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  1. Mystic Mock
    26-02-2016 10:25 PM
    Mystic Mock
    Good luck with it.

    Hopefully we'll both stay finding this series watchable at least.
  2. TomC
    26-02-2016 10:22 PM
    Ok catch up I'm a pretty fast watcher tho tbf, I'll probably have finished BB3 within the next week...
  3. Mystic Mock
    26-02-2016 10:20 PM
    Mystic Mock
    I'm just a couple of episodes away from Lee's eviction.

    I will try and watch some soon, I just need to clean up some mess lol.
  4. TomC
    26-02-2016 10:16 PM
    Where are you up to on BB3? I've just watched the third eviction. We should watch it together!

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