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  1. caprimint
    Today 03:59 AM
    You making the good alcohol decisions

    I left the remaining 1/4 of the bottle with one of my friends But I’m more than okay with that, I definitely had enough
  2. caprimint
    Yesterday 04:57 PM
    Yeah I'll look out for it for sure

    It's actually a fruit or something but the drink is SO GOOD. It's really weird, when you mix it with something it sort of curdles? But I like that lmao. I can't do Baileys at all, it's so strong/too creamy that it just makes me feel sick. Although I tried the almond one and it was nice, so the strawberries and cream one probably is too

    Definitely not Yes get down to the shops and get something worth it tbh Gonna get mine now
  3. caprimint
    Yesterday 04:40 PM
    It looks/sounds amazing, I definitely think I'd like that Need to try it but I've never seen it on a cocktail menu or anything before.

    Yeah I only bought it once because I prefer stronger things if I'm spending money on alcohol but the taste is sooo good. Have you ever tried Amarula before? It's literally flawless but they hardly sell it anywhere. It's a sort of... creamy drink but wayyy nicer than Baileys. I used to mix it with an energy drink

    I think I might be getting it off of someone, so I'll take it NoOOOOO not beers!!! That is the worst drinking choice ever
  4. caprimint
    Yesterday 04:27 PM
    What is Blue Lagoon? I've never even heard of it before actually It sounds like a car or something.

    Loool is that just something y'all say as a joke or is it like something common that people would understand? Yeah I've seen a couple of my friends have tequila and it looks tasty but... idk if I'd be able to handle it. Nobody has ever said they like it Strawberry sidekick was EVERYTHING Used to even be able to drink that straight. Yeah these shots were unique flavours and they were so good!!!

    Yaaas I think I'm getting a bottle of champagne tonight. Rum and coke again?
  5. caprimint
    Yesterday 04:19 PM
    Drinking again?
  6. caprimint
    Yesterday 04:06 PM
    Pina Colada is my all time fave and basically the only one I ever order. Watermelon Sangria sounds amazing though I like Mojito too and Woo Woo too. Still loads to try for me though, I just know nothing will compare to Pina Colada so I never bother.

    Mess I thought barry meant drugs or something I can imagine that being a messy night. Ahhh nail varnish remover? I love that smell lmao so maybe it would be for me. I've had a few different flavoured shots before... bubblegum, chilli and white chocolate which were all AMAZING

    Yeah exactly like that, all the pubs around there are pretty much just full of the locals who go in every week
  7. caprimint
    Yesterday 03:40 PM
    Yeah that's right. I would deffoooo buy that if I saw it in a supermarket. Ohhh I haven't tried that before, I definitely would though. What cocktails do you like??

    Omg That sounds like a fun/entertaining night. I've never tried tequila before but I really want to. What does it even taste like? Chilli and sambuca together sounds like my kind of thing I never do shots bc I can't deal with alcohol on its own but I've sipped them before whilst drinking other things

    It's a small village with lots of farms around. Pretty much just roads and fields everywhere. You hardly ever see people
  8. caprimint
    Yesterday 03:16 PM
    Yes!!! I don't actually think I've seen it in shops, only ever in pubs/bars. But it's SO GOOD, if you like rum you'll definitely enjoy it Whatttt is Havana Club?? Never heard of that before

    I had bad experiences with whiskey when I was younger, it was the first drink I started getting drunk off of and I was drinking it straight so I threw up pretty often My friend LOVES it though, he can drink half a bottle in one night. It's insane. I can't even stand the smell ugh

    Yeah total countryside. In the town they're a bit better but outside of my house it's like once in the morning and then back again at night So tragic.
  9. caprimint
    Yesterday 02:52 PM
    I loveee vanilla coke/cream soda but I just can't deal with the alcoholic taste of spiced rum or any other than white. Malibu is amazing Have you tried Koko Kanu? It's like the stronger version of Malibu and it's usually what I go for in pubs/bars.

    I have but I just don't like gin (I know, I'm picky ). I've tried basic gin and pink gin but it's just so bitter? It doesn't have loads of flavour though so it's better than whiskey and all that strong stuff. With a bit of lemonade it's doable I guess.

    Yeah it's even cheaper on the buses than in my hometown where they go once a day
  10. caprimint
    Yesterday 11:15 AM
    I've actually tried most of their flavours... rhubarb & custard though I'm not sure I have Their flavours are looovely and when I feel like a casual drink I buy them but the % needs to be higher!!! NOT spiced rum It's all about the white rum!!!

    **** really? That sounds like a looot of money. I guess parking can be expensive too? Nah neither of us drive, I don't want to at all which is one reason why I really wanted to live in a city. And London's transport is easily the best in the country.

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