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  1. Kate!
    28-03-2020 08:05 PM
    Thanks. I still have a bottle of wine in the fridge but I am resisting it. Ha. You are on Discord now aren't you? I am. Its alright isn't it? Most of them on there are great. Just one I have had a problem with but I think he has gone now. Xx
  2. Kate!
    28-03-2020 07:38 PM
    I don't have Facetime. Not sure what it is tbh. I don't have Skype. I am anxious too. It feels like I am never going to see him and logically I know I will but its worrying. I just want him to be safe. Xx

    Hope you are enjoying your beer haha. I am still teetotal. Xx
  3. Kate!
    28-03-2020 07:21 PM
    Yes not too bad. The hardest thing at the moment is not being able to see my son Josh. He lives in Runcorn and I am in Wigan. If he lived local I could pop down and at least wave to him through the window. xx
  4. Kate!
    28-03-2020 07:14 PM
    Hello loov. How are you?
  5. GiRTh
    27-03-2020 08:44 PM
    Hey man. Thanks for the messages.

    I hevent been on for ages due to Covi19 pandemic. How are you doing?

    I heard about Idris and couldnt believe it back then but now with even Boris and Prince Charles in isolation. Its a very worrying time.

    Have you watched much more of the Wire?
  6. Tony Montana
    21-03-2020 03:16 AM
    Tony Montana
    I was like one of the few members to have just stuck with one avi, I'll probably return to that one once this whole Coronavirus dies down.

    No problem mate.
  7. Tony Montana
    19-03-2020 08:49 PM
    Tony Montana
    Well thanks for recommending it to me, I've been wanting to change my avi for some time. It'll be temporary obviously but it's still fun. I've had that first avi since I joined 2 years ago so it's good to change it, it does feel a little weird tho.

    That's good to hear that you've returned to Discord. You seem to be more active on here too the last few days which is nice.
  8. Tony Montana
    18-03-2020 11:24 PM
    Tony Montana
    Reading your conversation with caprimint, you've left discord? How come?
  9. Tony Montana
    18-03-2020 10:38 PM
    Tony Montana
    Lol yeah I did. Thanks for recommending. What a way to change my avi.
  10. Kate!
    18-03-2020 07:15 PM
    Ok let me know what you get. I had my tea.... salmon with veg.

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