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  1. JoshBB
    20-08-2018 01:17 AM
    maybe my vpn will be able to find one
  2. Greg!
    20-08-2018 01:17 AM
    You should watch BB17 sis it's one of C5's best, even though the production is very messy at times
  3. Greg!
    20-08-2018 01:16 AM
    If I had the time I would bloody make one myself! She's such a legend.
  4. JoshBB
    20-08-2018 01:15 AM
    omg I haven't watched BB17 so now I kinda want to,, she doesnt have a best moments montage on YT though
  5. Greg!
    20-08-2018 01:14 AM
    It was ICON Laura Carter!
  6. JoshBB
    20-08-2018 01:12 AM
    Who said the thing in ur location hun? they seem iconic

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