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    Why I stand the way I do on vaccine mandate.

    Most people on FB will of seen this ongoing advert by MP Jess Phillips 

    And now we are being told this: “TAKE THE TEST Brits urged to get HIV tests as heterosexual diagnoses higher for first time in a decade”

    We know that small particles of HIV were used in the vaccines
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    Why I stand the way I do on vaccine mandate.

    Over the past year the sporting world has witnessed an alarming increase in the number of professional athletes (and fans alike) suffering from cardiac arrest and other serious health complications. In this exclusive interview, Matt Le Tissier, former professional footballer and television pundit, provides his view on what has been happening over the last year in sport.
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    Why I stand the way I do on vaccine mandate.

    Dr. Peter McCullough discusses the COVID-19 debacle with Joe Rogan.
    "It seems to me, early on, there was an intentional, very comprehensive suppression of early treatment in order to promote fear, suffering, isolation, hospitalization, and death. And it seems to be completely organized and intentional in order to create acceptance for and then promote mass vaccination."
    -- Dr. Peter McCullough
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    Why I stand the way I do on vaccine mandate.

    Covid in the senate today.

    Senator Ron Johnson moderates a panel discussion, COVID-19: A Second Opinion.
    A group of world renowned doctors and medical experts provide a different perspective on the global pandemic response, the current state of knowledge of early and hospital treatment, vaccine efficacy and safety, what went right, what went wrong, what should be done now, and what needs to be addressed long term.
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    Why I stand the way I do on vaccine mandate.

    World renown vaccine specialist and veterinarian, Geert Vande Bossche is another expert who has risked his career by speaking out. This video was produced 8 months ago and what he’s predicting back then, is happening in the here and now.
    Why are we the people not easily privy to such information?
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    Nobody is hankering for a war in Iran

    For too long Persia was the wests most profitable asset. The CIA and MI6 have been juggling Iranian leaders since the early 1950s. It was only in 1979 and the Iranian revolution that the West lost full control of Iranian precious assets. Sanctions from the West have been debilitating for the Iranian people but in 2015 France, Russia, the US, the UK and China eased those sanctions under the Iran Nuclear Deal. That was good for Iran and good for the West… or at least it was until Trump came along and sabotaged the deal.
    There are many nations playing very negative roles in Iraq, Syria and Yemen but its only Iran that’s been labeled the world’s biggest terrorist. This has been rolled out by both Trump and Netanyahu for some time. We are all being prepared for an Iranian regime change.
    One has to ask, what has Iran done to earn such a reputation? Fighting on the side of other Shiite Muslims doesn’t make them any different than any other warring nation. If you are not on the side of the West you are a terrorist!!

    Seven years ago we accused Iran of building weapons of mass destruction. An all-out war with Iran was imminent until that rumor was debunked.

    Now we have the same old bogeyman prodding its pokey stick at Iran. The same bogeyman that told about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
    To all you Brits who get your facts and opinions from corporate propaganda, can I interest you in buying an Egyptian pyramid? They are going cheap.

    The fact that some of you have already forgotten the utter lies the West told us about WMD which led to the invasion of Iraq and half a million deaths, and the lack of critical thinking skills to draw between then and now truly scares me… or perhaps you think politicians in ‘the West’ are more honest now than they where in 2003 when they invaded their former ally and stole their massive oil reserve
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    Nobody is hankering for a war in Iran

    If war was to break out between the U.S. and Iran, Netanyahu will be named as the prime suspect. Israel have been pushing for this for 30 years.

    It was Israel who pushed Donald Trump to abandon Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran.
    It was Israel who convinced Trump that a combination of crippling economic sanctions and a credible military threat will force Tehran to beg for a new and improved nuclear deal.

    I don't think Trump is that stupid. Yes, he's a puppet to the Israeli government but I think the last thing Trump wants or needs right now is a war with Iran because retaliation would be too great. The immense loss of life, damage to Israel’s economy and potential war with Lebanon that would ensue from an Iranian dictator to Hezbollah to unleash hundreds if not thousands of precision-guided rockets on Israeli population centres in retaliation. That should be enough to curb any Israeli enthusiasm for an American clash with Iran ... though Netanyahu might believe it’s a price worth paying.

    An attack against Iran is not a smart move. Iran has done absolutely nothing to harm America, except for such "crime" as taking payment for their oil in other than US dollars.
    The US military doesn't have the money; the weaponry; the troop strength or the manufacturing to enable it to successfully engage in a world war, where Russia and China may engage against America in combat, as well as Iran.

    Suppress and conquer through regime change is very likely what's on the cards here, though Trump is nothing like his predecessors and is considered by Iranians as lightweight. This is why they dismiss Trump's huffing and puffing with contempt and humour.

    For those who point a finger at Iran and call them the terrorists, I'm baffled. What exactly has Iran done?

    As for false flags:
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    For those who love Trump and want a "no deal Brexit"

    Trump wants Brexit so he can rob UK citizens.
    He's probably sad to see the back of May as she was going to allow American big pharma to do away with the price fixing that stopped them milking the NHS until its tits drop off.

    This should really piss people off and if it doesn't, they are either very rich and selfish or not overly bright.
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    Don't die of ignorance.

    An update.

    Steve got his first Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) test since surgery and he's in the clear. At last some good news

    Meanwhile we are still talking to the right people regarding FSB but I think Brexit is going to have to calm down before we can move forward with this.
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    Don't die of ignorance.

    An update.

    So the surgery went well, the recovery has been tough but every day Steve gets stronger and more back to normal. All of the cancer from the prostate was removed with good margins.

    The bad news, they found two tumors on the lymph nodes closest to the prostate. They removed 16 in all and didn't find anything on the other 14. The surgeon has suggested that he may well of removed the final bits of cancer in those two lymph nodes but we won't know until Steve has his next PSA test in mid March and a consultation with his oncologist on April 2nd.

    If the PSA is at zero, then all the cancer is gone. If its raised, even slightly, it means its travelled somewhere else in his body. That's a whole new problem that I hope we don't have to face.
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    Why only 31 countries out of 195 have adopted the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism

    I see some real problems going on here and I hope to god these organizations are aware of the damage they are causing for British Jewry. All these recent publications have created a new interest and awareness of the real goings on within the Israeli political system. Its created a huge amount of discussion, not about the holocaust or the once persecuted Jews but about modern day Israel and how its persecuting Palestine. I firmly believe that its this that is spilling over into this sudden rise in anti-Semitism. Its created a divide of hate between those who support Israeli politics and those who don’t.

    If these organizations and Israeli supporters can’t see the alternative harm they are causing, then they are blind or ignorant, but I suspect they can see it. The need to stop an opposition leader who sympathizes with the plight of Palestine must never, even if Jewry is forsaken, be a British PM and like I said in a previous thread, these organizations will keep fanning that flame and disrupting our political system until they get what they want.

    Anti-Semitism is sadly on the rise and although the Labour party is clearly guilty of some low level anti-Semitism between its ranks, this new rise in anti-Semitism its not being stirred up by the Labour party.

    Hiding behind the shield of Judaism, and claiming to represent Jews around the world, has been the regime's method for some time now. This creates danger to the Jews everywhere who are made responsible for the regime's atrocities. In that Zionism is causing great harm to the Jews everywhere and is the greatest threat.
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    Jewish Voice For Peace...

    What has Corbyn done… nothing
    What has he done to offend these people… he has deeply offended them by supporting Palestine. He’s supported Palestine all his political career. That is anathema to certain political groups.

    All of this is about Palestine but bizarrely, Palestine never gets a mention, except of course, to claim they are terrorists. No main stream media talks about Israeli maltreatment of the Palestinian people. That’s not because its not happening, its because they are on the side of Israel. Main stream media in the UK are defenders of Israel.

    The laying of the wreath in Tunis happened in 2014 so why have the media waited till now to make such a fuss. Is it because they need more ammunition to attack Jeremy Corbyn, is it that he’s a direct threat to an apartheid that goes unnoticed by most of the world because its so well cloaked and protected by the West.
    About that wreath: Corbyn, along with other government ministers was on an official visit to Tunisia to attend a conference who’s subject was, ‘Israeli aggression and the effect on the Palestinian population’. The ceremony that followed was to lay a wreath on the graves of Palestinians and Tunisians who perished in the Israeli bombing attack in 1985. A bombing campaign that at the time caused world outrage. Even America would not condone this attack that killed 71 people including women and children.

    As for a split in the Labour party, the only split we have at this present time is the Jewish alliance who fully support a foreign state. The other Jewish alliance within the Labour party don’t support this foreign states politics and like Corbyn, want to find a peaceful solution. So far, not a single Labour Jew who supports Corbyn has been interviewed by the British press and yet that same press have rolled out the red carpet for the Jewish alliance who have infiltrated the Labour party. Party members who immensely dislike Corbyn’s views on a peaceful/ shared Israel.

    Think about this. We have disloyal members of a political party in the uk defending the interests of a foreign state and who are attempting and with the help of the Israeli government, to destroy a British political MP. This is something that should concern everyone, even if you do support Israeli politics. This is no different than Russia or Africa infiltrating a British political party to sway its vote. Would we stand for that? And yet… and yet many of those who intend on voting Tory are rejoicing at this hostage taking, not because they have any real interest in Israel but because they know this slur is good for their party… but at what price.

    Are we, like America to become the next Netanyahu puppets? Will every new MP have to swear an oath to Israel like every candidate for congress? One hundred senators 435 members of the House of Representatives have to pledge their allegiance to Israel.

    There’s a whole story here and that whole story shows that you are not being anti-Jewish when you criticize Israelis political system.
    If you can’t criticize a state that uses violence and segregation against its indigenous population without being labeled a racist then we have just moved into much darker times.

    I would not of voted for Corbyn but because of what is happening now, I think its very important I vote for him. We need a Western leader who can stand up and speak up for the Palestinian people. We need to give a clear message that its not all on Israel’s terms. We need
    politicians who also support the side of the Palestinian troubles… that is political, not religious and no matter how much the opposition; no matter how much Netanyahu or Zionists bring up the holocaust card and try and make this about anti-Semitism, anti-Semitism it is not. To weaponize the holocaust in this political rage is shameful and belittles the real suffering of millions during the holocaust.

    So Despite the Israeli lobbies best efforts in trying to stop Corbyn being the leader of the Labour party, the sense of justice at Corbyn becoming our next PM distracts me from some of the policies I’m not so keen on. Our country needs someone like him and I will very much stand by his side.
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    I truly feel for the Jewish community

    Professor Finkelstein is now involving himself in this anti-Semitic nonsense against Corbyn. We really needed a Jewish voice like his to stand up against all this nonsense.

    Here he is giving Dame Hodge a piece of his mind
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    Rees Mogg

    As much as I can’t stand this caricature of Bertie Wooster, I’m starting to understand why he’s so popular. Regardless of him being out of step with the majority of the British public and despite being an old Etonian with a privileged background, he is a Conservative who believes in Conservatism. Corbyn became popular very quickly because like Mogg, he’s a Labour supporter who believes in Labour values.

    For two decades we have had two opposing parties that think along the same lines. Parties that are indistinguishable from each other. Regardless of which party got in, we would pretty much have the same policies.

    Mogg and Corbyn is something we haven’t had for 20 years. They would give us a genuine choice between socialism and conservatism.
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    Jewish Voice For Peace...

    A blog by Phyllis Bennis and Grace Lile who are American Jews speaking up for Corbyn and the British Labour Party.

    We are very concerned about the joint statement of the three Jewish newspapers in the UK that asserts false definitions of antisemitism for political ends, and falsely claims that a British government led by Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party would somehow represent an “existential threat to Jewish life.”

    Labour recognizes that criticism of Israel is not the same as antisemitism — and the claim that therefore the party would “be seen by all decent people as an institutionally racist, antisemitic party” is simply wrong. We are “decent people” and we are American Jews. And as Jews, and as the board of one of the leading Jewish organizations in the US, we stand with those many Jews across Britain, the US and the rest of the world, and with our Palestinian allies, who all know that criticism of Israel is not the same as antisemitism.

    As Jews, we are all too aware that real antisemitism is on the rise. In our country it shows up in the neo-Nazis marching through Charlottesville, in white supremacist hate groups rising across the country, in former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke who offered full-throated support to the president following Trump’s inauguration.

    We believe political leaders have a responsibility to condemn and to fight against the linked dangers of white supremacy, xenophobia, anti-Arab racism, Islamophobia and antisemitism — and they should be able to do so without fearing intimidation or personal attack. Criticism of Israel does not equal antisemitism. The key component of the Jewish newspapers’ critique is the Labour Party’s decision not to include the phrase “Israel is a racist endeavor” as an example of a supposedly “antisemitic” statement. It is particularly disturbing that this attempt to censor this particular subject coincides with the passage of Israel’s new “Nationality law,” which legalizes the apartheid position that in Israel only Jews have the right of self-determination and that Jewish-only settlements are “a national value.” We believe the three Jewish papers’ claim, that not including that phrase is antisemitic, is simply wrong.
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    I strongly suspect Theresa May is lying to us all.

    Thinking more on this… If the government spend £20million on the NHS the spend will pay for itself. The money spent will stimulate lots of new activity both within the NHS and organizations making provisions for the NHS. New investments and this is what this is, gives a rise in additional tax paid, see multiplier effect in other words, it will pay for itself because spending the money stimulates income growth and circulates more money into the economy which in turn boosts tax returns.
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    The Billion Dollar Business of Operating Shelters for Migrant Children

    Rev. Al Sharpton leads vigil for kids separated from parents at border and held in New York
    one day ago

    Faith leaders, politicians and activists joined hands and sang hymnals Saturday on the streets of Harlem, hoping to help the hundreds of kids separated from their parents under President Trump’s hardline immigration policy.

    The Rev. Al Sharpton, fresh off a visit to a juvenile detention center in Brownsville, Texas, led the group in prayer across the street from the Park Ave. Cayuga Centers shelter where 239 kids as young as 9 months old are being cared after being ripped from their families.

    “People in New York did not know that some of those babies were right here in East Harlem,” Sharpton said. “This is not a situation somewhere else. It is important in President Trump’s home town that the word go out and be clear that we are ashamed of the act that he put in place. Let people far and wide know that we are ashamed of this New Yorker that ought to know better.”

    Sharpton railed against the Trump administration’s lack of a plan to reunite the roughly 240 kids who have been placed in New York with their families.

    City Council Speaker Cory Johnson and Controller Scott Stringer joined Sharpton and faith leaders like Msgr. Kevin Sullivan of New York’s Catholic Charities Archdiocese and Rabbi Leora Kaye of the Union for Reform Judaism.

    Sullivan said the archdiocese has “zero tolerance” for lack of mercy and will provide aid to the children who have been brought to New York.

    “For us as Catholics this hurts us deeply. So many of these children are Catholic,” he said. “We are committed to reuniting those children with their families as soon as possible.”

    Some in the crowd drew parallels between what the Trump administration’s act of splitting up undocumented families with similar tactics used during American slavery, Japanese interment during WWII, and the Jewish Holocaust.

    National Urban League president Marc Morial accused Trump of never intended to reunite these children with their parents.

    “They were intentionally sending young people all over this country,” he said, adding that treating immigrants in such a manner goes against everything America is supposed to be about.

    Sharpton and others said they will continue protesting outside Trump-owned hotels and the President’s Fifth Ave. home until the migrant children are reunited with their families and a law is passed that bars authorities from separating families caught entering the U.S. illegally.

    “They want to turn the page on this and act as though this is a dead issue,” Sharpton said. “We are not going to allow them to turn the page. We are not going to let his go until all of the children are reunited and until there is legislation that mandates the reuniting.”

    This is inhuman, SHAME on trump and the animals that condone this.
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    I strongly suspect Theresa May is lying to us all.

    Its like buying a very specialized car. We pay a hefty deposit and continue to pay during its construction but when the car is finished, the car dealer informs us that he’s just sold it to someone else. We are going to argue that we have already paid a great deal of money for this car and we aren’t going to be overly chuffed when that car dealer tells us that if we want something similar, we are going to have to buy it all over again.

    National Insurance contributions are what originally paid for the construction of the NHS. In other words, the NHS belonged to the National Insurance contributors. When the government decided to sell off those constructed assets, paid for by the British people, we were neither consulted or given a choice and of course, we didn’t see the dividends, they did.

    Just like the car scenario, we are being asked to re-pay for something that was already ours before it was sold off without our permission. The difference is, it can no longer belong to us because its already in the hands of private corporations and private corporations only exist for profits. Companies that will deliver the minimum to achieve maximum profit.
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    Tommy Robinson

    So now Roseanne Barr, the actress who very recently tweeted, "Barack Obama, looks like the Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby" and Geert Wilders, the previously convicted Dutch anti Muslim politician are campaigning for Robinsons release and Robinsons supporters think this is exciting news

    For those who support Robinson, you're one of a tiny minority. So tiny that you haven't even made a mark on an old tea-towel, but because you gather together you falsely believe you are bigger than what you are.

    Britain is multi cultural and it will remain multi-cultural and most Brits are proud of that fact. If you openly support Tommy Robinson you have ostracized yourself from British society as a whole. If you coercively support Tommy Robinson then I hope your inner hate consumes you.
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