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Secret antissemtic

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Posted 14-04-2018 at 11:13 AM by Brillopad

Originally Posted by Livia View Post
I've been disgusted by some of the posts on this thread. But maybe I shouldn't be surprised. I was repeatedly abused by a user when I first joined here and nothing was done. There are some posts on here that give me hope, but it's the ones explaining why the Jews have nothing to complain about.

Having just returned from ANOTHER ban some of the comments on here have convinced me that I need a break from here... maybe a very long one. Nothing changes, nothing gets done and the people who get their jollies from being rude and bigoted - and yet accuse others of being bigoted if muslims or travellers are mentioned - are protected. I'm tired of this.
Many of us agree with you Liv and are also tired of it all. I have thought the same on many occasions as no doubt have many others. A break is good as it tends to clear your mind and rejuvenates you - although not too long please as many of us will miss you!

It also gives others the opportunity to think they have achieved something and has a tendency to reinforce the behaviour. I hope you come back soon! x
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