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Nobody is hankering for a war in Iran

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Posted 16-06-2019 at 05:28 PM by DemolitionRed

Firstly, Iran is huge compared to countries like Afghanistan. It has the same sort of terrain as Afghanistan and its borders are very heavily guarded. A war with Iran would be the mother of all wars where there would likely be no victors but massive deaths on all sides.
Nobody is hankering for a war with Iran.

You have to ask yourself why Iran would fire missiles or plant mines along the Straits of Hormuz. What is in it for Iran? Yes, they've made threats and who can blame them when Trump is blocking their oil exports through these Strait and strangling the Iranian economy, but an attack on a Japanese ship at the very moment the Japanese president is meeting Rouhani in Tehran to talk about the American problem?! and whilst Iran is still appealing to France, Germany, Russia, the U K and China to shield the original deal which Trump has trampled all over. It makes little to no sense for Iran to attack anyone. And anyway, Iran isn't known for attacking other countries or causing trouble in the Straits of Hormuz. America on the other hand shot down an Iranian passenger plane killing 290 civilians and then said, "oops, sorry guys, that was an accident".

There's only three aggressors here, America, Saudi Arabia and Israel who have been hankering for a new revolution that would once again turn Iran into an American ally and that is there end game... not a war.

I'd put money on this being a false flag by the three main terrorists of the world. If you think its Iran that are the terrorists, then you are very uneducated and rely on your news from propaganda media.
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    If war was to break out between the U.S. and Iran, Netanyahu will be named as the prime suspect. Israel have been pushing for this for 30 years.

    It was Israel who pushed Donald Trump to abandon Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran.
    It was Israel who convinced Trump that a combination of crippling economic sanctions and a credible military threat will force Tehran to beg for a new and improved nuclear deal.

    I don't think Trump is that stupid. Yes, he's a puppet to the Israeli government but I think the last thing Trump wants or needs right now is a war with Iran because retaliation would be too great. The immense loss of life, damage to Israel’s economy and potential war with Lebanon that would ensue from an Iranian dictator to Hezbollah to unleash hundreds if not thousands of precision-guided rockets on Israeli population centres in retaliation. That should be enough to curb any Israeli enthusiasm for an American clash with Iran ... though Netanyahu might believe it’s a price worth paying.

    An attack against Iran is not a smart move. Iran has done absolutely nothing to harm America, except for such "crime" as taking payment for their oil in other than US dollars.
    The US military doesn't have the money; the weaponry; the troop strength or the manufacturing to enable it to successfully engage in a world war, where Russia and China may engage against America in combat, as well as Iran.

    Suppress and conquer through regime change is very likely what's on the cards here, though Trump is nothing like his predecessors and is considered by Iranians as lightweight. This is why they dismiss Trump's huffing and puffing with contempt and humour.

    For those who point a finger at Iran and call them the terrorists, I'm baffled. What exactly has Iran done?

    As for false flags:
    Posted 18-06-2019 at 04:10 PM by DemolitionRed DemolitionRed is offline
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    For too long Persia was the wests most profitable asset. The CIA and MI6 have been juggling Iranian leaders since the early 1950s. It was only in 1979 and the Iranian revolution that the West lost full control of Iranian precious assets. Sanctions from the West have been debilitating for the Iranian people but in 2015 France, Russia, the US, the UK and China eased those sanctions under the Iran Nuclear Deal. That was good for Iran and good for the West… or at least it was until Trump came along and sabotaged the deal.
    There are many nations playing very negative roles in Iraq, Syria and Yemen but its only Iran that’s been labeled the world’s biggest terrorist. This has been rolled out by both Trump and Netanyahu for some time. We are all being prepared for an Iranian regime change.
    One has to ask, what has Iran done to earn such a reputation? Fighting on the side of other Shiite Muslims doesn’t make them any different than any other warring nation. If you are not on the side of the West you are a terrorist!!

    Seven years ago we accused Iran of building weapons of mass destruction. An all-out war with Iran was imminent until that rumor was debunked.

    Now we have the same old bogeyman prodding its pokey stick at Iran. The same bogeyman that told about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
    To all you Brits who get your facts and opinions from corporate propaganda, can I interest you in buying an Egyptian pyramid? They are going cheap.

    The fact that some of you have already forgotten the utter lies the West told us about WMD which led to the invasion of Iraq and half a million deaths, and the lack of critical thinking skills to draw between then and now truly scares me… or perhaps you think politicians in ‘the West’ are more honest now than they where in 2003 when they invaded their former ally and stole their massive oil reserve
    Posted 22-06-2019 at 10:47 AM by DemolitionRed DemolitionRed is offline

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