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Leeds Away, the best trip I've ever been on!

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Posted 27-10-2010 at 01:33 PM by Chels

On the 25th of October 2010, we played Leeds United again for the first time in three years. Last time, back in February 2007, saw us beat them 1-0 at the old Ninian Park (R.I.P ) thanks to a Michael Chopra free-kick.

The day began with me having to get up at 6:30 am, due to my parents unable to drop me to the pick up point for 10am. After getting ready, I caught the 8am train to Cardiff Central and met up with one of my mates in McDonalds on Queen Street with a bacon sandwich as I was staaarving marvin. We then walked into Canton to meet with the rest of our mates (there was 8 of us altogether) outside Canton Police Station and our coach arrived at 10:20 and after stopping to pick a few more City supporters up the coach was full and we set off to Yorkshire.

Having a right laugh on the coach, at around 2:30pm we arrived at a pub called 'The Old Harrow' in Sheffield. There we wasted loads of money on the game/gambling machine playing the Fantasy Football game and we still won nothing at the end of it. Most of us decided to carry on gambling and went to the shop across the road to waste more money on scratchcards with one of my mates going baserk because he won a tenner LOL. Me and one of my other mates decided we were hungry but the bloody pub couldn't make us anything as it wouldn't be ready in time we leave so back to the shop we went and bought a load of wine gums and oreo's to keep us occupied. Another one of my mateswho was as pissed as a rat decided to be funny and nick about 5 bars of galaxy, he goes nuts of chocolate and he's a massive handful when he's drunk so we had a lot to deal with when he was around all day, you'll hear more about his behaviour later...

At 4:45pm we left for Wooley Edge services for the voucher exchange and arrived there at about 5ish. We were the first coach there and the cops decided to be twats and search the coach, so we had to get off and hang around the services for 20-odd minutes. After the search was done, Tony (the mad city supporting trip organiser) all called us back on the coach and after getting our tickets a police van turned up and escorted us back on the M1 towards Leeds.

Being stuck in traffic for about half on hour on the way to Elland Road, a load of Leeds fans driving past our coach with a huge City flag in the back window decided to be pussies and were giving it all from the safety of their car, some of the boys on the coach retaliated big time, one of my mates (the one who nicked the galaxy's) decided to get his arse out and place it against the window LOOOOL safe to say the Leeds fans wasn't amused!

We eventually arrived at the away car pack outside Elland Road, after getting off the police rounded up our lot and escorted us all in to the away turnstiles, loads of Leeds about and other police keeping them away including ones on horses. The cops warned us about doing any sort of gestures or chants at the Leeds lot, and typical one of us didn't listen... our mate who nicked the chocolate. We didn't see what he did but apparently he did a 'throat cut' gesture at a few Leeds fans and the copper saw him and got right in his face giving him a warning, he didn't listen and yelled back at him and the next thing you know there's a police horse in our face, the cop on the horse grabs his collar and yanks him away and plenty of other policemen got to him - next thing you know he was arrested. We were ushered in through the turnstiles by stewards and then went into the ground.

We got into the ground at about 6:20pm, we got some drinks and sat down by the tables near the bar talking about what just happened, Tony came over and explained what went on, one of our mates (the most sensible one) was going mental about it, he said next time he sees Dan (the lad who got nicked) he's having a slap LOL. We had some right banter with some Jamaican guy in the away end who was working on the betting counter, he was fooking hilarious! I said to my mates then it's worth putting a few quid on Bothroyd to score first, they didn't think he would, so they decided against it and they were going to regret it. Next thing you know, the City legend that is Darren Purse (now plays for Sheffield Wednseday) walks into the away end with his little boy, everyone goes mad telling him to do the ayatollah - he did it, safe to say he's Cardiff til he dies. We then went to our seats and watched the lads train, then it was kick off time!

When the match kicked off, there was only 200 Cardiff here and the Leeds were all signing "your support is *****ing sh*t" (it was the only thing they sang all game) even though we sold over 1,000. We found out 12 coaches were held up and then about 15 minutes in the rest of them flooded in and the Leeds soon shut up! The atmosphere created by the travelling Cardiff support was electric, didn't stop singing all game. Unfortunately there was a few "Cardiff fans" chanting 'Istanbul' over and over again which was disgusting and a dissapointment to everybody else as they were fantastic and these idiots ruined it. Then, we go 1-0 up thanks to a defensive mix up and Bothroyd hit home into an empty net. The Cardiff go wild, and after celebrating a few of my mates said to me "why the ***** didn't we listen to you!" Then in the second half, it didn't take too long to score our second - an inch perfect pass from our center half Hudson to Chopra allowed Chops to slot it home past Schmeichel. Then came our third, a nice low cross from Burke allowing Bothroyd to bang it into the Leeds goal. Then a moment of magic came between excellent play from Bellamy and Naylor, with a lovely strike from Naylor himself which gave us our fourth and final goal! An amazing 4-0 win for us, everyone was buzzing!

At full time, they kept us in the ground for 30 mins while they got rid of all the Leeds (most of them left really early because we battered them anyway) everyone was signing, even Pursey! The police gave us the all clear and we headed back to the coach, after getting back on it, Dan walked on! Everyone was shocked to see him, he spent 3 hours in a cell and he's been issued a one year ban from football matches and he has to attend court on the 3rd of next month. At least he could get home, but at the end of the day it was his own fault. :/ Tony was singing and dancing all the way down the coach aisle on the way home, what a legend! Nobody could sleep as we were all buzzing, but the few who did had water thrown over them LOL! I got home at 3:30am and my Dad picked me up outside Canton Police Station. What an amazing day and an amazing win! SHOES OFF, IF YOU LOVE CARDIFF!
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    Sounds like Leeds deserved to win
    Posted 27-10-2010 at 07:27 PM by Locke. Locke. is offline
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    There is no way i am reading all that
    Posted 28-10-2010 at 04:13 AM by Novo Novo is offline

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