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Who is the terrorist?

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Posted 20-08-2018 at 12:18 PM by DemolitionRed

The US counter-terror war involves 39% of the worlds countries. What started with the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 has spread and continues to spread 17 years later. And everywhere the Americans go, that 40-foot American flag goes with them.

America had one war in 2001, now the count is 76 and rising, especially with Iranophobe Trump intent on pillaging Iran. For 300 years, Iran hasn’t attacked another country but suddenly they are the biggest threat to the Western world!! Iran is no more a threat to the West than Guernsey is. There’s nothing Iran could do with a nuclear weapon except use it as a deterrent. We use them as a deterrent, the US, Israel, India, Pakistan and many other countries use them as a deterrent so why shouldn’t Iran? The two countries that don’t want Iran to have a deterrent are the two countries who use force and violence in that region… the US and Israel.

We are the imperialists who are constantly violating the United Nations Charter which makes the threats being imposed on Iran wholly illegal. If Iran did that we’d be straight in there, but we somehow get away with it time and time again. We are the textbook definition of a hypocrite.

So we are the good guys and they are the bad guys… yeah right!

I would ask any educated rational person here, if you were in their place, a place where the US had declared war and killed millions. Taken all your natural resources, taken you back into the dark ages with no opportunity to re-develop and installed corrupt and harsh regimes, would you love and respect America and the West?

Who is the terrorist? Is it the man who stands up and fights with a shovel against missiles hitting his fellow men on his own soil? Is it the protests on the streets where they burn American flags? Or the boy who throws stones at a soldier?

A campaign of hatred surrounds us and its not because we have MacDonald’s! though the naïve and ignorant will keep comforting themselves with that ridiculous belief; its because we are crushing their countries under our boot. We are systematically raping and pillaging those countries, all the while, being told that its them… they are the terrorists. Filling our heads with nonsense so that we, the people, will continue to support their terror on other lands. We are mere puppets to the greater power of this cold globalization.

I’m not only disheartened, I’m outraged. Sometimes it feels like half this country has been hypnotized and I guess in a way that’s true. Intellectuals are very clever when it comes to indoctrinating people with fabrications that protect power. Just look at the hate against Muslims in recent years. That was a very deliberate campaign that worked. Yes, terrorists did come here and did blow innocents up and again yes, that was a terrible thing but we also have to admit that all these atrocities started happening after we started invading and pillaging their lands or their ancestral homes... But to say that is to be some sort of morphed terrorist supporter. I say, to not speak that truth is to be a terrorist supporter.

Every day I take for granted how easy it is to get to work, to make a meal, to walk my dog down the riverbank. Every weekend I take it for granted that I can drive to my family or them to me. Every night I go to sleep without any worries and wake feeling refreshed and rested. Why should I worry living in a rogue state so long as I can do the things I want to do when I want to do them.

Perhaps I need hypnotizing!
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