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Grey's Anatomy Finale

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Posted 21-05-2010 at 04:13 PM by Princess
Updated 22-05-2010 at 01:04 AM by Princess

Can I just start by saying I cry at everything, literally everything. If Iím tired or frustrated, angry, upset, nostalgic I cry. If I watch a romantic movie I cry, I if I read a sad book I will cry, if I hear a song that moves me I will cry. Iíve cried at soaps and movies and books and Iíve cried for real true life horrible pain and lose. But I donít think just because Iíve been through crap in my life that I still canít cry at fiction, because it is still upsetting.

I cry at nearly every single Greyís Anatomy episode, but this one wow, I donít think I ever stopped. Where to start, my god.

Mark/Lexie/Alex- I love Mark and Lexie together, love them. I love Alex, heís been one of my favourites for a long time. To see him shot like that and all that blood, it took my breath away. When he screamed I got shivers. When that elevator door opened and he was lying in blood it was shocking. I loved the scene where Alex thought Lexie was Izzie, because he still loves Izzie and I hated that the show made it seem like he had forgotten her and he hasnít. I was so scared when Lexie was nearly shot by Mr. Clark. Lexie chose Alex because she didnít want him to suffer anymore than he already has, Alex has been through some crap and a half in his life, and she feels guilty cos she was the one who turned off the machine and she feels like she should make up for it by not leaving Alex. But she needs to be with Mark, because she loves Mark and Alex obviously still loves Izzie.

Bailey/Charlie/Mary- I didnít even like Charlie that much. On my deathguess list I wrote before the finale, he was in my death list. This was played so well. Chandra did an amazing job. When she was pulled out from under that bed and was shaking saying ĎIím a nurse, Iím a nurseí, it was awful and shocking. Bailey loves her job, she loves her patients, sheís an amazing doctor and she wanted to save him so much. Mandy Moore was also excellent; she did a great job as sweet Mary. It was a heartbreaking scene when Bailey realised the elevators weren't working, send shivers down my spine and when he asked if he was going to die. I bawled, the power of those scenes to make me cry for someone I barely like, it was some powerful stuff. Thereís Emmys needed for this episode and Chandra deserves one of those.

Callie/Arizona- I like Calzona, I really do, and I think theyíre a great couple. But I didnít like them in this finale. I donít know why, it just felt contrived or something. The scene where Mr. Clark came in was epic, with Arizona repeating Ďthere are only children hereí, I was terrified. The ending all felt a bit rushed though. I do like Calzona but I donít see how its fair how they get kids after one season of barely any drama, theyíd loved by their creator anyways. Iím happy theyíre happy but slightly jealous.

Cristina/Mer- These two are amazing together. Amazing. They had amazing scenes, they are amazing. From when Mer was telling Cristina she was going to be godmother to them performing on each other guyís. Cristina telling Mer she wasnít allowed in the OR, her performing on her best friendís husband with a gun to her head. Their friendship is unbreakable and they showed it through and through tonight how much it means to them, how much they mean to each other.

Cristina/Teddy/Owen- I hate this triangle because I really like Cristina and Owen. Or I did anyways; Owen has been an absolute ass in some of this season. Iím glad he chose her and took a bullet for her. Decided that he loved her, itís right that theyíre together. Owen was an idiot for ever leaving the OR but he was amazing in going back in and dealing with the shooter and going back for his girl. Now Teddy should feck off already.

Viewer discretion advised-Bloody hell (literally) they were right! The amount of blood was unreal. Coming out of Alex, out of Derek, out of Charlie. The Reed shooting was absolutely brutal. Kudos for the Greyís people for having the balls to do such an episode. Where I live, the police donít even have guns, to find out that you can buy guns in a supermarket and that there was a SALE on bullets it was unreal. People need to realise how serious this all is and this episode showed that and showed what a horrible effect guns can have. Incredible episode.

The chief- Because he is still the Chief. Brilliant, he took back this hospital and even with a gun to his chest he didnít drink, it was an amazing scene and he deserves to be Chief again and next season I hope he is.

April/Jackson-I hate April, itís a MD fan rule, up there with must hate season 4. I thought she was fantastic in this episode though, finding her best friend dead, pleading with a killer with stuff she heard off Oprah, the scene Mer and her had where she held her hand. When Cristina and her were looking for people and Jackson opened the door I jumped up. I donít want her around but she did good this episode. I love Jackson, love how he thought he get rid of Mr. Clark, well done Dr. Avery I love you.

Meredith and Derek- I have been a MerDer fan since Day 1. Since their very first scene the morning after where they couldnít remember each otherís names I have loved them. They are my OTP and I have stuck by them during the wife and the vet, all Merís issues and Derís McAssness, through bombs and ferryboats and hitting a ring into the woods with a bat and nurses and everything else, I have been a MerDer shipper through it all. So when I saw last weekís promo with Mer holding a positive pregnancy test I was ecstatic. But then I realised I shouldnít get my hopes up. Because come on weíve been though crap as fans, we didnít even get a real wedding, we got a piece of paper while a couple now divorcing got our wedding. So I didnít have my hopes up. Meredith and Derek were absolutely EPIC in the finale. You could see how much they loved each other. We got our little moment in at the start but after that it was on full on deep pure love that they showed and it was outstanding. It was so nice to see Mer so happy about McBaby, so sweet to see her all content with her McLife. And then BANG. I was expecting Derek to get shot, we all knew he would, but to actually see it, now thatís a different story altogether. Goosebumps and tears. I adored how Meredith literally pushed Cristina aside to get to him, because their love is that strong. Where sheís telling Der how much she loves him and she canít live without him, the throwback to Ďpick me choose meí from Season 1. My little shipper heart was in pieces because omfg Derek got shot but it was all so romantic. Where he went ĎKiss meí and then ĎI wonít die I promiseí again little shipper heart in pieces. Epicness to the max. And oh my god when Meredith offered to die for Derek, I donít think you can more romantic than that, their love was out there screaming ĎLook at me look at me Iím real and deep and true and forever and Iíd die to save youí It was incredible. When Meredith thought Derek was dead, her crying, Ellen needs an Emmy right now. A-MAZ-ING. Through all this I was scared, terrified, I knew Derek would be alright and even though it was all so tragic MerDerís scenes were incredible. And then it happened. Meredith while operating on her best friendís guy after she thought her husband was dead had a miscarriage. And I bawled, literally could not stop hysterically crying for a good 20 minutes. It was unfair and unnecessary and heartbreaking, absolutely devastating. I donít see why it had to happen and Iím very mad and upset that it did. I knew that I shouldnít have got my McBaby hopes up and I didnít but it was still so sad to see. Extremely pissed off. I know Shonda know says Mer realises how much she wants a kid and we might get a McBaby next season. But she knew she wanted that baby, you could see how much she loved it! I donít see the point of breaking everyoneís hearts so Mer can learn how much she wants someone. Calzona get kids after 1 season of barely any drama and after all weíve been through, we donít. Never has the word SERIOUSLY been more apt. If we donít get a McBaby next season, Iím hunting Shonda down and Iím sure Iíll have a few companions to help me out.

Never has an episode of telly affected me emotionally so much. I was crying a lot, lots of shock, lots of gasping and shaking and jumping up and pacing, it drained me completely. To do that with 2 hours of television is an achievement and Greyís Anatomy should be proud. It was an incredible, tragic episode and besides the lose of McBaby it was the best episode of all time. It deserves awards and I hope it gets them.

Next season I want:

Mer/Der-Baby and house and for them to grieve together.
The Chief-To be Chief again
Alex/Lexie/Mark-Alex to find someone and for Mark and Lexie to get back together
Owen/Cristina/Teddy-Owen and Cristina without the constant drama and for Teddy to feck off
April/Jackson-Fine they can stay but donít be annoying little Miss Psycho or Iíll be pissed off
Callie/Arizona-No way should they get a kid next season, not fair, just normal relationship stuff.
Bailey-Happiness, she deserves it.
Overall-Less triangle drama, more friendships, lunchtime scenes, vintage Greyís style and A LOT of epic MerDer.
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    Yeah I've had a bit of a turn around about April this episode too. TBH, even though I love them, I don't think Cristina and Owen are actually that great of a couple when you take away the drama.
    Posted 22-05-2010 at 02:25 AM by MrGaryy MrGaryy is offline

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