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Dull - 2009 for me - part 2

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Posted 20-12-2009 at 10:37 PM by MrGaryy
Updated 28-10-2010 at 03:21 AM by MrGaryy

So 2009 could also be summed up in the word 'dull'. So boring. totally utterly yawnsome. After a very eventful 2008, I just felt 2009 was a let down. So as a result, I totally immersed myself in irrelevant **** like TiBB, TV and music.

Music this year has been really good. so many great new artists, really varied too. This year has been a year of exploration for me in regarding music, I went down every avenue, every genre and I feel I've come out with a really great, varied taste. It is of course, tragically lacking Christina Aguilera, but with her album and movie next year it will add to what will hopefully be a better year than this one. Shout outs too: Mika, La Roux, VV Brown, Little Boots, Shakira, Lady GaGa, Ladyhawke, Marina and the Diamonds [you guys will love her next year], Passion Pit, Florence, Jason Mraz, Dan Black, Frankmusik, Adam Lambert, TAYLOR SWIFT, Ke$ha, Rihanna and Miike Snow for keeping me inspired, hopeful and dancing the whole year round.

I also discovered some TV gems to pass the time through this mind numbling boring year. Glee my biggest obsession as you may have noticed is a truly fantastic that everyone should try. Hilarious, touching, fun, exciting, it has everything and I ***** the soundtracks too. I also got really into Dexter this year too, the first 2 seasons have been totally gripping, it is one of the most intriguing concepts for a show I'm seen in ages, people should really try it out. And lastly I couldn't not mention, my true love, Grey's Anatomy. it suit my year perfectly, all the characters seem to have this feeling of emptiness and chaos in there lives I could totally relate too, it was like comfort food for the mind.

and TiBB. I'm made lots of tibb friends this year and I've had some of the funniest nights ever as a result, tho it has been detrimental to my sleeping pattern thanks to everyone, I'll list a few but truthfully you know who you are even if I forget you. Shaun [that video made me smile.. a lot ], Princess, Hugo, Mark, Dean, Linda, Hannah, Josh, Christina, Jen, Greg, James, Ross, ummmm..... andeverybodyelseilyall!

So yeah. perhaps expect a return to depressedville on my next entry, depends how I feel. See you when I'm bored again. :P
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    Princess's Avatar
    Woop for nearly all those artists,for Glee,for Greys! Thanks for the mention! xx
    Posted 21-12-2009 at 03:22 PM by Princess Princess is offline

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