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  1. caprimint
    03-07-2020 05:23 PM
    Ohh okay I get that @ blackjack. I'm not even sure if I've seen the option for that tbh But does that mean it's possible to double down after you see the cards? I thought you'd got to choose a stake before then? I DID see a button 'split' though and was kinda confused by it but makes sense now

    Omg so much in there


    Ready for tomorrow
  2. caprimint
    03-07-2020 05:22 PM
    Wait what do you mean by full bracket and 1 game eliminations? Basically there will be a first round draw where every player will play against someone else (chosen at random) & then idk how the next rounds are decided really, not drawn tho but it carries on like that until finale. And each day there will be a bunch of matches on (like there is now) and out of each of those games one player will be eliminated/out of the competition. Does that answer it?

    Yeahhh it sounds a little like that. I even got to choose 2 with the free bet but I didn't win anything so I guess it's out of the question another time

    That is alll true tbf Now I kinda look more so for the profit of it like £5+ is nice and I don't really like going under that anymore or it doesn't feel as satisfying so I deffo get that.
  3. caprimint
    03-07-2020 05:21 PM
    Like £10 or something I didn't really know what else to go on with it (looked at F1 but the odds aren't as good for the top 2 players who I think will win anyway) so figured I'd give Chase another chance

    I won my darts bet today, we LOVE Martin Adams & Keane Barry days

    That's soo weird you spoke about that yesterday bc just today I noticed that my money is 'taking 2-5 working days' to go through lol I think it's probably because it's the weekend though. Yeah I've looked @ my account before and seen like different amounts going in/out and it's kinda confusing sometimes. Like I honestly would not have a clue if there was an extra £10 missing tbf

    Lmaoo if I won a good amount I'd definitely check out of that **** before I lost it all. I feel like the longer it goes on for the worse it gets usually Yep the live roulette is pretty fun online & would be even more in casino I'm sure.
  4. caprimint
    03-07-2020 01:18 PM
    I just placed a £1 free bet on Chase Elliott to win Nascar He's got to one time surely
  5. caprimint
    03-07-2020 09:13 AM
    Lol yeah it can go so downhill in minutes like just with one round and I KNOW that if I'm down by like £1 or something I'm gonna keep going till I win it back then possibly lose more I really feel like it's just something where you should bet £5-10 on one round then be done with it for that go whether you win or lose

    Omg I just did a quick search of it now and the next 'official' one is starting on Wednesday. No audience/socially distanced with separate boards but in an arena. Just saw that Joe Cullen is in it too!!! There's gonna be 128 players, I probably know like 50 ish or so though. Here for some bets on that

    Yeah I get that, it's definitely pretty exciting/fun especially with the amounts you play for

    It's basically just another version of a basic lottery I think, 1-39 and there's like 6 numbers that are drawn. Not gonna play again though if I don't win
  6. caprimint
    03-07-2020 09:13 AM
    Literally you when darts is on lately too

    Yep deffo, confusing when it's like £5 win/loss here and there mixed in with some free bets and multiple games going on every day. Ohh really? For me it says it'll take up to 2 hours but it goes in instantly usually, I think there was only one time it took like 1-2 days. If it took days all the time though that WOULD be annoying since I'm always depositing/withdrawing small amounts.

    That's sooo true. I literally only go for something that I'm really feeling in the moment now because when you keep going back and forth you're probs not too sure about it
  7. caprimint
    03-07-2020 06:44 AM
    Okay I just did that Irish Daily Millions lottery thing again £1 on #3 for £5 profit then every time you bet one number you get another £1 free bet on it so went for #17 randomly

    Not too hopeful about these things but
  8. caprimint
    03-07-2020 06:35 AM
    It sounds good but some of these darts tournaments are a lot of fun too Although idk how good they'll be if there's no live audience etc for a while.

    Ohhh okay that's not too bad. Those amounts are nice but then if you have to play a lot of times for that to hit then it's less good That would be sooo lucky to get $2,000 though but yeah must be pretty unlikely in general

    Lmaooo yeah that's the vibe I get Idk I think I can be risky at times/with certain things but then others not as much Really depends and on my mood tho too

    I've got one final horse race on today as a free bet, probs won't be able to get anymore after that... I've totally exhausted the app </3 But it comes in
  9. caprimint
    03-07-2020 06:35 AM
    Yeah I get that way of thinking too. It's probably possible to overthink things too much sometimes which I was totally doing the other day. Like I legit looked through so many games and did nothing because I couldn't make a decision of what would work Yeah it hasn't been toooo bad lately but I remember one of the last few darts bets I made in London (the favourite to win @ like 1/9 or something) like a £10~ bet for £1~ return and it lost </3 But yep I do think sports betting is more effective to most casino games overall.

    Lol nah I'd still rather lose at casino than any sports because I can go with the whole "it was just unlucky" so easily compared to some team/player playing like **** But I've been like too scared to go for casino properly since that £30 loss lmaoo.
  10. caprimint
    03-07-2020 06:35 AM
    Lol that's true but as long as I don't lose too much it's not so bad. Like I'm toootally into betting rn as like a daily routine or something and I wanna try and get more too. Deffo on a + with it since coming home though which is a first for a while

    Yeah I gotcha with that. It makes it really difficult to track as well when you keep depositing/withdrawing like remembering what was actually yours lol. I try to keep an average idea in my head about it but usually underestimate a little with what I win

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