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  1. Nicky91
    19-08-2018 12:18 PM
    i miss you
  2. Nicky91
    17-01-2018 12:35 PM
    Courtney is gorgeous

    btw Ashley James is my fave, she looks so beautiful, but that showmance with Ginuwine is her downfall sadly

    i missed you babe
  3. Nicky91
    29-07-2017 12:30 PM
    btw Sophia congrats with Issy winning BB

    and for us having liked 2 housemates this year, Issy and Charlotte
  4. Nicky91
    29-07-2017 08:28 AM
    thanks for that advice
  5. Sophia.
    28-07-2017 09:22 PM
    Aww don't worry about it! Say what you feel, don't worry about what anyone says
  6. Nicky91
    26-07-2017 11:56 AM
    Sophia, i'm sorry for having said harsh things about Charlotte

    i know you liked her, but thanks for loving Isabelle and i want her to win
  7. Nicky91
    12-07-2017 12:20 PM
    Charlotte asking politely if Isabelle wanted to pull the cord and see her sister, and Issy saying no, and then getting a hug from Charlotte
  8. Nicky91
    10-07-2017 09:12 AM
    Simone is a great character housemate certainly not boring

    Daenerys well she started as one of my fave charactes in GoT, but she has been a bit annoying for me lately, especially when chaining up her dragons and then visiting them and being really scared of them, well she chained them up in the first place so i kinda knew they were going to react at her like that
  9. Sophia.
    10-07-2017 08:47 AM
    I do! It's my favourite programme I do find Simone a bit weird but I do think some housemates are being too harsh! What do you think?
  10. Nicky91
    10-07-2017 08:29 AM
    you love Game of Thrones

    but Sophia thank you for trying to defend Simone, i also find her a brave daring housemate, she might not last long but i'm just liking her for that

    Charlotte however is right about her being a bit weird

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