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  1. Mystic Mock
    03-09-2022 10:52 PM
    Mystic Mock
    That's great to hear.

    I'm doing fine thanks, especially after our shock win against Preston.
  2. joeysteele
    03-09-2022 10:36 PM
    I'm fine Mock, hope you are too.

    Yes it was good to see them win and it shows they can do it.
    Away from home too.

    Hope you're having a good weekend.
  3. Mystic Mock
    03-09-2022 08:49 PM
    Mystic Mock
    How have you been doing btw Joey?
  4. Mystic Mock
    03-09-2022 08:49 PM
    Mystic Mock
    I know.

    I can't follow what's going on at that club anymore as we beat the good teams and lose to the weaker teams.

    I'm glad that we won though, I couldn't even watch much TV last night because of being so anxious about today's match.
  5. joeysteele
    03-09-2022 06:53 PM
    Good grief Mock, what happened to Birmingham today.
    I was panicking but relieved at the end.
    Nice one.
  6. Mystic Mock
    24-08-2022 03:21 AM
    Mystic Mock
    Oh they definitely are.

    And thanks Joey, I've always wondered if a Championship version would be good on the Forum, and so far I think that it's been fun.
  7. joeysteele
    23-08-2022 10:25 PM
    Calderyon is very formidable in the footie games.

    I'm glad you decided to do the championship one Mock.
    Good idea that.
  8. Mystic Mock
    23-08-2022 10:02 PM
    Mystic Mock
    Yeah you're 3 points clear of Calderyon.

    Tbh you're both delivering a fun fight for the title as it currently stands.
  9. joeysteele
    23-08-2022 03:36 PM
    Ha ha, top so far am I in the championship predictions.
    All can change in a flash.
  10. Mystic Mock
    23-08-2022 03:31 PM
    Mystic Mock
    I'm doing fine thanks, still mainly coming down from the Man Utd vs Liverpool match.

    The year has flown by hasn't it? I honestly do get concerned at what horrors await us all for 2023.

    And thanks Joey, the barmy start to the season seems to be benefiting me.

    Well done though on being top of the Championship Prediction League so far though.

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