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  1. RichardG
    16-07-2017 10:51 PM
    it's one of the album tracks which are almost never good in kpop, each member has a different song for their teaser. as far as i'm aware only jongin's teaser is of the main track. it sounds like it could be fun. i read in the comments that the album can be listed to on tuesday, and maybe the mv will be released then too? i'm excited. ^^ i've been rly obsessed with nct 127's limitless and cherry bomb recently so it will be good to get back into exo again.
  2. Oaker
    16-07-2017 09:48 PM

    the song sounds bad though
  3. RichardG
  4. Oaker
    05-02-2017 03:41 AM
    Third is good enough for THE KING
  5. RichardG
    05-02-2017 03:38 AM
    not while kim jongin exists

    but he is the third best
  6. Oaker
    05-02-2017 03:34 AM
    Kyungsoo is the best member of EXO, please confirm?
  7. Oaker
    26-12-2016 07:07 PM
    omg I didn't see this until today </3

    Merry (late) Christmas
  8. RichardG
  9. RichardG
    27-08-2016 12:32 AM
    yeah idk why he's bothering either bc he's from canada so it's not like he's been brought up in the crazy korean work work work work work work die culture lmao

    good luck to him
  10. Oaker
    27-08-2016 12:27 AM
    Isn't he only 17 that poor kid

    although he is like one of the few people who can actually rap in sm so

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