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  1. Strictly Jake
    Yesterday 08:17 AM
    Strictly Jake
    Oh cool. I will give it a read
  2. Nicky91
    Yesterday 08:06 AM
    never mind i've been wanting to tell you this Jakey, i've been given permission to post news articles for strictly by James

    so i'm planning to use this, for songs and dances choices, and also bit of information each week via BBC website, also shows what time it starts (which is helpful for Kate since she maintains the week discussion threads)
  3. Nicky91
    Yesterday 08:00 AM
    in my strictly discussion thread what says (songs/dances, it takes two)
  4. Strictly Jake
    21-10-2020 06:07 PM
    Strictly Jake
    No not yet where are they?
  5. Nicky91
    21-10-2020 05:54 PM
    have u seen songs and dances for week 1?
  6. Nicky91
    12-10-2020 09:50 AM
    i work in reversal psychology

    praising Trump, but being a support of the other
  7. Nicky91
    12-10-2020 09:02 AM
    Trump is just good entertainment for the laughs, for me
  8. Nicky91
    02-10-2020 11:37 AM
    regarding ''not again'' URGH its just i cannot help thinking about coronacrisis, how bad UK is doing, same as my own country also doing quite badly

    i do not moan at german tv shows who got bit of audience, their shows going through and all that, because i trust german government

    HRVY being tested positive for corona made me freak out and think if it was better off cancelled for this year, and it coming back next year with also wider like normal line up (15) again

    i don't really feel the sparkle for the new series yet (i do feel in strictly mood with the specials very much)
  9. Nicky91
    19-09-2020 08:18 AM
    can we talk? i really do not want to argue or fight with you (especially these current times)

    i give in, you were in your right to block/unfriend me, i gave you a break too for few days, but i miss you as my friend, and you ARE really my friend, i did not mean those vile things, i like playing x factor games with you, i love how huge of a strictly fan you are too

    i will not put strictly faves in my sig this year, you are right about me, i go flip flopping my opinions way too much either

    hope you also look forward to tonights special (part 1 of 4) anyway
  10. Strictly Jake
    12-09-2020 04:40 PM
    Strictly Jake
    Stop writing to me.

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