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  1. JerseyWins
    10-01-2018 04:23 AM
    Yeah I really don't understand why she gave Malika a hard time and then let Rachel pass with that reasoning lol...
  2. GoldHeart
    10-01-2018 04:21 AM
    And some of the reason for nominating Johnny was pathetic and stupid. Especially Rachel when she's married anyway so what a dumb excuse she used plus it's not a valid reason.

    And like i said if the men were nominating and if Daniel said he's nominating Ashley "because she's a temptation as she's pretty" , then people would call him a pervert and a cheat .So why did Emma accept Rachel's invalid BS !! .
  3. JerseyWins
    10-01-2018 04:18 AM
    I'm sooo with you on India needing to go! Hopefully people see the greater good in keeping Jonny to eliminate India because otherwise I don't see Jonny having too many fans really.

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