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  1. Nicky91
    09-11-2020 01:15 PM
    wanna purchase something from my shopping channel, for TiBB Apprentice, you got a budget of 1.000 (TiBB pounds) to spend
  2. Nicky91
    12-10-2020 01:11 PM
    we need you in more games tbh
  3. Nicky91
    11-07-2018 03:13 PM
    so you were a bit right about her then hihi
  4. Epic.
    11-07-2018 03:12 PM
    Uh ok
  5. Nicky91
    11-07-2018 03:04 PM
    the girl in my sig is a dutch singer Maan, and she is the daughter of a Multi-millionaire tv show producer

    she is very shallow and superficial, saying things like, i went to operatic concerts cause it is for the super-rich like me
  6. Nicky91
  7. Epic.
    06-05-2018 04:34 PM
    i cant even remember entering can you link me the thread
  8. Nicky91
    06-05-2018 04:30 PM
    is your entry for tibb eurovision, gonna have irish lyrics in it
  9. Epic.
    26-03-2018 01:16 PM
    Okay thank you
  10. Nicky91
    26-03-2018 01:04 PM
    hi, i like reading your posts i must admit

    yes i am wealth obsessed

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