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Work, Illness, Eating, Training...Christmas!

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Posted 26-11-2009 at 02:39 AM by 30stone

Not been good recently last couple of weeks.

Haven't been sticking to my diet due to working so much, and just cant be assed to come home, and eat something i dont even like, i still eat pretty healthy though.

Ive been dropping a little strength since i started work.. and i havent been able to maintain my weight even before i got the job, i dropped a stone in weight and although dropped fat off i definately got weaker.

I have done somthing to my knee and calf last couple of week been painful so haven't been able to train legs for a bit now..

Had 5 days work last week at work, so could only train 3 days.. Thursday and Friday were 9 hour shifts.. so couldnt train at all.. So i missed out Legs and back.. which are both important days..

And to make things better monday i was about 2 hours into a 9 hour shift when i felt like crap, head ache really bad couldnt lean over at all, bad throat and felt rather ill, got home at 10:30pm and went all shakey and that felt awful..

So didnt train yesterday because i had work and didnt want to train before and feel like ****.

Just felt a little bit better today..

So went to the gym today for the first time in 7 days and done very averagely other than one exercise.. where i done well.

So really im pretty ****ed.
I need to eat so much to put on any muscle.
I can't stick to my diet so will have to try harder. and am struggling to fit in time to train.

So yeah just one big complaint at how im not strong right now.

And now moving on..

The good thing.. its coming up to the month of advent, will be getting a calender soon

Love christmas time, writing down every christmas movie i watch this year and every christmas episode of something on tv.. so will be big by christmas, dont really have any reason for doing so..
So far ive seen..
Santa Clause 2, Miracle on 34th Street, Deck the halls (twice) and the grinch.

Im also writing down what to buy people for presents can't think of anything for Brother, Mum or Dad really.. Any ideas would be welcomed

Can't wait for the day already, has got better the last couple of years. Will be good this year since i have money to actually buy presents to..

Ohh and just noticed this is just a load of ol waffle so yeah enjoy..
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