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  1. caprimint
    Yesterday 05:06 PM
    Btw drinkin for the first time in like... 4 DAYS. Pretty tipsy rn but in a good way (vodka is THE best). You should drink as it's Friday too tbh. AWOOOOOOOOOOOO
  2. caprimint
    Yesterday 05:06 PM
    Lmaoo not just adding extra of everything I usually don't like any sort of garlic/creamy sauces etc but I do surprisingly really like theirs. But a bit of that AND some hot sauce is a nice combo. Ohh btw I saw on the menus that Scotland have the papadias here but England still don't

    That's def understandable, I think BBUK is even on EVERY night of the week That would be sooo hard to follow if you didn't watch it live tbh. I prefer it being on more often bc you see more of the show/people, but on BBUS I know you guys like it but gahh... for me the game talk is just TOO MUCH

    Lmaoo yeah I know. I kind of understand but kind of don't too but I don't even think I'd fully get it unless I learned all the rules

    You should be tired more often when you lose small Yeah it's just awful, I wish I didn't even bother today. But yeah I feel like I haven't made a good bet in a while so I just wanted to do something tbh </3
  3. caprimint
    Yesterday 05:04 PM
    Hmm that's strange. I don't think that even happened with mine it just cut out altogether Yeah... I've literally never used a laptop so quick before, I feel like I've gotten too used to it already I still think they get slower within time & also some internet connections in hostels are pretty bad so I gotta be ready for that again </3 Have you tried restarting the whole internet tho?

    From recent years it's been more so June/July that's been the hottest so I'm REALLY hoping we're past that and it just won't happen unless it's delayed August/even September can be warmer than it should be but not like unbearable heat. Omg being outside in humid rain is the WORST It's rained here a lot lately too but also been cool weather so it's nice.
  4. caprimint
    Yesterday 12:35 PM
    Just lost £5 again on this darts tournament... absolute **** I'm not even gonna follow it anymore
  5. caprimint
    Yesterday 07:50 AM
    He was better in his original series But then I think I liked him less because he wasn't really cool with Austin though (tbh like nobody was & that's probs why I didn't like anybody else ). Yeah usually for me there's just like one standout that I'm watching for. Idk why I always quit BBUS though, I think it's just because sometimes it's hard to keep up with and finding streams for it etc

    Ohh right. Making it so complicated with those 4 stages for people who know nothing about it </3

    Better to be basic than lose a higher $ though Lmao that makes sense, but nahhh don't do it cus you already had a good blackjack session today and you're almost equal anyway.
  6. caprimint
    Yesterday 07:50 AM
    Gahh that sounds so annoying. It's just a chore to do anything cus it takes so long. Do you think it's to do with the provider you're with or like just your connection in general? Mess that reminds me... I dropped my laptop again today

    Lol we'll see Keeps reminding me of rugby too much Ughh yes def the best half of the year. I can't believe it hasn't really even gotten THAT hot (as much as last couple of years) here yet so hopefully it stays that way.

    Yeah I get that, I don't bother going out of my way to talk to new people anymore because it's tooo much effort. Like I kinda just get comfortable within a group of friends. Even in big house shares/hostels it's pretty easy to see who you'll click with so you don't have to waste time talking to a bunch of others. Yeahhh it's been far too long but gonna be even better getting it again Oh that's nice Was it diff to like a normal pepperoni pizza or something?
  7. caprimint
    Yesterday 06:42 AM
    Yeah I probably wouldn't have liked it then I did like James as well although he even annoyed me a bit too that series. I just can't ever find the same interest after my fave goes though especially after being so excited for Austin </3

    Ohhh I see, so you can like choose what you're risking each round and you could still come away with leftovers even if you lose?

    Lmaoo why was the poker anti-climatic? The way blackjack saved you this time But that ain't bad at all. Didn't you think you should've tried just one more round to make your whole night come out even though? (no probs not a good idea tbf)
  8. caprimint
    Yesterday 06:42 AM
    Ahh yeah that sounds a lot better. YES @ that being the best time of the year I feel like I wait for September to come around again every year It's actually pretty close now tho

    Yeah lmaoo like I've been kind of keeping up with the results but like all the players in top 4 yesterday were all different to the day before so it's really hard to call and I'm not prepared to lose anymore money on it

    Yep once in a while it can be nice for a change up. It's kinda funny cus my friend whose studio I stayed at a couple of times was a guy who my friend started chatting with on a random night out and I was like "ugh why" but I'm actually soo happy about that now lol. But overall the amount of times I try real quick to escape a conversation with other people While I've not had ANY takeaway for like 4 months </3 I'm soooo excited for Papa Johns now
  9. caprimint
    Yesterday 02:34 AM
    Yeah like every single time I would take hanging out at a house/someone's place over the pub because I get so bored after a couple of drinks. And idk maybe it's part of the fun for people but I don't really enjoy mixing with/talking to strangers in there either like I just don't care enough Lol yeah definitely, can't even remember the last time I went to a restaurant tho, takeaway shops >>>

    Ahh I had to search Jamie because I couldn't remember who he was Tbh I don't remember much from that season though with stopping watching so early after Austin leaving </3

    Lmaoo right, I could def imagine people being a bit more careless with it then so probably a good time to get on it, but still I guess it depends and it's still got to go right for you too. Do you mean that's the smaller offer for an actual casino irl game?

    And omg yes, I've also noticed that too
  10. caprimint
    Yesterday 02:34 AM
    Yeah that makes sense, so that way the winner is just the person who gets more right rather than having to be completely accurate? But yeah I've seen those lower priced ones for like £1-3 or something and still thousands of people are entering them Oh wow, every day? And how long do those seasons go on for again?

    Ahh yeah I see what you mean. Like sometimes with the darts there's the option to choose a different stream/board so you can watch any game you like that's on basically, idk about this tournament though cus there's literally no free streams online anywhere. Nice @ you watching most weeks of it

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