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  1. Jase.
    12-12-2018 04:07 PM
    oh don't be bloody silly hen!
  2. Nicky91
    12-12-2018 08:48 AM
    nope i'm not doing that, and i strongly doubt i will watch any british show next year, cause of brexit, and me watching british shows is betraying the EU

    i still have a dancing show, let's dance Germany which is more fun and judges are not biased at all
  3. Jase.
    11-12-2018 08:21 PM
    But I'm sure she'd want you to be positive and support somebody else? She seems like a positive gal!
  4. Nicky91
    11-12-2018 08:36 AM
    i support no one in the final now, i stay loyal to lauren
  5. Jase.
    10-12-2018 10:53 PM
    Who are you supporting for the final now your Lauren's gone??
  6. Jase.
    08-10-2018 07:41 PM
  7. Nicky91
    08-10-2018 04:38 PM
    as a dirty dancing tribute performance Ashley was phenomenal yes, but as a salsa it was crap
  8. Nicky91
    22-09-2018 12:34 PM
    wanna play in my strictly sweepstake game
  9. Nicky91
    14-09-2018 02:11 PM
    Aljaz, Oti and AJ who can now be good teachers for novices like Kate, Graeme and Lauren

    i'm so gonna follow their journeys more, as that's a bit more interesting to see if they can become dancers from nothing, rather than the ringers like Faye, Ashley, Danny, and the only ringer i like is Danny tbh
  10. Nicky91
    05-09-2018 12:13 PM
    i have a good feeling about newbie dancer Graziano, we already good dancers from burn the floor like Aljaz, Gorka

    and i am happy Amy is still around, she was lovely with Brian last year

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