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Novo's Top 100 People of 2011 [100-95]

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Posted 07-12-2011 at 06:23 AM by Novo

Novo's Top 100 People of 2011


100 - Dai Greene

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Kicking off my top 100 it is Dai Greene, it's been an amazing year for Dai in September he won the gold medal at the world championships in Daegu after a really strong finish he has also been nominated for Sports personality of the year he is now the current European, Commonwealth and World Champion. there is nothing more to say about Dai other then the fact that he is the best hurdler Britain has seen in a long time and he fully deserves to be nominated for Sports personality of the year, he stands a very good chance of Winning Gold at the Olympics next year

99 - Tim Gudgin

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Tom Gudgin is one of the biggest unsung heroes you'll ever find, he is known as the voice who reads out the football results, he started working for the BBC way back in 1976 and has done broadcasting since the 1940's where he did it when he was serving in Germany. Just last month Tom Gudgin retired for good just before his 82nd Birthday it takes passion & dedication for someone to stick at one thing for so many years after watching his goodbye speech and interview last month it made me feel old and a bit sad that he was leaving i have listened to him read out the results since i can remember, he has always seemed like a really genuine person in his interviews as well. He deserves all the best and a happy retirement.

98 - Michael Fassbender

I've seen a few of his films now including Centurion, Eden Lake, 300 & X Men First Class i thought he was just a mediocre actor until i saw X-Men First Class where he was given the perfect role as Magneto and was amazing throughout for me it is the best X Men movie even better then the original 3, couldn't think of a better person to play Magneto looking back now.. he had to have a bit of Charisma and at the same time have a dark side to him i actually think he suits a lot of roles but maybe the Villain type role just gets the edge. Really looking forward to the new 2012 film Prometheus which he will be staring in

97 - Maisie Williams

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Best known for Playing Ayra Stark in Game Of Thrones. I don't usually like kids in TV Shows must of them are annoying or Attention seekers but she is just really likable in Game of Thrones she'd probably be the best sister ever in Real Life she is that much of a tomboy, her acting is really good as well for someone as young as her don't think she'll have a problem getting work after Game of Thrones comes to an end my favourite scene from Game of Thrones involves her being taught by Syrio.. just love the way it was done and the music score was perfect ( Video above )

96 - Richard Keys

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Need i say why this guy has made my top 100? what a guy.. punished for just being a normal lad thinking and saying what normal blokes do, the whole situation with Sian Massey was blown out of proportion and the Video with him speaking to Jamie Rednapp about some girl he met was amazing it's just like a normal conversation you'd have at the pub

95 - Paul Nicholson

I have always routed got him when he is playing.. can remember earlier on in the year when he went the distance and beat Anderson & Taylor in the UK Open don't think he has done much else this year apart from reaching the final of that though.. i am a fan of anyone who beats Taylor
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    Good to see Keysy in there

    "You could go round there any night and find Redknapp hanging out the back of it"
    Posted 07-12-2011 at 04:27 PM by MTVN MTVN is offline
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    Fassbender and Gidgun
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