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  1. caprimint
    Today 02:34 AM
    Yeah like every single time I would take hanging out at a house/someone's place over the pub because I get so bored after a couple of drinks. And idk maybe it's part of the fun for people but I don't really enjoy mixing with/talking to strangers in there either like I just don't care enough Lol yeah definitely, can't even remember the last time I went to a restaurant tho, takeaway shops >>>

    Ahh I had to search Jamie because I couldn't remember who he was Tbh I don't remember much from that season though with stopping watching so early after Austin leaving </3

    Lmaoo right, I could def imagine people being a bit more careless with it then so probably a good time to get on it, but still I guess it depends and it's still got to go right for you too. Do you mean that's the smaller offer for an actual casino irl game?

    And omg yes, I've also noticed that too
  2. caprimint
    Today 02:34 AM
    Yeah that makes sense, so that way the winner is just the person who gets more right rather than having to be completely accurate? But yeah I've seen those lower priced ones for like £1-3 or something and still thousands of people are entering them Oh wow, every day? And how long do those seasons go on for again?

    Ahh yeah I see what you mean. Like sometimes with the darts there's the option to choose a different stream/board so you can watch any game you like that's on basically, idk about this tournament though cus there's literally no free streams online anywhere. Nice @ you watching most weeks of it
  3. LukeB
    Yesterday 11:12 PM
    Avi yes sig NO
  4. LukeB
    Yesterday 10:48 PM
  5. caprimint
    Yesterday 07:23 PM
    Lol yeah I get that. Do you ever find any there that don't really know how to play though and just randomly go for it anyway? Gahhh making those decisions drunk tho, what a disaster It might be kinda good in that you care less but probs not for the $. Maybe in roulette though

    Yeah she's British, idk where exactly from in England but sounds pretty neutral. I've heard "damn right" a bit before but not the straight part But I think "damn" is used more as like "****" here although I use more in like a surprised way
  6. caprimint
    Yesterday 07:23 PM
    £0 max for me But yeah this was a while ago and I'd never really done the whole going out to pubs much before so it was new/exciting and I did still have a good amount of savings too. But tbh when I looked, it was pretty disappointing to see like hundreds gone in a matter of days A nice combo for you there

    I kinda get it with those odds but yeah still not fully for the entire thing yet

    Tbh he was a lil boring, nice chill guy but wasn't really standout or anything. I can't remember what he was like back then though Also do you know Bianca Gascoigne? She was the winner with him
  7. caprimint
    Yesterday 07:22 PM
    I didn't even know the rules like how accurate you have to get it or whatever Just try to click the names I know (if any) and make the money go around. Nooo I didn't know 1-1 matches existed? They do sound a lot better but I guess the thing with the free ones is they're ALWAYS gonna be the biggest. Yep it's cool being able to follow it, do the NBA games go on Sundays too or other/random days? Def weekend sports vibe though >>>

    Your team sound like how Paul was doing lately </3 But mess that's kinda confusing like I didn't realise they'd just not play. It's pretty debatable how many games in darts though because like right now in this tournament it's going SUPER fast and they've got different 'boards' on so like eg. 8 games will take place on board 3, but they only stream boards 1 & 2 online or something. I don't like this format at all because you miss out on so much. On an 'average' night of darts though you might get like... 8 games or so?
  8. caprimint
    Yesterday 02:25 PM
    Oh I forgot this... last night watching the next GOL ep this girl said "damn straight" and it reminded me of you lol, don't know anybody else who says that
  9. caprimint
    Yesterday 09:56 AM
    Lmaoo yes I would be so here for spending £50 and just not caring about it. An unimaginable thought Tbf there were a bunch of days where I probably spent close to £50 in pubs whilst going on major drinking days with this friend and I didn't really care Seems wild now

    So in that situation you'd just bet straight up for one team to win either way? Are there usually clear favourites or it depends on the matches? I feel like on those darts games yesterday a BUNCH of underdogs won so probably wouldn't even be bad going on those. Still not gonna risk it though

    Lol yeah exactly. I just can't bring myself to be interested in who wants to **** someone else tbh. There was a Celebrity Love Island like... 14 years ago that aired here which I actually enjoyed/watched at the time, Calum Best was on and he won

    Yeah I felt like I was doing better overall till I lost like 8 IN A ROW after

    Oh and you look so different!!! Your set
  10. caprimint
    Yesterday 09:55 AM
    Hmm yeah that is true. I haven't looked at the lower placed winnings in those big games but I'm guessing they must be pretty good too to get people to play for that price. It's pretty fun to enter even having no clue about it tbf I actually did a Nascar one the other day as well lol (wouldn't have even known what that was before ). Ahh okay that sounds cool I can imagine doing it for darts or something would def add to the enjoyment for me too.

    Ohh okay so like the teams not playing got the lowest points or something? Idk I probs don't really understand it at all yet without knowing/seeing anything. Yeah hopefully still goes ahead... depends what happens in the next few weeks I guess. Same for BB

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