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  1. caprimint
    Today 02:48 AM
    I got 23/50 which is probably pretty bad, but more than I expected tbf
  2. LukeB
    Today 01:50 AM
  3. caprimint
    Yesterday 11:08 PM
    It's the same difference to American football tbh It's just sooo intense with everybody jumping on top of each other

    Weirdly not, it literally saved everything Like I could just click 'back', or refresh the page and everything would still be there. Idk how that works on such a ****ty laptop tho. And trying to watch videos was awful too on streamplay and stuff, like I'd get about 5+ pop ups every time before watching something so I appreciate this one a lot now

    I know they're different but I don't get how Ahh okay makes sense to have a number like 55 then. Yeahhhh I'm pretty much lost on that, maybe even because I don't really know the game/how it works either
  4. caprimint
    Yesterday 10:46 PM
    Lol yeah and I kind of like in golf/snooker both watching exactly how close they can get in. Still a lot of rules I don't actually understand but I find it wayyyy better than something like rugby/cricket/tennis is booooooooring.

    The way a new charger saved it I've never had anything like that before lmaoo but then all my past laptops have been fairly slow anyway. And honestly same, but this wasn't even slow internet, like eg. any time I tried to sign into my bank or something 'major' it would cut out So then dis/reconnect, refresh the page and usually happened again. A chore

    I'm still lost on that I see it, but I don't get how it's any different to betting on under/over a specific score for them to get in a game? And why is there such a major difference between that and other games like 10, 1, 8? Also what game actually is this? The names of the teams ahh
  5. caprimint
    Yesterday 07:16 PM
    Yeah I'm still not entirely sure about that or if I even understand it tbh SHOW ME I think maybe I get it with football though? Because there might not even be any goals so you bet on whether there will be/how many etc??

    Omg YES @ mini golf, sooooo fun (again just played years ago) I think I just enjoy the sports most where the least movement is involved I get it though, there ain't much hype/excitement to it but I think it's still enjoyable to watch but maybe not for betting or anything lol

    Yeah that's so weird... like it doesn't even make sense that the charger has anything to do with the laptop itself Ugh it was so annoying especially with the screen being so small to begin with. It was definitely like that for a few months or so, on and off/not consistent but the worst thing was the internet disconnecting when I needed it
  6. LukeB
  7. LukeB
    Yesterday 04:41 PM
    Dwight is missing you
  8. caprimint
    Yesterday 04:30 PM
    Ahh yeah I've been a few times to those bowling alleys but I was really bad and had to have the sides up to stop it rolling down But then tbf I might be better now because again that's when I was pretty young like primary school days. Do you not like golf? I know most people don't like it actually but it's so chill/cool to me lol

    NO IT WON'T HAPPEN And ikr lmaooo I keep thinking about how I should've gotten a new one such a long time ago because my mom kept offering and I was like "it's okay I can deal with it" but reaaaally appreciating it now tbf
  9. caprimint
    Yesterday 04:30 PM
    Yep I think it's like that. I don't even know what point spread is/means Never seen anything like that as an option to bet on before though, unless it's called something different Like the accumulator/parlay thing

    Tbh I feel like edits can be really weird/random for shows (although I don't know so much about Survivor) so I wouldn't have been surprised by anyone winning really At least we got a good winner tho
  10. LukeB
    Yesterday 04:24 PM
    redownload it after dbd

    I'm sure you've been playing just fornite

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