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Posted 09-11-2009 at 01:58 AM by Princess

I wonder who inspried me to write a blog about weddings? :P

Mark and Emma got married today! In Scotland *said in Scottish accent*. All the details are in my TT thread(have to promote :P),it looks and sounds like an absolutely fairytale wedding and I couldn't be happier for them!

I found it so funny that online some Mark fans were all upset! They're like he's taken forever! Yeah cos having a long term girlfriend(6 years,fiancee for 3) and 2 kids is yelling available,lol!

As any wedding show,today had the same effect of me dreaming about my dream wedding,which I've been doing since I was about 6,haha! Now let's see I'll need to find a guy first.....

I want a big fairytale wedding. In some castle or massive fancy house somewhere. I don't see myself getting married in Ireland,England somewhere probably,cos I do plan on living there!In London in a big house....

I want a summer wedding,I don't do winter! I want it warm and sunny(well sunny might be a bit much to wish for).

Dress! I want like thick straps(I don't like spagetti ones or strapless),white or creamy,then the top bit to be like not too tight or loose,just to fit really,lol. I want crytals all over that bit. Then I bottom to be pretty and full of tulle,not like HUGE,but big enough.And a veil. I'm so bad at descriping :P But it's all in my head!

Lily and freisa bouquet,my dad who works for a funeral company always say lilys are funeral flowers but I love them so I'm having lily's!

I like the idea of blue bridesmaid dresses,maybe like a pale blue,nothing pastely and icky! I know my maid of honour is gonna be my best friend,but I have no clue about the rest! My mum had like 4,which sounds about nice. I find it weird when people have about a million bridesmaids.

Ceremony,nothing religious,definitely not in a church. Something short and simple. And I want my own vows! They're the fricking cutest things at weddings,always make me cry. No clue what I'll walk up the aisle to,I love the song 'All My Life' by KCI and JoJo.

First dance,I'd love Rule the World to be honest :P If I'm allowed,haha! Whoever I marry is gonna have to tolerate the whole Take That thing!

Food,something vegetarian,you can never seem to get posh veggie dishes but I'll think of something. I want lemon merguine pie for dessert! I love desserts,they're the course the vegetarians can most choose from(usually in restaurants,it's like ummm which of these 2 veggie dishes should I have).

Cake! I hear you can get like all different flavoured layers now. I want one chocolate,one lemony,oooh maybe raspberry! On telly shows,they always have tiny lil samples they all eat before deciding,that looks fun!

Ehh what else is there? General theme? Glittery,pale pink,ribbons and balloons everywhere. Lily's somewhere or other.

I'm already terrified about my Dad's speech,he said he's gonna embarass me,that's gonna be fun.....

Mark had like 50 people at his wedding,I had no clue how he did that! 50 is tinyyyyy.

Band and DJ,band early on,then DJ for all the drunken partying.

*thinks she has forgotten something*

I love weddings,loveeeeeeee them. They're just so romantic and lovely. Everyone looks so gorgeous and it's all lovey-dovey and brilliant. Surely every girl dreams of their big day,no? It's like a real life fairytale.

Not a long blog! I can't think of much stuff to write about lately. Today just got me thinking about weddings. Congrats to Mark and Emma

I usually like to end on lyrics and I'm going for

'We're going to the chapel and we're gonna get married.....'

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  1. Old Comment
    GypsyGoth's Avatar
    Do you love him any less now that he is married?
    Posted 10-11-2009 at 03:50 PM by GypsyGoth GypsyGoth is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Princess's Avatar
    God no,I just feel slighty guilty about my daydreams I have about him,haha!
    Posted 10-11-2009 at 06:31 PM by Princess Princess is offline

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