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Posted 05-12-2022 at 10:15 AM by DemolitionRed

NG163 is the code for an end of life pathway. Its illegal euthanasia and so they call it ‘Hastening death‘. They also call it ‘a Good Death’ so if you hear these words within a hospital setting, be aware, they are talking about euthanasia.
I have nothing against a professional assisted suicide within a hospice or home environment, if the patient is suffering and already dying a painful death. In fact, I think legal euthanasia for patients such as this, would be far kinder than what they presently do because of legalities.

NG163 involves both morphine and Midazolam as well as nil by mouth for as long as it takes for the drugs to do their work.
You can go and look up the palliative care funding review (page 64) which, will tell you how they are going to increase palliative care and also tells you the deaths of the elderly is going to go up considerably by 2031.
We have the planned tariff incentivized euthanasia point system in this country and at this time 1642.5 patients must be euthanized in England every day and that includes disabled children, in order for hospitals to get their money. This was extended to care homes during lockdown. If they go below that number, they lose money. If they go above that number, they gain money.

How do they euthanize: They hasten death and they hasten death by using protocol NG163 They use algarithams, so if you have comorbidities which this document states on P64 of the palliative care funding, it gives more incentives for providing palliative care provision.

So what is midazolam:
It’s a benzodiazepine, a paralytic drug that causes a loss of ability to create new memories. It has been used as a date rape drug as well as part of the kill cocktail in American state executions. Its also a widely used drug used in UK hospitals for those suffering from the C virus. Midazolam is respiratory depressing drug, so why is it used to treat a respiratory virus?.

Morphine is also a respiratory suppressant and should never be used with midazolam, so why were they used on patients presenting with pneumonia and accompanying respiratory insufficiency?

Matt Hancock ordered two years worth of Midazolam in March 2020. That supply was depleted in 7 months.
Why did Hancock order so much of this dangerous drug; a drug that should only be used with extreme caution because of the severe breathing issues it can cause. The tiniest amount of this drug can cause permanent brain injury or death and therefore, anything over 1mg should only be administered within a hospital environment where equipment is then used to monitor the heart and lungs.

Midazolam together with morphene was used within care home settings and administered by support workers with no access or knowledge of how to use such equipment.

Why were the elderly and vulnerable denied treatment by the NHS?
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