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  1. caprimint
    08-07-2020 07:26 PM
    Loool idk if I should've kept trying for a few £ or not. But still probably better not to risk it. And at this point I have no idea if I'll EVER win a football game

    It's debatable really, like a lot of them seem to play for a lot of years then take a break and come back to it etc because they go through 'stages' of being good/up with the best to not. The real BEST players are probably at like an average of 20-25 years though. Like there are a couple of good young players rn (Jarred Cole & Keane Barry are like 19/20 I think) so they could be on/off for many years if they keep it up. Pretty crazy being in these sports for that long tho

    Lol yeah Gary was pretty amusing tbf. The thing I really liked about James was that he trolled so much and even made people on here FUME That series was sooo fun too. You haven't seen 13 have you?? Idk who you'd like there, could be any of Jim/Luisa/Dappy
  2. caprimint
    08-07-2020 06:41 PM
    Omg so weird, my internet has been dodgy this evening too and the electric even cut out for a while this morning You being prepared for it tho
  3. caprimint
    08-07-2020 06:41 PM
    Your taste minus Frenchy She's probably one of the worst of all time for me but the other 4 were my top 4. At the time though I think Gary annoyed me a bit bc he was James' rival lmaoo.

    It's true but it feels like soo much more often those losses come up than wins Or maybe just bigger ones depending on how much you place/how long you play for. Still overall it's just so hard to be + in this stuff </3

    Yeah that makes sense, I probs never would have really gotten into darts otherwise if it wasn't seeing it from a young age that made me invested. Kinda cool following those sports for so long Lmaoo how did you get into BB? Just seeing it on tv/about it online? I remember just seeing one clip of CBB on tv then kept watching. Must have been only like 12/13 actually and got my parents into it from then too. Like NONE of my friends now irl are into any reality tv though
  4. caprimint
    08-07-2020 06:41 PM
    Lol it saved me this time. I did the dumb thing of making another bet and losing another £3 though because that one lost too. Then deposited £32 READY for roulette but only made it through one round of winning 50p cus I'm too scared. Gahhhh mess.

    Trying to win it back on my fave football obvs

    I'm not even sure right now where it's at. These games that are on now are even players who played earlier So I guess they're just getting the numbers down really quickly. James has gone now </3 It's one of the most disorganized games I've seen tbh. Yeah he's kinda been about for a while, that's when he was really new though and it was such a big deal to win Craaazy that it's 10 years ago though, like I still remember those games
  5. caprimint
    08-07-2020 05:25 PM
    Ugh yeah I just decided to cash out because there's no point. Maybe stupid but idk. Lost like £3.50 lol
  6. caprimint
    08-07-2020 04:57 PM
    So update: Joe Cullen is OUT He went down 6-5 to some guy I've never heard of before. Scott Mitchell is out too but my faves/others that I know are mainly through. The whole thing is super messy though, half of these games weren't even available to bet on. I just made a really quick in-play one now but it was probs a bad mistake

    Who did you like in CBB14? That's cus half the housemates who enter CBB are American Ohhh yeah I've heard that one was good. It's def one I wanna check out. And I searched April expecting to find a blonde girl and wasn't disappointed

    Btw all the darts chat got me watching a 1 hour () game from 2010 where my Paul was like in his prime era and won the (then) world champion. Ahhhhhh such good days
  7. caprimint
    08-07-2020 04:57 PM
    Yeahhh I've noticed it happen a bunch of times when it's the opposite result of what I want but like hardly ever the other way. Well it could've happened on that game the other day if I didn't cash out

    Yeah definitely, it's just such a risk to take that literally could go any way in the end and the further down you go I feel like the worse it is to keep going/less likely you're gonna get yourself back up unless you double down on your amount... to risk losing even more It is difficult not doing it though because you know there's always that potential

    I think my dad's always had it on tv and it's something we've always watched like as a family from when I was pretty young, so then it's kinda just always stuck. But I think recently I'm into it more than they are because of the betting
  8. caprimint
    08-07-2020 02:27 PM
    I haven't even bothered betting on the darts today because the odds were up so late and the games are literally just beginning right now (they had to have corona test results first) and it's not even possible to stream the matches </3

    Might be better/less messy tomorrow though now the draws are done but still I have no clue even who half of these players are.
  9. caprimint
    08-07-2020 08:21 AM
    Possibly, it's so weird that they didn't already do the draw for betting and stuff but sometimes they do it on the day so maybe that's the case here. Btw I asked my mom who she was rooting for in this and she's like "JOE CULLEN" and I'm like but she was talking about how hot he is the other day so I'm guessing that's why

    Have you seen that series before? I forgot It was one of my faves though, pretty good Lmaoo some of the Northern/Scottish/Welsh/Irish can even be difficult for me so I can understand that. Some of the earlier BB's (like BB9-BB15 for me) are pretty enjoyable but I haven't even enjoyed the recent ones. Are there people I might know in BB10? Is that Dan's one??
  10. caprimint
    08-07-2020 08:21 AM
    Nah I was just following the result online, I was SO sure it was a win after they were 2-0 up tbh then the other team literally scored 2 of the 4 goals within 1 min of each other It was insane. And like I said they've hardly ever let me down before </3

    Lol so true. The amount of times losing loads in a row when you think surely this has to end soon and turn into a win at some point but it never does It really is just random on roulette and there's no way to tell what'll happen. Gahh yeah so easy to just be like "well **** this" and go for something you otherwise wouldn't when losing but definitely always best not to

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