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  1. Vanessa
    02-04-2024 12:15 PM
    Sorry. I completely forgot. Will do it now and send them later.
  2. Strictly Jake
    02-04-2024 09:45 AM
    Strictly Jake
    Hi Vanessa please send your songs for the semi final. Themes are on the thread
  3. Vanessa
    09-03-2024 03:50 PM
    Im so sorry it's late. My nephew is over here for a few days. And I've been sick. I'll have a look after work.
  4. Strictly Jake
    09-03-2024 01:09 PM
    Strictly Jake
    Hi Vanessa please can you send your song through for x factor. The theme is songs inspired by iconic x factor performances but not their own performance obviously
  5. Vanessa
    23-02-2024 03:16 PM
    Yes. Sorry. Will do it later. I've had a lot on.
  6. Strictly Jake
    23-02-2024 03:06 PM
    Strictly Jake
    Hi did you get my pm about x factor?
  7. Vanessa
    07-01-2024 07:59 PM
    Just sent you the songs. Sorry it was late
  8. Strictly Jake
    07-01-2024 06:23 PM
    Strictly Jake
    Oh and also your song for strictly
  9. Strictly Jake
    07-01-2024 06:13 PM
    Strictly Jake
    Hi Vanessa any chance I can get your 70s songs for x factor. Thanks
  10. Strictly Jake
    09-11-2020 12:31 PM
    Strictly Jake
    Please can you buy some of the experiences on the team inspiration adventure page. You get 1000 to spend

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