still talking about Speidi, Ryan says they’re still “pricks” and that their “character” is to be “arseholes. So he will treat them like arseholes.”

Big Brother has gathered the housemates for today’s battle of the sexes task. An hour and four minutes ago Speidi said they weren’t going to look or talk to their fellow housemates. Claire reads the tasks instructions. The housemates will split into two teams, boys versus girls and they will battle throughout the day to find out whether boys are better than girls. As there are more boys than girls Razor will join the girl’s team.

http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t277/avulavulrm/C5_CBB_DAY19_RAZORPREPARINGTODRESSASAWOMANFORTHEGI RLSVSBOYSTASK.jpg
http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t277/avulavulrm/C5_CBB_DAY19_RAZORASAWOMANFORTHEGIRLSVSBOYSTASK.jp g

The winner will win a stag or hen do, Rylan says he wants a hen party.

Speidi are in the diary room talking to Big Brother about the task ahead.

http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t277/avulavulrm/C5_CBB_DAY19_SPEIDIREFUSINGTOTAKEPARTINANYFUTURETA SKS.jpg

“We’re not going to take part in any team tasks with them, even if it was to win the lottery.” The couple also reveal that they are “against” stag and hen parties anyway because of their “beliefs.” “We know who’s better out of the boys and girls and it’s Speidi, above all,” Heidi states. The couple says that they rest of the housemates are “irrelevant in their lives. As Speidi have refused to join in with the other housemates Big Brother informs them that they will be punished.

Razor puts his dress and make up on.

All of the housemates have been gathered in the garden. Big Brother announces that Heidi and Spencer have refused to take part on either the girls or boys team. “I thought it was compulsory,” Razor remarks as Rylan tells them that he hopes the couple get evicted.”

Big Brother explains the obstacle part of the task to the gathered housemates.


In the bedroom, Heidi and Spencer bitch about the other housemates, “I can’t even stand to hear her,” Heidi says of Tricia and says that “Being in this house is punishment.” “Fame is relative,” remarks Spencer.
Ryan and Tricia have gone head-to-head in the obstacle course and as a result, the girls win the first round.


Heidi and Spencer are in the bedroom, brushing their teeth. Some of the housemates are in the living room. “They’d rather get chucked out than walk,”

Razor tells them and they agree. Claire says that she is still confused by some of the things that the couple had told them. “Everything they told us, they’ve got no friends, people hate them, it might all be true,” she considers. “I don’t care,” Rylan scoffs.

Big Brother calls all of the housemates to the sofa. Heidi and Spencer come too. Big Brother promptly calls Razor and Ryan to the diary room for the next part of the Boys Vs Girls task. Housemates watch via the screen in the living area. In the diary room, Razor is told, “Big Brother thinks you look absolutely stunning,” and he beams. He and Rylan both agree that girls are better at math than boys. “Like Carol Vorderman,” Razor suggests, “Or the new bird from Southend,” adds Rylan.

Rylan goes into the small task room while Razor takes part in a math quiz. Big Brother sends in a stripper to distract Razor while the math problems are put to him.

http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t277/avulavulrm/C5_CBB_DAY19_RAZORRECEIVINGALAPDANCEINTHEDIARYROOM .jpg

He is suitably distracted. When Rylan’s turn comes, his is distracted by a male stripper and finds it equally hard to concentrate on Big Brother’s math questions.

http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t277/avulavulrm/C5_CBB_DAY19_RYLANRECEIVINGALAPDANCEINTHEDIARYROOM .jpg

Heidi and Spencer are walking into the bedroom and she asks if he has noticed that their portrait has been covered over with a towel. “It shows the audience, it’s a one-sided fight, they’re taking it way too far,” she remarks.

Earlier for Round 2 of the battle of the sexes task, Big Brother wanted to see who is better at maths? Girls or boys. Razor did the maths for the girls while Rylan stepped up for the men.

In the final round of the battle of the sexes task and Big Brother wants to try and answer the ultimate question: who sweats more? Girls or boys.

http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t277/avulavulrm/C5_CBB_DAY19_THEGIRLSTEAMDURINGTHESWEATCOLLECTORST ASK.jpg

Housemates have 1 hour to collect as much celebrity sweat as possible and to help them, Big Brother has provided gym equipment and special sweat suits. Whichever team collects the most sweat wins.

http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t277/avulavulrm/C5_CBB_DAY19_RYANRYLANANDFRANKIEDURINGTHESWEATCOLL ECTORSTASK.jpg

Housemates are waiting for the next part of today’s task. Housemates have been given special clothing for their Sweat Collectors task, including plastic suits. In the bedroom, Rylan is on his back stretching on the bed with his legs apart. Frankie tells him to stop and Rylan protests. “I’m stretching, they told us to stretch Frankie Detorri you homophobe,” he quips. “He thinks everything he says is so funny,” Heidi remarks to Spencer while lying on their bed. Big Brother has provided the housemates with gym equipment to help them work up a sweat.

After 27 grueling minutes the girls have called it a day. Speidi are eating in the kitchen. “The punishments only gonna get worse,” Spencer muses. Razor tells his fellow team mates while making tea, “I’m happy to be a girl for the day.” Ryan completes the sweat part of the task and wins it for the boys.

Big Brother announces the results of the task and the girls have come out on top, proving that girls are better than boys. The girls have won a hen party, “Can we invite one friend each,” Razor pleads.

Big Brother makes another announcement. As Spencer and Heidi refused to take part in the task, Big Brother has removed their double bed until further notice.


The couple sits showing no emotion. Rylan offers them his bed. “That’s so nice,” says Heidi. “I just hope there are two singles,” Spencer adds as they head into the bedroom.

Heidi and Spencer are constructing a new bed using cushions. “It’s the same cosiness,” Heidi smiles as the couple tries it for size. “Dumb and dumber,” Spencer remarks.

http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t277/avulavulrm/C5_CBB_DAY19_SPEIDIONTHEFLOORAFTERTHEIRBEDISCONFIS CATED.jpg

Rylan is alone in the smoking area. “Big Brother please let me go to the party, I don’t wanna sit with happy and happier,” he pleads.

Tricia and Claire are talking on the bed while Speidi complete their bed. “We’re not that kind of people,” Tricia worries before offering the couple more cushions. “You can’t lie on the floor like that, you’ll do your back in,” she tells them. Claire and Tricia give Spencer and Heidi more cushions and the couple seems grateful. Spencer gives them the thumbs up.

Rylan is in the bathroom topping up his tan. After winning today’s task, the girls are having a hen party. Rylan asks Razor if he ever thought he’d be at a hen party “with Claire from Steps and Gina from Heartbeat.”

In the garden, Frankie tells Rylan that his tan looks good and asks if he did his “knicker line.” He adjusts Rylan’s bottoms to check and tells him that he did a good job.

In the living area, Big Brother announces that the girls should take their seats.

http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t277/avulavulrm/C5_CBB_DAY19_TRICIAANDRAZORWHILETHESTRIPPERSTRIPS. jpg

“Big Brother you b*****ds!” Razor shouts as a male stripper enters the house as Sex Bomb by Tom Jones plays into the house. Frankie and Razor are watching from the garden. “Drop me out, this is bang out of order,” Rylan shouts while staring through the glass doors. “I feel like a caged animal,” he adds while the girls get special attention from the stripper.


Speidi are trying to work out how long they have been in the house. “I definitely didn’t think we’d be here this long,” Heidi muses.

The rest of the housemates are in the living area. Razor tells them that the stripper “loved Claire from Steps,” and Claire mentions that he band mate H told her that “lesbian” fans liked her the best. “It’s because I look innocent and corruptible, that’s what he said,” Claire tells them and then takes a drink using her penis shaped straw. “As she sucks on her penis,” Razor jokes and they all laugh. “That’s just a straw, it’s not a real willy, I don’t do that anyway,” Claire remarks. “Your poor husband,” quips Rylan as Claire adds: “I might have to after this anyway.” She hesitates for a while then says that she was about to ask “a really rude question.” Rylan tells her that she is amongst friends but Claire says that they are also “on telly.” She starts, “From a male perspective, what is it about that (she sucks on her straw), that’s better than, you know, the way to make babies?” Razor says that he would prefer “doing it,” the latter way but says the other way is also good because, “I’m not in control, the lady is in control.” Claire tells her other housemates that she feels a bit drunk.

“I feel a bit sick,” Tricia adds.

Big Brother has gathered housemates on the sofas. As the girls did so well in the task, Big Brother has a further reward for them; letters from home for Tricia, Claire and Razor. The housemates applaud but Ryan looks upset but tells housemates not to worry. “Keep strong, it’s three more days, come on son,” Frankie reassures him.

Claire chooses Rylan to read out her letter and she cries as he reads.


“I’m so happy you and Rylan have a friendship,” he husband writes. Ryan volunteers to read Razor’s letter and reads that his daughter sees him on TV and comments, “Daddy, telly, working.” Razor begins to cry and tells his fellow housemates, “I’m good, big boys’ cry.”


When Ryan is finished Razor thanks him adding: “I know how hard it was (for you).” Lastly, Tricia also chooses Rylan to read her letter. He husband writes that one of their children has been “swearing” a bit at school, “What do you expect listening to you guys”? he adds as the housemates laugh.

“I’ve cried in front of me mates, dressed in a ******ing dress,” Razor laughs. All of the housemates are teary, including Spencer and Heidi. All of the letters have been read. Heidi whispers to Spencer, “Ours was way longer.”

Claire and Ryan are discussing the letters and Claire says she is sorry that he didn’t receive his. “That’s the way it works,” he tells her. She asks if he is okay, “No where near okay, but that’s the game, I’ve just got to be strong,” he admits. Claire and Ryan share a long hug. “You’re a very good man,”

Rylan and Razor are in the smoking area. Rylan is still feeling emotional following the letters from home. “I wanna read yours,” Razor tells him and Rylan agrees while holding onto the male blow up doll left over from the hen party. Razor thanks Big Brother for a great night.

Speidi are alone in the bedroom. Rylan enters still holding his blow up doll. He carries the doll and places it in his bed and remarks, “Now there are two couples in the house, Speidi and RyRy, but Speidi is better looking, I’ll give them that,” he adds leaving the room. “Don’t forget your boyfriend,” Heidi smiles as her and Spencer giggle. “He’s such a flipper flopper,” she grins.

Big Brother announces that drinks are available for all of the housemates. Heidi and Spencer race across the house into the store room and help themselves to drinks, along with the other housemates. “I just want everyone to be happy,” Tricia frets and tells Speidi that she thinks they are “nice people.” “It’s a stressful environment,” Heidi tells her them that her and Spencer only expected to be in the house for four days.

Claire mentions the tension that spawned from the other night. “The clap was misinterpreted,” Spencer confesses and Claire said that it was that which “tipped the scales.” “I’m sorry for everything I’ve said,” Heidi tells them and she and Tricia cuddle. Tricia then cuddles Spencer with a mock distance between them.

Ryan and Frankie are talking about Speidi’s change of heart. “I’m confused, they haven’t apologised for the other stuff they said, it’s what they think,” Ryan tells him. Frankie advises Ryan to drop the subject, “Otherwise you’ll twist yourself into who did what.” He tells Ryan that it is good that the mothers in the house received their letters from home as it’s “more important.” Ryan says that the right thing happened tonight but it doesn’t change things, “Why was tonight different than the other night?” he adds and referring to the housemates decision to receive all the letters, or none at all. “If you think like that, Big Brother ha got you in his hands and he’s gonna crack you,” Frankie warns. They share a hug as Frankie adds: “I love you pal.” Ryan heads to the diary room as Frankie joins the rest of the housemates in the kitchen.

In the diary room Ryan tells Big Brother that he is going to be “honest.” “I pride myself on calling a spade a spade, I’m a bit confused as to why when Claire didn’t get her letter, the team stuck together and said no we’re not gonna get any letters, but as soon as it was that the girls were gonna get their letter, it became okay.” Ryan says that he has made an effort with all of the housemates to become “part of this team,” even if he hasn’t known all the “cultural references.”I’ve spent half my time trying to understand what people are talking about, but I’ve put myself out there to include myself,” he adds. “I feel a little down,” he admits and says that he wasn’t expecting a letter so should just appreciate that others have received theirs.

Big Brother asks, “How much do you think it meant to Claire, Tricia and Razor.” “About the same as what it means to me,” he replies.