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  1. JerseyWins
    30-01-2020 05:20 AM
    my jam
    MY JAM

  2. montblanc
    29-01-2020 05:28 PM
    all she wanna do is party ALL night

  3. JerseyWins
    03-01-2020 05:38 AM

    Ok there's some tea to that tbf
  4. montblanc
    03-01-2020 04:22 AM
    TI's what eva yew like outbopped

  5. JerseyWins
    03-01-2020 02:58 AM
    I'll do whatever you like
    I'll do whatever you like
    I can do, I can do, I do, I do whatever you like
    Boy you want my body wanna ride it like a Harley
    Once or twice around the block
    I bet I'll have you saying whoa, whoa!
    First stop, let me pop, drop like a helicop
    Pay attention on me while I show you the scenario

  6. JerseyWins
    31-12-2019 04:56 AM
    Omg the lyrics were familiar but I couldn't tell what song this is until a search

    Yessssssss that's a classic BOP

  7. montblanc
    29-12-2019 11:01 PM
    Wanna love me? Wanna touch me?
    Think twice 'cause you got a long way 2 go
    Don't know how to act, better fall back
    It's like that 'cause you got a long way 2 go

    It's not that deep, take it easy
    You wanna please me? Got a long way 2 go
    I'ma bad girl, you wanna get close?
    Ease up 'cause you got a long way

  8. JerseyWins
    21-08-2019 03:25 PM
    We love ath-tha-lete Ryan Lochte pronouncing it the RIGHT way
  9. montblanc
    20-08-2019 09:28 PM
  10. JerseyWins
    10-08-2019 08:07 PM
    And yaaaaaaaas @ Viley putting Pure Water on yer wall

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