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  1. caprimint
    Yesterday 10:46 PM
    If we had made that bet I would totes have lost rn
  2. caprimint
    Yesterday 07:31 PM
    Yeah I get it I don't remember the majority of series/seasons of BB's and Survivor's etc even with differing people but I feel like most people on here know them all from memory without looking it up online I'll keep those in mind tho and maybe watch if I get through everything else this summer.

    I had Dell once like years ago, I think it was good enough but Acer is my #1 choice. Yeah I remember when getting an iPhone for the first time it was SO confusing to me (no back button etc) and definitely took a while to get used to but now I would never have anything else tbh, so maybe macs are similar The aesthetic tho >>>
  3. caprimint
    Yesterday 06:45 PM
    Yep and another about summer songs

    Did you not go back and watch all the seasons like with Survivor? She was a random blonde girl but that's not priority over the over things anyway. Do you know which # season the Kailah/Melissa stuff happened? Idk whose side I'd be on there

    Yeah literally all those you named are the popular ones here too & also Lenovo. My last one was Samsung and tbh I didn't even know they did laptops as well before that & I know a couple of people with macs and they look sooo nice but far too expensive </3
  4. caprimint
    Yesterday 06:16 PM
    Maxxie someone I think, he bumped a couple randomly earlier not sure why

    Yeah I wanna see that one for Courtney/Russell and also Chase's at some point. Oh TC is a good option too... which seasons are the best there? I'm curious most about Kailah/Melissa rivalry, Trishelle, Kayleigh and Wes/Bananas rivalry

    It was tiny, feels like half the size of this one I think it was 11 screen and this one is like 14. Only good thing is that it was super easy with moving around a lot before but still this one overall >>>
  5. caprimint
    Yesterday 03:49 PM
    Wow that's pretty good that you can make decent money from it But who knows, you might get fans like that guy who was bumping your threads from 2018 on here earlier

    It's got reaaally good reviews so I'm pretty excited for it, then also gonna try and check some other Survivor seasons too over the summer because there's still plenty of time. Oh yeah I'm not surprised, just the title gave me that kind of vibe for some reason

    My laptop came btw & using it now It's soooo fast like even on internet explorer the pages load instantly, never had one so good. But it's taking me ages to type things because I'm used to a small one
  6. caprimint
    Yesterday 11:42 AM
    Oh right I wasn't aware it required that effort Do people make money off of it/when people watch the streams?

    Ahh not heard too much about those before. What is 13 Reasons Why about?? I think the drinking was passing the time lately I've just got a few episodes left of Survivor so I'm gonna get back into it later this afternoon and then start Gangs Of London after that
  7. Ross.
    Yesterday 11:00 AM
    Yes you go and hide from me

  8. caprimint
    Yesterday 04:20 AM
    I can't even imagine how that would work Like surely everybody who does it doesn't have 2-4 screens in their home just for that? The first thing I thought of when you mentioned it is the "show windows side by side" when you right click on the toolbar at the bottom, which is what I always used watching any live stream of Survivor/The Voice/Idol etc. Idk if it's similar though

    YEEEEEES It'll run a lot quicker as well because it won't have a virus Yeah the wifi should be fine on a diff laptop too.

    Oh and btw are you watching anything now after Breaking Bad?? I haven't caught up with Survivor/anything else in like over week until I thought about it a few days ago THIS is why I'm always bad at keeping up with shows Probs gonna get back into it tomorrow though
  9. caprimint
    01-06-2020 07:21 PM
    Do it when you're on a lucky streak What is 2-screen? Like actually 2 different screens or a specific setting on the laptop?

    Good decision And it's possible just not very likely so yeah I wouldn't even bet on myself making it tbf

    Also!!!!! New laptop ordered and it's arriving TOMORROW I'm actually so excited
    Simple/basic one but:

  10. caprimint
    01-06-2020 03:47 PM
    Omg that's a WIN I was still really unsure bc I was watching my friend just click all these buttons (you know the wheel kinda thing on the side of the screen) so I played it safe and just won £5 lol but still was exciting. I had this idea that I'd not overdo it and win £5 a day, then in the next few days I lost like £30 But yeah it's still fuuuun and would probs be even better in an actual casino.

    OOP called me out Did you end up keeping that $100~ you made last night?

    Me making a week alcohol free v you saying not basically

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