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  1. aaronneely2017
    19-08-2019 09:27 PM
    Its a making of Big brother video from 2002, its quite cool acctually got a few cool behind the scenes clips plus lauren harries audition tape!!
  2. Epic.
    19-08-2019 09:01 PM
    Oh does that have new stuff too?!?
  3. aaronneely2017
    19-08-2019 08:35 PM
    Thats amazing! Just not long ago today my big brother vhs tape i ordered on amazon also arrived today!!!
  4. Epic.
    19-08-2019 08:01 PM
    Oh my god right after I sent you that message I've been told it's come
  5. Epic.
    19-08-2019 07:59 PM
    I'm not sure, it's being delivered to my cousin and i don't know if they have it yet but they'll give it to me quite soon and I can find out then
  6. aaronneely2017
    19-08-2019 07:49 PM
    Hey epic, did you ever get that vhs tape of the bb6 live feed? Hopefully it still works
  7. Epic.
    13-07-2019 10:39 PM
    Thanks Aaron!
  8. aaronneely2017
    13-07-2019 10:38 PM
    Hi Epic, great to see your getting into BB1, just wanted to let you know that every week in the seriestheres a omnibus type show that last for an hour that shows highlights of the entire week condensed into an hour. The only new content is the highlights of the eviction day which i think is always at the last 20 minutes.
    Just wanted to let you know! Hopefully you enjoy the series !!
  9. aaronneely2017
    28-02-2019 04:12 PM
    Roberto was amazing. Such an underrated housemate for the time he was in. Lesley im a bit iffy about it did look as if she was bullying sam as for sam. She came across as someone with potential but she was right to go, she wasnt really providing anything and after lesley went she became very much a backgroud character
  10. Epic.
    26-02-2019 10:10 PM
    What about Roberto, Lesley and Sam?

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