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2010 horoscope

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Posted 19-02-2010 at 08:50 AM by Jackie

If you had consulted the stars when you were born and asked when would your finest hour be and when, out of all the years in your life would everything come together to create that perfect year, where you have the strength and confidence to face challenges head on and the gods would lift you on their shoulders so that you could reach higher than you could ever imagine, the answer would have been, ‘why 2010 of course’. This is your year when what you have been striving for on a personal level for 6 years now moves to within reach and when the challenges of the last 2 years finally make sense. Uranus, planet of surprise and the unexpected has been in your sign since 2003, opening your mind to what’s possible, always encouraging you to look beyond what is to what can be. But in 2007 along came Saturn, who in between September 2007 and October 2009 moved into direct opposition with every Piscean on the planet and from late 2008 to October 2009 put constant pressure on Uranus. Not only did this create pressure, it made it extremely hard to connect to Uranus and the big ideas that were just coming together. But things change dramatically this year, for on the 18th January Jupiter, planet of luck returns to your sign. This brings you to the start of a brand new Jupiter cycle and makes 2010 your luckiest year in over a decade. But that’s a once in a decade advantage, not a once in a lifetime advantage? What makes 2010 so unique is that for the first time since 1928 and therefore most likely for the first time in your lifetime Uranus and Jupiter align in your sign and everything finally comes together. This gives you the power to conquer the challenges, take roadblocks in your stride and ride the opportunities home. This is your year and you well and truly deserve it.

If 2009 brought more than its fair share of relationship challenges, then 2010 is when you get to reap the benefits. You can’t afford to let things slide though for Saturn, planet of honesty and conviction will return to your relationship sector from the 8th April to the 22nd July. It’s then that he’ll return in order to tie up loose ends and put things on track, creating an opportunity for second chances or to finally lay the past to rest. With no activity in your relationship sector until then, you're free to access the romantic opportunities earlier in the year and you're not going to have to wait long. It’s on New Year’s Day that a lunar eclipse falls in your romantic sector, reminding you that while 2009 was all about dealing with relationship challenges, 2010 is a year for setting your romantic bottom lines, refusing to miss out. It’s the lunar eclipse on the 1st January, which is a super charged Lovers Moon, that sets your expectations for the coming year, allowing you to make New Years resolutions that are less about what you’re willing to do and more about knowing what you want from love. Venus, planet of love returns to your sign between the 12th February and the 8th March, aligning with Jupiter for the first time in your Sign in over a decade. This happens on the 17th February, which is possibly your luckiest day for love of the year, if not the decade. June and July are especially big months for both romantic and relationship opportunities, with a total solar eclipse in your romantic sector on the 12th July creating an opportunity for auspicious new beginnings. June and July are also big months for relationship matters, with a chance for a real turn around and to finally put the past behind you and move on.

The one word I would use to describe your financial conditions this year is ‘interesting’ and that’s to put it mildly. The year begins with Saturn in your financial sector, calling for a very serious approach to money and to your financial situation. Saturn is the planet that calls for total accountability, integrity, willpower and discipline and in your financial sector as you move into 2010, many of your resolutions for the coming year are likely to be financially based. Saturn turns retrograde on the 14th January, so not only is there a much more serious approach to your financial situation required, there is going to be a need to slow down, take a more measured approach and to backtrack, going back and dealing with old financial situations, putting things right, learning from the past and reassessing things. Here for the majority of the next 3 years, your financial discipline and focus may be high, but your financial enthusiasm is likely to be under whelming to say the least. Yet what you see as you move into the New Year is not what you’re going to get, with things brightening up on all fronts, not just the financial front, as the year progresses. It’s on the 18th January, just 4 days after Saturn turns retrograde in your financial sector that Jupiter, planet of luck returns to your sign, kicking off a brand new Jupiter cycle. This turns 2010 into the foundation year for a brand new Jupiter cycle, with all the excitement and enthusiasm this brings. This makes it easier to deal with Saturn’s more austere position in your financial sector. Before you even reach the halfway point in the year things change dramatically. It’s on the 8th April that Saturn leaves your financial sector, his retrograde move taking him all the way back out and giving you a 15 week break. Then in a classic case of ‘when the cat’s away the mouse will play’, it’s while Saturn is gone from your financial sector and a full 6 months ahead of schedule that Jupiter, planet of luck moves into your income sector. Uranus arrives just a few days before, on the 28th May, meeting up together in your income sector for the first time since 1928. They’re only here for a few months, with Uranus leaving on the 14th August and Jupiter on the 9th September, but by the time Saturn returns to your financial sector on the 22nd July he will have been dethroned. He’ll continue to bring a call for accountability, something he’ll drive home until he leaves in October 2012, but the income forces that Jupiter inspires between the 6th June and the 9th September are not only the most auspicious in decades, they’re a practice run for the huge forces that are set to return, stronger and more determined in January 2011.

With or without any kind of work or career opportunities or support from the heavens, 2010 was always going to be your year, the year you've been building up to ever since Uranus moved into your Sign in 2003. Since then Uranus has opened your mind to what’s possible, stimulated new ideas and behind the scenes constructed big ideas and concepts, the kind that become sleepers, waiting for the right conditions for them to find their time. That happens this year and you won’t have to wait long with Jupiter, planet of luck returning to your Sign on the 18th January. While Jupiter, planet of luck, good fortune and expansion returns to your Sign once every 11 to 12 years, the last time Uranus and Jupiter were together in your sign, creating an opportunity to take a massive leap forward, was in 1928. This creates the conditions that everything else plays out against, which makes Mars’ time in your work sector all the more significant. Mars, planet of passion, drive and ambition moved into your work sector on the 17th October 2009 and usually spending just 6 weeks here, should have been long gone. Instead he’s still here and at the start of the year is in retrograde motion. He’ll remain in retrograde motion until the 11th March, reversing back to the very start, before starting again from scratch, not leaving until the 7th June, the day after extremely lucky income forces kick in to play. Until the 11th March there is a need to pace yourself, work behind the scenes and bide your time, but from the 11th March onwards there is likely to be a massive thrust forward. Even though Mars leaves your work sector on the 7th June the Sun, Mercury and Venus will keep things in play right through to the 23rd August, a period that coincides with some of the most extreme income opportunities you've ever seen. It’s from then that things settle for a few months, which gives you a chance to consolidate your position, before once again taking off on the 28th October, this time on the career front, which will see continuous action until well into 2011.
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