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best day EVER.

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Posted 03-04-2010 at 07:25 AM by CaraRawr

so i had to wake up at like 7 :| we got on the train to kings cross at about 8:15 and arrived around 8:40. :’) we then travelled to baker street where they had so much sherlock holmes-ness and then to warwick avenue. then we had to plan our way from the station to the studios which was easier than i thought LOL

so when we got to maida vale, i set up camp by the door with my ipod and phone and about 8 lovely echelons around. so omg after about 20 minutes this car pulled up and i was halfway through jamming to ‘search and destroy’ and tomo jumps out hence me dropping my headphones, grabbing my camera and casually walking over to the entrance (i wasn’t quick enough to get any pics though -sob-) and then omfg jared comes out of his own car and i was all ‘hgughyuhgiyl;guh;i’ and then when he walking in he stopped to say hello to everyone outside he’s such a sweetie. and i was waving and he waved back and said hi and i died haha.

then once everyone was inside about 10 other fans turned up afterwards so we decided to go grab some food to kill time. so we were crossing the street and were on the corner of the road opposite the studios and shannon was having a fag a bit away from the main entrance. it made me happy LOL. so we went and got some sweets and juice and went back to the studios. i just listened to my ipod and went on the internet on the phone until the live lounge started. i was like ‘NO ’ because my radio wasn’t working but some kind echelons kind of adopted me and let me use theirs <3 it’s so amazing being with other 30stm obsessives, i love it LOL.

so then they played their TIW cover and seriously the whole street was quiet while we listened xD. then they playing bad romance and everyone screamed, it was amazing :’) so then after the interview and session was over, everyone kind of headed towards the doors to wait for the guys and they took forever. it was freezing and everyone was all fml and then tomo came out and was kind of talking to everyone from the step and signing stuff. it got really blocked up so tomo was all ‘k hold the **** up’ and walked down the street so the entrance wasn’t totally barred from entry and everyone got their pictures (including me hehehehe i love him sfm <3) and then shannon had ~magically~ appeared on the other side and it was all STAMPEDE LULZ. i didn’t get to talk to shan though because he had to go :’( aaah well.

so then i managed to get right to the front of the crowd waiting for jared and he took forever to come out too grrr. but then emma came out and was like ‘oh jared’s just making a call, he’ll be out in a minute’ and everyone was like YAYYYY. so he came out and everyone was taking pictures and he asked if people liked the cover and people said he should record it as a single lol :] then he was signing all the stuff and i gave him the bracelet and he signed my TIW album and i was like omg. and then he drove away and it was happy days.

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    AMAZING! Happy for you
    Posted 05-04-2010 at 02:02 AM by Princess Princess is offline

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