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  1. Alf
    17-09-2019 11:29 AM
    I thought I'd sent you one? It was some song by Judy Garland. Are you sure I didn't send it? I can remember typing it out in reply to your message that my dance was Diva, Waltz.

  2. Strictly Jake
    14-09-2019 09:01 PM
    Strictly Jake
    Any chance if your strictly song please
  3. Strictly Jake
    04-09-2019 07:43 PM
    Strictly Jake
    I'll take over for you Alf if you want
  4. Strictly Jake
    07-08-2017 05:46 PM
    Strictly Jake
    Sorry I don't have time I can't play
  5. Alf
    07-08-2017 03:25 PM
    C'mon Shakey, get yourself to our quiz team room, you'll find it in the Chat & Games sub-forum.

    We need all the help we can get.

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