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  1. caprimint
    Today 06:52 PM
    I used to be like really good friends with her daughter when we were in high school (for at least a few years) but I haven't spoken to her in years now but like I shouldn't even be surprised tbf because everyone knows everything around here **** yeah $1,000 is a lot, like I know some places (studios etc) can be around that in London too but I'd hate to put so much of any salary towards rent Moving out would def be nice too though but I do think there are a good amount of advantages/disadvantages to both ways tbh

    Nah not anywhere near as common as it is in USA. Like it exists in bottles and at places like Starbucks etc but people prefer hot drinks/coffee (GROSS ) in general/ But yeah def less sweet and nicer imo although iced tea is quite nice/refreshing too tho. I'm not going to now, already sober tbh
  2. caprimint
    Today 06:52 PM
    Yeah it's literally just a live stream that plays all the games every day & there's always a new 'live' video on the channel here: & it's usually on from like 10:30am-5pm ish I think so you might be able to catch some of the later ones. Yep it's gonna be good stuff I'm perched for some bets on that too & to see/understand it a bit more. Do you know who Eric Decker is btw??

    Really?? Did you just play occasionally then before? But yeah tbh I don't think I could have the energy/effort for that At least it's fun though and that potential $$$ at the end too
  3. caprimint
    Today 05:43 PM
    You can get loads of diff flavours but I think lemon would be nice I do know what you mean though... it IS super fizzy and just a slight flavouring. Lmaooo @ the aftertaste Yep exactly, I like hot tea occasionally but way prefer cold drinks & these cold teabags are damn good/satisfying. Lol yayy I didn't pass out today btw!!!!!
  4. caprimint
    Today 05:36 PM
    Yep staying home is always a good option for saving money and esp convenience for you too. I def wouldn't even be considering staying here that long if that wasn't a main reason. Like tbh if I had been working before/corona didn't happen then idek WHEN I would have gone/visited home It's just rly annoying here like someone down the road was apparently talking to my mom about me being home & I was just like wtf??? 1. How do they know and 2. why would they even care?

    Ohh yeah I have seen those type of laptops before actually, they look pretty cool Like there are so many times I just wanna lay down/cba sitting up anymore and I feel like it'd be so useful for times like that
  5. caprimint
    Today 05:36 PM
    I think I lost 3 in a row on that other tournament There's even like ANOTHER new tournament happening on Saturday but idk what exactly that is yet. Tbh I've actually gotten used to these games now & they're so easy to watch on Youtube so I wouldn't even mind them staying.

    Gahhh it must be so tiring staring at a screen for so long. Lol yeah ik you're all about those big wins ultimately, but still the smaller ones seem good & I'm sure they can add up too Yeah I guess with playing for so many hours a LOT can happen in that time and so ultimately it wasn't too bad overall.
  6. caprimint
    Today 02:20 PM
    OMG I WON MY DARTS BET!!! Feels so weird. Feels so long ago since I won anything lol
  7. caprimint
    Today 12:22 PM
    Yes I'm def more chatty when tipsy/drunk DEFINITELY
  8. caprimint
    Today 12:21 PM
    Lmaooo tbh if you don't like those I'm not even sure what you'd think of those seltzer drinks. But I'd say they are less intense though so maybe you would. I like sparkling water now but a few years ago I didn't either really I'll stick to MY COLD FLAVOURED TEA BAGS
  9. caprimint
    Today 12:21 PM
    That's good it's working a bit better now too. I think it'll probs get back to normal over time. OH a touch screen how fancy!!!!!!! (I actually didn't even know that was a thing ). Sometimes though if I wash my hands and then use the touchpad my mouse ****s up for a bit though like as you said scrolling without doing anything etc, it's really random. Sooo annoying tho

    Yeah they've only played a couple of times I think. Keelan is **** but Diogo is pretty solid so I'm kinda worried about that one Tomorrow's games are probs gonna be the closer/more difficult ones to call tho so idk if I will </3 Ahhh yeah right, hopefully still a lot of the good ones tho? Oh and btw Peter/James (my 2 faves from the last ****ty darts tournament) won one day each so I'm about that. Kind of anyway
  10. caprimint
    Today 12:21 PM
    Awww damn that sucks you lost a bit but still at least it was an enjoyable night regardless And yeah sounds like the $300 def saved you which is good too. Lmao you seem to get screwed over a bunch lately which is ****ty </3 And AHHH yes it's crazy that you play for like nearly half a day or something Idk how you focus/concentrate on it for so long. I get what you mean tho about being confused @ the days. Me on a regular basis when I'm buzzed like right now

    Gahhhh I would be sooo annoyed if that happened tbh. Like even when my mom just comes to talk I'm mostly like "ugh... I'm busy?"and just prefer to text tbh lol. Yeah idk I go through phases, the only thing I really like about staying home is spending no money/getting everything for free but it's a lot better for you bc 1. you drive and 2. everything is close by anyway. And you def should drink with meeeeee overnight one of these days

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