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  1. Nicky91
    13-10-2020 12:57 PM
    hello Stacey
  2. caprimint
    24-09-2020 04:03 PM
    It's AMAZING
  3. Nicky91
    24-09-2020 03:23 PM
    I had let my mom listen to Tim McGraw's song I Called Mama

    she likes it too
  4. caprimint
    20-09-2020 01:56 PM
    Idk I didn't notice
  5. Nicky91
    20-09-2020 01:05 PM
    was the forum down just now?
  6. caprimint
    20-09-2020 12:56 PM

    Reminds me of Dominic Raab
  7. Nicky91
    20-09-2020 12:46 PM
    sorry for looking in your convo with Jersey

    but i had a lot of Gatorade too when i was younger, now more onto a lemonade brand called Raak which you fill up with water or you can put in yoghurts
  8. Nicky91
    29-08-2020 04:06 PM
    i am kinda sad now promi bb is over again

    was such good fun that time flew by so fast
  9. Nicky91
    22-08-2020 05:28 PM
    your Nicole F gifs

    we love a loyal stan

    psst i think i am watching strictly anyway, but i'll avoid that part of the forum, also much better for everyone else not to see my messy side anymore
  10. Nicky91
    22-08-2020 03:30 PM
    a drag queen making me gay, well Burak/Katy does that, he looks hot without drag too

    also his bond with kathy kelly, her being the mom of the bunch

    the Werner/Ikke bromance is just sooo normal men talk, about hot sexy women

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