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Talking Elimination 4, X Factor and Music!

Posted 25-10-2009 at 12:25 AM by Ross (Blog me this, Blog me that!)

Hey bitches. First of all, Elimination 4 is back in November. Incase you missed the first 3 series, they're in a subforum somewhere near General Interests I think the winners of each series have been Marcjswp, Shaun and MarkWaldorf... could we do with a female winner? Also Shaun is back as co-host with me!

I can't stand Jamie, Danyl and John and Edward on the X Factor. All annoy me majorly. I'd be happy for any of them to go next, no particular order just ****...
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First time for everything!

Posted 13-10-2009 at 01:00 AM by Ross (Blog me this, Blog me that!)

I was getting to this, I just haven't had time at the moment.
Work is really busy as usual, that's what you get for working in retail!

Not much to add... I stayed up all night yesterday and had work at 9:00am on Monday, till 2:00pm. I came home had a little nap, okay by little it was like 5 hours it was needed though... I'm starting to get quite tired now so after this I'll hopefully fall asleep because I have work at 10:15am tomorrow... again, only till 2:30pm!
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