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Posted 07-08-2018 at 02:04 PM by DemolitionRed

"We're enormously proud to stand with over 30 (now 40+) Jewish organizations worldwide to say no to this harmful definition of anti-semitism and yes to human rights and the freedom of protest."

As social justice organizations from around the world, we write this letter with growing alarm regarding the targeting of organizations that support Palestinian rights in general and the nonviolent Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, in particular. These attacks too often take the form of cynical and false accusations of antisemitism that dangerously conflate anti-Jewish racism with opposition to Israel’s policies and system of occupation and apartheid.

We live in a frightening era, with growing numbers of authoritarian and xenophobic regimes worldwide, foremost among them the Trump administration, allying themselves with Israel’s far right government while making common cause with deeply antisemitic and racist white supremacist groups and parties.

From our own histories we are all too aware of the dangers of increasingly fascistic and openly racist governments and political parties. The rise in antisemitic discourse and attacks worldwide is part of that broader trend.

At times like this, it is more important than ever to distinguish between the hostility to or prejudice against Jews on the one hand and legitimate critiques of Israeli policies and system of injustice on the other.

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism, which is increasingly being adopted or considered by western governments, is worded in such a way as to be easily adopted or considered by western governments to intentionally equate legitimate criticisms of Israel and advocacy for Palestinian rights with antisemitism, as a means to suppress the former.

This conflation undermines both the Palestinian struggle for freedom, justice and equality and the global struggle against antisemitism. It also serves to shield Israel from being held accountable to universal standards of human rights and international law.
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    A blog by Phyllis Bennis and Grace Lile who are American Jews speaking up for Corbyn and the British Labour Party.

    We are very concerned about the joint statement of the three Jewish newspapers in the UK that asserts false definitions of antisemitism for political ends, and falsely claims that a British government led by Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party would somehow represent an “existential threat to Jewish life.”

    Labour recognizes that criticism of Israel is not the same as antisemitism — and the claim that therefore the party would “be seen by all decent people as an institutionally racist, antisemitic party” is simply wrong. We are “decent people” and we are American Jews. And as Jews, and as the board of one of the leading Jewish organizations in the US, we stand with those many Jews across Britain, the US and the rest of the world, and with our Palestinian allies, who all know that criticism of Israel is not the same as antisemitism.

    As Jews, we are all too aware that real antisemitism is on the rise. In our country it shows up in the neo-Nazis marching through Charlottesville, in white supremacist hate groups rising across the country, in former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke who offered full-throated support to the president following Trump’s inauguration.

    We believe political leaders have a responsibility to condemn and to fight against the linked dangers of white supremacy, xenophobia, anti-Arab racism, Islamophobia and antisemitism — and they should be able to do so without fearing intimidation or personal attack. Criticism of Israel does not equal antisemitism. The key component of the Jewish newspapers’ critique is the Labour Party’s decision not to include the phrase “Israel is a racist endeavor” as an example of a supposedly “antisemitic” statement. It is particularly disturbing that this attempt to censor this particular subject coincides with the passage of Israel’s new “Nationality law,” which legalizes the apartheid position that in Israel only Jews have the right of self-determination and that Jewish-only settlements are “a national value.” We believe the three Jewish papers’ claim, that not including that phrase is antisemitic, is simply wrong.
    Posted 07-08-2018 at 02:26 PM by DemolitionRed DemolitionRed is offline
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    What has Corbyn done… nothing
    What has he done to offend these people… he has deeply offended them by supporting Palestine. He’s supported Palestine all his political career. That is anathema to certain political groups.

    All of this is about Palestine but bizarrely, Palestine never gets a mention, except of course, to claim they are terrorists. No main stream media talks about Israeli maltreatment of the Palestinian people. That’s not because its not happening, its because they are on the side of Israel. Main stream media in the UK are defenders of Israel.

    The laying of the wreath in Tunis happened in 2014 so why have the media waited till now to make such a fuss. Is it because they need more ammunition to attack Jeremy Corbyn, is it that he’s a direct threat to an apartheid that goes unnoticed by most of the world because its so well cloaked and protected by the West.
    About that wreath: Corbyn, along with other government ministers was on an official visit to Tunisia to attend a conference who’s subject was, ‘Israeli aggression and the effect on the Palestinian population’. The ceremony that followed was to lay a wreath on the graves of Palestinians and Tunisians who perished in the Israeli bombing attack in 1985. A bombing campaign that at the time caused world outrage. Even America would not condone this attack that killed 71 people including women and children.

    As for a split in the Labour party, the only split we have at this present time is the Jewish alliance who fully support a foreign state. The other Jewish alliance within the Labour party don’t support this foreign states politics and like Corbyn, want to find a peaceful solution. So far, not a single Labour Jew who supports Corbyn has been interviewed by the British press and yet that same press have rolled out the red carpet for the Jewish alliance who have infiltrated the Labour party. Party members who immensely dislike Corbyn’s views on a peaceful/ shared Israel.

    Think about this. We have disloyal members of a political party in the uk defending the interests of a foreign state and who are attempting and with the help of the Israeli government, to destroy a British political MP. This is something that should concern everyone, even if you do support Israeli politics. This is no different than Russia or Africa infiltrating a British political party to sway its vote. Would we stand for that? And yet… and yet many of those who intend on voting Tory are rejoicing at this hostage taking, not because they have any real interest in Israel but because they know this slur is good for their party… but at what price.

    Are we, like America to become the next Netanyahu puppets? Will every new MP have to swear an oath to Israel like every candidate for congress? One hundred senators 435 members of the House of Representatives have to pledge their allegiance to Israel.

    There’s a whole story here and that whole story shows that you are not being anti-Jewish when you criticize Israelis political system.
    If you can’t criticize a state that uses violence and segregation against its indigenous population without being labeled a racist then we have just moved into much darker times.

    I would not of voted for Corbyn but because of what is happening now, I think its very important I vote for him. We need a Western leader who can stand up and speak up for the Palestinian people. We need to give a clear message that its not all on Israel’s terms. We need
    politicians who also support the side of the Palestinian troubles… that is political, not religious and no matter how much the opposition; no matter how much Netanyahu or Zionists bring up the holocaust card and try and make this about anti-Semitism, anti-Semitism it is not. To weaponize the holocaust in this political rage is shameful and belittles the real suffering of millions during the holocaust.

    So Despite the Israeli lobbies best efforts in trying to stop Corbyn being the leader of the Labour party, the sense of justice at Corbyn becoming our next PM distracts me from some of the policies I’m not so keen on. Our country needs someone like him and I will very much stand by his side.
    Posted 29-08-2018 at 11:28 AM by DemolitionRed DemolitionRed is offline

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