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Moral Values to the Left and the Right

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Posted 21-04-2017 at 11:07 AM by DemolitionRed

I came away from the current PC thread last night filled with a familiar frustration. I thought about why these political debates go full circle and in such a heated fashion. I realized that all we are doing is reaffirming our own allegiances and gaining energy from posters who hold the same or similar values to our own. All too often I leave a political debate believing Iím right and the others are wrong and Iím certain they leave the debate feeling likewise. Its like a fight to the deathÖ winners versus losers.

Polarization is getting worse in this country, the divide between the Left and the Right is as bad as its been in any of our lifetimes. Thereís no doubt that opposing parties have grown further apart. What started with Thatcher and took us up to Brexit.

The Left consumes different news than the Right. We increasingly wall ourselves off by befriending and staying close to like-minded others. There is rising animosity on both sides and its getting to the point where we just donít like one another.

You probably think, as I do, that youíre the good guy and all this hate and polarizations is being propagated by the other side. I, for example, believe that Iím free-thinking, righteous and just trying to hold on to what I hold dear, but then we all think like that, regardless of which side we are on. The difference is, both sides endorse different values to a lessor or greater degree.

From where Iím sitting and from what Iím reading, discussing and viewing , I think the Right look a little bit angrier and are more averse to compromise. The Left tend to endorse values like equality, fairness and the care of others by protection from harm and the Right tend to endorse values like, patriotism, respect for authority and moral purity. Its an undergirded moral divide.

One things clear. When the Left debate, they reason on moral values and when the Right debate, they reason on moral values but because our moral values are different, we tend to talk past one another.

Moral values are much more than just opinions, its deep emotional thinking thatís so strong within in us, that some of us would die for those values. Therefore I can no more change your values than you can change mine. If you canít connect to my underlying moral values, youíve lost me, just as Iíve lost you. The reason we all get so angry and frustrated in political debate is because we canít persuade someone whoís moral values are different to our own. We constantly rehearse our own reasons for why we believe our political position; we research facts and come in here with counter arguments unaware that we canít change something a person holds most dear... and thatís just how it is.
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  1. Old Comment
    Niamh.'s Avatar
    Dead right DR. Unfortunately i think we are all looking in the wrong direction and getting angry and blaming the wrong people
    Posted 24-04-2017 at 10:21 AM by Niamh. Niamh. is offline
  2. Old Comment
    DemolitionRed's Avatar
    I think so too Niamh. On a daily basis we venture into topics that are prone to disagreement. I know I can be irritatingly persistent and the people I argue with are equally so. I look out for mistakes or ignorance for that small reward of one-upmanship but the eventual result is always the same; there will be no progress either side.

    You are such a good fence sitter Niamh! what I would give to be more like you
    Posted 25-04-2017 at 08:43 PM by DemolitionRed DemolitionRed is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Niamh.'s Avatar
    haha a fence sitter? I never thought I was but maybe I am, I just get swayed easily I guess unless it's something I have a really strong opinion on
    Posted 27-04-2017 at 02:36 PM by Niamh. Niamh. is offline

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